How Does a Stylus Work on a Touch Screen?

How does a Stylus Work on a Touch Screen?

In this article, I have explained in detail, How the Stylus Work on a Touch Screen Laptop? A stylus is a digital pen used for writing on the touch screen of the laptop. It is a known fact that we can use our fingers for typing too. It is okay to use a finger if you find it comfortable but it is not a comfortable act to use the finger for typing.

Typing with fingers can make your fingers stubby and tired so try to use a digitalized pen as it makes your work easy and quick too. You will surely love your work this way and your fingers too. In my point of view, you should always put your comfort on the top.

How Does a Stylus Work on a Touch Screen?

The stylus is just like a mouse because we can navigate the cursor on the screen with the help of this stylus. The introduction of a stylus is easy. You just need a pen and you will do double click on the screen with the help of the stylus. You just need to tap it on the touch screen of the laptop.

There are three types of a button on the stylus. One is the top button other is the input button and the last one is the digitizer.

The stylus works by touching the touch screen with the help of the digitizer and then move the items according to your desire as the movement of the cursor with the help of the stylus.

You can use the input button just like the right key button and then the other button, the stylus pen is used as a delete button.

The stylus is operated in a way as it can easily work on the touch screen of the laptop by touching it with digitizers.  And opening the control panel and on the hardware and the sound, screen look at the pen and touch category.

There are certain measures which you should be focus on to check the proper functioning of the stylus:

  1. Battery:

The battery of the pen should be checked for proper working. If you are too much use to of using the stylus then you should buy an extra battery for your stylus.

  1. Buttons:

If you have a stylus with a single button then you can use this button for working as the right-click option.


The action of the stylus is very much diverse that you can use it to work on the touch screen without any trouble while you are using it in standard laptop configurations.

4.Tie for the pen:

While you are sitting in a place where you are unable to search for the pen everywhere if it’s fallen then you must be caught in trouble. In situations like this, you are going to get help from the nylon tether or cord from which you may tie up your pen and have a good time.

Advantages of Stylus

There are a lot of advantages of the stylus which keep on helping you out in maximizing the touch screen usage because with fingers you have a problem in typing. You are required to do drawing on the touch screen of the laptop then the selection of screen will become tough and hard to do type. Stylus provides you the freedom to use the screen.

Different Uses of Stylus for Touch Screen

There is a lot of ways which you work with the help of stylus  and these are the ways with which stylus works as :

  • You can draw a sketch on the different application with the help stylus pen.
  • You write with the help of the stylus pens for taking notes.
  • You can also do navigation in the swipe app with the help of this pen.
  • You can also do copy paste with the help of a stylus.
  • You can also do work on the drop-down panel.
  • The stylus also helps you to work on the touch screen keyboard.

How stylus is better than the fingers:

The stylus is a device that keeps you smudge-free and protects your screen from the smudging and clear. Stylus protects you from scratches. We know that the rubber tip of the pen is thin then it will help you to do the précised selection of things.

Types of the stylus for Laptops

There are four types of stylus which are as follow:

  1. Spherical :

These are circular looking tips of the stylus pen and this will help the proper touching on the screen and working will help you out.

  1. Elliptical:

These pens of the stylus are biradial and spherical in shape and help you out in the proper touching of the screen.

  1. Hypercritical:

These are the stylus pen which has the name called Shibata and it is stereohedron. This is an excellent high-quality performance pen and gives you an improved level of typing.

  1. Micro ridge:

It is one of the best qualities of the device which gives you the best working capabilities and gives you the best quality of the performance and the technology level is too high.


The major point of this stylus pen is very much important and gives you the maximum quality of touch screen pattern and you will able to type hustle free and it will executively look great while working on these touch screen laptops. It’s truly a blessing.

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