How to Fix Broken HDMI Port on Laptop?

How to Fix Broken HDMI Port on Laptop?

Here are 7 best DIY methods to fix a broken HDMI port on your laptop. We have added the required tools with this detailed guide.

How to Fix Broken HDMI Port on Laptop? You can fix a broken HDMI port on the laptop by turning it off, access the damage, remove the old port, measure the size, add a new port, reconnect it, and restart the system.

It is an easy process that you can easily do at your home with minimum cost. Just follow the guidelines.

How to Fix Broken HDMI Port on Laptop?

In this article, we have added 7 easy and proven steps to fix and repair a broken HDMI port on your computer. Before going into the details, let me explain a few basic things.

Tools required

  • Screwdrivers
  • Mother bored
  • Clips
  • Supporting bracket
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Pins

Turn off the laptop

First of all, turn off your computer during the repairing process. Switch off the power supply and remove all cables from your device.

If some devices are connected to your gadgets like a USB device or mobiles, they disconnect them.

There should not be any power inside the system; otherwise, it can transmit current to the repairer. When you turn off the system, ultimately, leave it for at least five to ten minutes. 

Access the damage

If you want to resolve the problem of damaged HDMI port, then firstly, access the damage. You can get a notification if you have turned it on; otherwise, the damage appears as a non-functionality of the port.

Multiple errors can occur in the process of transferring data from one device to another device. For accessing the damage, check the product carefully. You should clean the HDMI port regularly to prevent this damage.

You need to get an idea about the damage and instructions about its repair. Turn off your computer and remove all types of cable and power connections.

Flip the body of your device and Get to the motherboard of your computer. Most people have ideas about their ports, but if you do not know, clean the motherboard area with isopropyl alcohol.

This cleaning gives you an accurate picture as it is in your manual. By reading the manual, you can access the accessories and understand the damage.

Remove the old HDMI port

As the old port has been damaged due to specific reasons, its removal is necessary. You cannot reinstall a new one without removing the previous one completely.

There are no ways to insert a new port in the presence of the damaged part. If you do not know how to remove it from the equipment, take professional help. You can change HDMI output to input on your laptop.

It can cost you a bit, but the expert removes it entirely in a safer manner. If you remove it at home on your own, then open the system from its downward side and locate the damaged tool.

You can use clippers to lose it and then pull the damaged device. The secure brackets can help you protect the other parts of the significant bored from damage with the screwdrivers. You can make a hologram for your laptop with the same tools.

A small scratch or push can lead to significant damages and its internal system. Be careful while removing the old damaged parts from the gadget.

Read the instructions manual for the understanding of all the basic parts and guidelines.

Measure the size

In this method, measuring the port means understanding the type and shape. You can also take help from the manual about the kind and size.

It can help you in getting a required device for your gadget. If you have lost your manual, then measure the area on your gadget.

In this way, you can select the right thing for your device without any money loss. People use different methods for measuring; some use paper; some use a small measuring tape.

You can tell these specifications and get your desired product with the exact same size and features. You can also find a seller online by just entering all the specifications related to this device. 

Get a new HDMI port

When you are choosing a new HDMI, there are enormous numbers of types and companies. It seems impossible to get the right one for your computer.

You can select the color according to your will. Most people prefer the same port as their device color because it fits properly.

The same color is highly recommended, but there is no compulsion. The length and width will depend on the already existing structure inside the notebook.

These features should not exceed the device limit; otherwise, they will not fit inside the tool. Some companies offer hard material, and few offer nylon type stuff, it is up to you, and the budget also defines the selection.

People prefer speed, and that is why they choose high-quality parts. The transmission speed must be four thousand resolutions or more for moving data from one device to another.

There are some extremely speedy ports which have the rate up to eight thousand. You can add many accessories with this, read here for the average price of external webcams.

There are many ways to buy a new HDMI whenever you are replacing it. Pre-used products may have viruses, and they can drastically harm your computer.

Online sellers are more in demand nowadays because they have versatile and appropriate devices.

You have to change the whole assembly inside the device; otherwise, the damage remains as it is previously.

You can change it at home with little expertise, but if you do not find it easy to consult an expert. He or she can change it professionally. You should buy this according to the number of watts your laptop uses when being charged.

Install it in laptop

Once you have bought a new part, the phase of installation arrives. This is one of the most challenging and critical steps in repairing the equipment.

If the motherboard is damaged, then installing is nearly impossible at home because it requires expertise and significant changes in your notebook. Moreover, it should be in power-off mode during the whole process.

Before installing the new device, you can also secure your data in some other device. Only do the repairs at home if you feel comfortable about this; otherwise, professional help is the best choice.

You can use the video card for installing it inside the computer. Insert the card in the open slots of the motherboard. 

Now cover the backside of the notebook and tight all the screws of the device. Now install the software, and modify the settings. Adjust the settings at automatic mode so that in the future, it can update easily.

Reconnect and check everything

The problem of a damaged part can be associated with the booting of the devices. When you do not boot up your device correctly after a certain period, these problems can emerge.

It can generate issues like an error in the accessories and mostly the port breaks, which is not a good condition.

One of the easiest and recommended methods to adjust the damage is by restarting your device. In this method, first of all, shut down the system by going into its settings. 

Click the off button and remove the significant cable connection. Remove all types of cables and connections if it is connected with multiple systems.

Leave it for 5 minutes to prevent overheating. Allow it to cool down and leave there on fixation mode during this time.

Remove the battery from the notebook if it is necessary; this step is not compulsory. After 2 to 5 minutes, attach the cables and power supply. Reinstall the battery if you had removed it from the device. 

Turn on the power button, allow its processing to work on its regular procedure.

This method is less time consuming, and it can carry out without any data loss. Check the whole system at the end and carefully analyze it.