Can You Use Now TV on a Laptop

Can You Use Now TV on a Laptop?

Here are the best methods for using NOW TV on your laptop. We have added all the details about the required app and registration process.

Can You Use Now TV on a Laptop? You can use NOW TV on your laptop by downloading the app, register your devices, save the settings, and watch your favorite program.  You will need a high-speed internet connection to watch TV shows without any lag.

If you want to use this outside the United Kingdom, you will need a dedicated VPN to use this service. 

Can You Use Now TV on a Laptop?

There are two ways and methods to watch NOW TV:

  • One method is to get a NOW TV stick and watch on large-sized Tv. 
  • The second method is online using multiple devices like a laptop. 

Things required:

  • Laptop
  • Internet connection 
  • User account

Create an account

You have to create an account of this program and you may begin with a free trial or purchase a pass. But if you already have this account, you need to sign in.

Required Internet speed

 Internet speed matters most to install the file. You need at least minimum download speed: 

  • 4G or 3G, 180kbps
  • Broadband, 2.5 Mbps

Choose channels

When you successfully fully sign into the account, you need to select the channel that you want to watch.

Find the kid’s show, movie, sporting event, and hit play. But if you do not wish to select one of them, start randomly because it does not matter, and start to download the app.

Set the location

Set the location where you want to be default in the gadget and start downloading the player.

While downloading if you mistakenly choose the option of already have this player. No need to worry; you can download the app again.

Start downloading

The app will begin downloading. When it is downloaded, now click on install. You should wait for few seconds for installation. 

Register your devices to Now TV

Before purchasing the pass, you should keep one thing in your mind that it can register four devices on its single account and you can use it on two campaigns at a time.

When you select all your devices to connect, you can not add one new device, and even you are not consuming your given allowance because other device’s slots are blocked.

You can see on your account what tools are registered on this email address. You can also remove unwanted gadgets by signing on My Account. If you have a fast processor you can play GTA 6 on your laptop.

NOW TV channels list and their cost

It offers 5 passes such as:

Entertainment package 

It gives 7 days free trial of entertainment for first-time users. The live entertainment channels include MTV, Sky 1, Fox, Sky Atlantic, and demand shows.

The entertainment users get 82 tv channels of 12 HD per month of £ 8.99 price.

It offers 15 live channels to their customers such as Vice, sky Atlantic, discovery, sky one, comedy central, Syfy, Nat geo wild, Mtv, fox, sky witness, gold, sky crime, pick, challenge, and sky arts.

It also provides catch up content for 24 hours. And provide 300 boxsets of tv series.

Kids access

It gives 7 days free trial for first time subscription of kids pass. If you like it, then continue to work; otherwise, cancel your receipt.

Kids access, give control to parents to menu, features, and picture Led. Kids pass 76 tv channels with 12 HD per month of £3.99 price.

Like entertainment options, kids’ access also provides access to catch up and live channels. It also gives content on your demand or whatever you like to watch.

It offers thousands of episodes on the claim and gets 6 kids’ channels. The kid’s package provides lots of children show on your demand, such as SpongeBob Squarepants, Peppa pig, and Dora the explore.

It also gives fantastic tv channels, including cartoon network, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, Cartoonito, Nicktoons, and Nick Jr.

It also makes parents secure about their children. It gives pins to parents through they can stop or block the unauthorized live channels.

Parents can prevent their child from watching inappropriate shows by set age ratings.

When children viewing their favorite shows, it can lock the screen and made it difficult to leave.

Sky Cinema pass

It gives 7 days free trial for the first time subscription of cinema pass. Users get 10 live movie channels on the cinema package.

It offers 81 tv channels of 12 HD per month for a price of £11.99. It gives 1000 movies to watch on your claim and offer 12 cinema channels such as Disney, SciFi, and horror, Animation, premiere, Comedy, Hits, Drama, Action, Family, Thriller, and Greats.

It provides you the best and most significant movies, plus hundreds of classic and latest blockbuster on demand. On average a small laptop costs around $700 and u can use it for this purpose.

Sports content

Sports are the most expensive or costly content in the world. but it offers flexible packages of sky sports.

It offers 11 sports channels per day for a price of £9.99. The weekly coupon offers sports channels for a fee of £14.99.

Monthly sports access has a cost of £33.99pm. It also provides a monthly mobile access of £5.99 pm with 5 sports channels.

The sky sports available channels are Racing, premier league, News, Football, Mix, F1, Main event, Cricket, Arena, Golf, and Action.

Monthly mobile users have access to Racing, premier league, News, Arena, and Action. 

Hayu pass

It will give you round about 5000 episodes of Reality Tv on the claim. It offers a 7 day free trial of outstanding reality tv for first-time subscribers.

When your free trial version has finished, then you can rejoin this platform. Hayu access gives you one tv channel per month for a £3.99 price.

Keep one thing in your mind that it does not provide you with access to live Tv. The latest series of Kardashians can be viewed through this.

How to cancel NOW TV pass?

If you are not interested in watching this anymore, you can cancel it. It is a straightforward method, you need to open their website.

Choose My Account’s option, then go to the dropdown menu and find the vouchers and coupons.

Just choose the option of cancel, next select the access from all five. Click the reason for canceling the registration. You can also watch Netflix on your notebook.

NOW TV Availability

It is available on several streaming campaigns such as: 

  • Apple Tv
  • Chromecast
  • Roku box
  • Now tv stick
  • Now TV Smart Box
  • LG
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Playstation 4
  • Samsung Tv
  • Roku tv
  • Mac
  • Xbox one
  • EE Tv
  • You view
  • Windows

Check your devices for Compatibility

you should know about it before purchasing it because it does not support or unavailable on several devices. Only buy compatible gadgets:

  • Sky Q
  • Window smartphones
  • Chromebooks
  • Kindle Fire tablets
  • Amazon Fire Tv Stick
  • Nintendo Wi game console 

Now TV App

This includes the massive mainstream of all Android devices. Keep it in your mind the app installation is free, but the contents and services cost money.

It is effortless to install this fantastic app and start using their services.

Required VPNs

It does not work outside the British or abroad. We will tell you about the best VPNs that support this software. There are 6 best VPNs to access this app:

  • Hotspot shield 
  • Nord VPN
  • VPN area
  • Private VPN
  • VyprVPN
  • Express VPN