How to Make a Hologram on a Laptop

How to Make a Hologram on a Laptop?

Here are the 8 best DIY methods for making a hologram for your laptop. We have added the required tools in this step-by-step guide.

How to Make a Hologram on a Laptop? You can make a Hologram on a laptop by making a rough sketch, add a cover, adjust the size, put the sketch on the plastic, shape the hologram, and apply it on the screen.

How to Make a Hologram on a Laptop?

You can make a hologram at home with these easy steps. Before going into the details, let me explain all the required tools for this procedure.

Tools required

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • The plastic cover
  • Measuring scale
  • Plastic glue
  • Cutting machine
  • Tracing tapes
  • Shaper

Make a rough sketch

Preparing a rough sketch is extremely important in making a hologram. It gives absolute directions, and the device remains safe and firm.

Although the whole procedure requires effort and expertise, it appears good in quality. Sketch on a paper using a pencil, pen, and a ruler.

You can calculate measurements on this paper as well. Select the sides and measure them correctly. Adjust the length and width properly in an appropriate manner.

If you are making a pyramid, you must make calculations for the sides. All the sides must have the same measurement as it has on the paper.

Three sides are of equal size and length, but the pyramid’s lid can be small according to your choice. For making a sketch, first, go for the sides and then draw the pyramid’s top. 

If you make the lid first, then it can be a complicated process for you. Use a sheet of paper for making a good sketch.

You can use this sketch to make a design in thirty seconds. All the lines should be straight, and it should contain all the relevant information on it. 

Get all the materials

Now you should collect the material for making the 3D hologram in a pyramid shape. The material should be made of plastic material.

Plastic is good stuff for cutting, molding, and shaping purposes. Some people buy these products from the market, and they are also made of plastic material.

If you are making a hologram projector at home, then you can use the cover case of a standard CD; it should be plastic.

These covers are easy to cut and shaped in the form of a pyramid. Select cover of any color, but mostly CDs come in transparent form.

The cover must be in full form without any cracks so that you can make four sides of the pyramid with it. You can use Google Duo on your laptop.

Add a cover on the sketch 

The sketch on the paper helps in better comprehension of the size and measurement. For better results, set the cover on the sketch so that the ends of the cover should be placed on the paper.

You can point two spots by using a marker or a pen on the plastic cover. Similarly, place the lid on all the sides on the paper and mark the measurements. The angle should be the same as it is for the sketch. 

The sides can result in the same shape as the paper is showing about the pyramid. For attaching the cover on the paper and indirectly to the pyramid, you can use any sticking material.

This material should be removable because you are just marking the surface, not attaching to it permanently.

You can use non-permanent tape for connecting it to the lines of the paper pyramid. Make the signs and spots and remove the non-permanent tape.

Moreover, remove the cover from the surface of the paper once you have completed the measurement. You should clean the laptop webcam lens before starting this process.

Scratching and cutting

It is necessary, one mistake can lead to a disaster, and you have to make the whole design again, which is frustrating and time-consuming.

To cut, you can use a plastic cutter that must be sharp. It must tend to make a line and cut with one mark. Extra marks and scratching ultimately can result in improper functioning.

The scratches on the different sides can also affect the images and picture quality through the gadget. Use that cutter and start cutting the plastic CD cover.

Firstly, cut the first side of the pyramid; it should be prepared in one mark with a straight lime over it.

In the same way, keep using the cutter and cut all the four sides of the pyramid. After cutting, you can put all of them up to each other.

In this way, you can comprehend that the calculation went right or not. Keep the cuttings aside and remove the excessive material. There should not be any scratch or dirt on the pyramid; otherwise, they can blur the vision.

Put the sketch on the plastic 

Tracing is another way to get the measurement on the plastic cover. In this method, you can put the rough sketch paper on the plastic cover.

Use a pencil and trace all the measurements on the plastic cover. This method needs extreme care and attention.

People usually do not prefer this procedure, but it is useful for those people who do not know the attachment and spotting procedure.

Tracing is much easier than the attaching and measuring process, but it is critical.

During tracing, you can paste the paper on the plastic CD cover with removable glue. You have to do the measurement before the bond gets dry; otherwise, it can stick on the plastic.

Dried paper can leave patches and scratches, which are not acceptable in any way. It is up to you either you want to use the tracing method or adjust and cut it correctly.

Both are convenient and suitable, but you can use then according to your comfort and knowledge.

Shape the Hologram

In this step, you reach your goal at a reasonable speed, but you have to be very careful. 

You have to place all the sides and lid together to make the product in its full form. The procedure involves the attachment of walls with each other.

You require an attaching and sticking material in this procedure. Use good glue or tape of good quality for connecting the wall. People use tape for attaching the pyramid, but mostly the glue appears as a better material.

 Attach two sides of the plastic side with the glue. Be very careful while sticking them with each other; they should not cross each other by sides or ends.

Place it on a stable table for at least three to five minutes for drying. After a few minutes, check the sides by slightly pulling them apart from each other.

If the sides break, that means you need to put more glue, and the drying time should be increased. You can also change the sticking material according to your requirement. 

Attach three sides and leave them for drying. Get the pyramid in your hands and then apply glue on the upper portion of the pyramid and attach the lid here. Allow the whole structure to dry for some time.

Final improvements 

This step includes final touches and progress before its installation starts.

It confines the cleaning of the pyramid with a tissue and cleaner to make the surfaces clean. In this way, the vision quality increases, and pictures appear amazingly as a projector sight.

Remove any sticky glue around the sides of the product. Dried glue can produce spots in the vision, and they appear as an object during the functioning of the equipment.

Apply hologram on the laptop screen

Once it is ready to use, place it on the display. Place the screen at the stable surface and adjust the pyramid on the screen.

Your projector is ready to use now; you can search the holographic videos by using a gaming mouse with your laptop.

Dim the lights of your room or projecting area and Play the video. Enjoy the holographic projector with little effort and time.