How to Get Better Sound Quality on Laptop?

How to Get Better Sound Quality on Laptop

How to Get Better Sound Quality on Laptop?

The good sound quality of the laptop is something we all love, however not every laptop offers great sound quality. There are many questions regarding the sound quality of the laptops. We have received hundreds of messages from our visitors who are concerned about the low-quality sound of their laptops.

The most important is How can the Better quality of sound be produced: I am going to discuss some solutions with you that can help you to enhance and improve the sound quality of your laptops. There are many aspects that can directly affect the sound quality which we need to know first.

Let me explain all the details here:

How to Get Better Sound Quality on Laptop?

You should start by checking the speakers on your laptop. The internal build, speakers or headphones are conjoined together to form a sound system and play the music, videos to give you the maximum sound quality.

The low sound quality can be due to many reasons and you should focus on that: Poor quality of the music record, substandard quality of the speakers or headphones, the quality of amplification and power to update the sound quality, update the software of sound,  set the sound with the help of sound setting.

Some Informative and quite useful tips for the enhancement of the sound are listed as changing the effects of the sound. It is an important task to perform. You can change it by pressing the windows key with I to open settings and then select personalization tab and select  Themes Tab and then select the tab of sound.

The alternative is right click the speaker icon on your taskbar, and click on the sounds. You can select the option of no sounds if you want to mute all sounds. You can click on the Program events list and can use the sound dropdown or you can browse as we well if you want to select a different sound. Don’t forget to click “Ok” when you’re done with it.

You can manage the overall system volume by clicking the speaker icon located in the taskbar of your system. To do this right click on the speaker icon and then click Open volume mixer and adjust the volume according to your need.

For the better quality, you can download the software  Ear Trumpet from the Microsoft store. When the installation is complete it will automatically go to your taskbar. And if you want it there permanently you can left click and drag it to the taskbar to keep it there permanently.

If you want to use the ear trumpet only, you can remove the speaker icon by right-clicking the taskbar then click taskbar settings. Click on the Turn systems icon on or off and select volume to turn off.

You can also upgrade the audio drivers. If you are having problems with your sound system, try to upgrade your audio drivers. It is quite possible that by upgrading the audio drivers you can get better sound quality.

To upgrade the sound quality you need to follow some steps which are: Firstly you have to press Windows key and X and then click device manager. Then you need to double click the Audio inputs and outputs tab. Search for the troublesome audio device, right click it and select update driver.

If the above procedure doesn’t work, again perform all the steps but instead of Update click on Uninstall device. If still there is a problem you can figure it out then right-clicking the speaker icon in the taskbar. Follow the wizard and it will try to solve the problem that it finds.

There are a lot of built-in sound enhancements that you can enable and apply to playback devices. To do this, You have to right click the speaker icon in the taskbar and then click playback devices. You have to double click the playback device you want to choose. Then go to the enhancements tabs.

To apply it quickly you can select Immediate mode. Now select the sound enhancement that you would like to apply for example Virtual surround or Loudness equalization. If you select one it will give you the detail about what it does.

If you want to add more bass in music you can enhance and boost Bass If you want to add more bass in music you can enable this option. It will enhance the lowest frequencies and give you more bass. Right Click on the speaker icon from the taskbar then open sound settings and increase the bass.

If you play games more often then give it a try. If you have stereo speakers or Headphones you can enable this option and windows will give you surround sound through them.

You can also use these things to increase the sound of your device. If something is running during audio playback it can disrupt the sound quality. So for the better sound quality, you need to stop other running software or applications. Using a wired Ethernet connection instead of Wifi can also be the cause to enhance the voice quality.

The best way to increase the sound quality of the laptop is to attach the speakers with it. If nothing works, this is the best solution to put on the speakers. Adjust the sound according to your need and enjoy the great sound quality.

My Story, How I managed to Improved my Laptop Sound?

My name is Jessica, I am from California. I am doing mass communication. Being a Mass communication student it’s very hard to survive with the laptop with low sound quality. In my field I have to make different documentaries, films, etc so for me the sound quality matters a lot. There is this problem with my laptop its sound is too low so I have tried a lot of things to make it better.

I have tried many options. For example, I have increased the enhancements it really works. Many time you forgot to increase the volume to make it sure first that your laptop’s volume is 100%. If it is on 100 and still the volume is low you need to try other things, for example, go to the taskbar click on the speaker icon and increase the overall volume of your laptop.

One thing that affects the sound quality as I mentioned above is running many applications at a time during playing videos or movies because of load it can affect the sound quality. Try updating your sound drivers it works better by this way when you upgrade something it automatically improves the quality of anything you update.

For powerful sound quality, you can increase the bass from settings or you can try using surround enhancement especially if you are a gamer give it a try it really enhance the sound quality plus you will surely enjoy the game by enabling it.

I love playing games and I have enabled it on my laptop and I really love this feature. There are always so many solutions to the problem. Try solving it first but if the issue is still there then you can do one thing that will surely work, try using detachable speakers for your sound related issues. I myself did this.

I have bought speakers and I am now using those speakers and believe me the sound quality now is much better than before. This is the easiest solution for all your sound related issues. Hope this article will help you in improving the sound quality of your laptop.

Team- What Laptops

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