How to Clean Laptop Webcam Lens

How to Clean Laptop Webcam Lens?

Here are the 11 best DIY methods for cleaning the lens of your laptop webcam. We have added the required tools and their prices in this detailed guide.

How to Clean Laptop Webcam Lens? You can clean the laptop webcam lens by using a soft microfiber cloth, compressed air, soft brush, webcam lens cleaner, simple water, and cleaning sprays. You should never use corrosive chemicals or soaps for cleaning the lens.

Never use force while cleaning the gadgets, always be gentle and clean all the spots and dirt.

How to Clean Laptop Webcam Lens?

There are different methods to clean the laptop webcam lens safely. In this article, we have added 11 fantastic techniques for this purpose. 

Use microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is made with a soft cloth specifically made to clear the camera lens, glass protectors, or glass itself.

It is considered the best tool to remove dirt, debris, dust, and fix it. It has a low cost round about $10.

You can use this cloth without fluid or spray. You dump the fabric with lukewarm water and wiping the edges in a circular motion.

You should avoid rubbing or wiping it hard; try to maintain the surface gently. Try to avoid old T-shirts, paper towels, or household rags because these types of cloth will scratch, lint, or damage it.

Check focus ring

Most webcams have a focus ring that is used to adjust the focus. Through this ring, the image will be more precise, which is produced by the system.

If your equipment does not give you a clear picture, it is not only due to dust or debris; there might be a problem in adjusting the focus ring.

You need to go in setting and change autofocus to manual to allow the focus ring for manual.

This ring is commonly set on the frame. All these have a focus ring, turn up the focus ring to get a clear vision. You should know the exact price of the external webcam before buying it.

Use compressed air

Compressed air is another effective way to keep your gadgets and accessories in good condition. Keep in mind that compressed air and canned air are two different things.

Do not use canned air as an alternative to compressed air. Because canned air is mostly used to fill the wheels of a vehicle, and it is full of chemicals.

It can damage the accessories and the ports. Compressed air is also known as a gas duster, and it is filled with harmless elements and has lower pressure.

When you are buying it, you should ask the air duster for processor camera maintenance and it will do the required job.

I always recommend people to buy high-quality products and must read the reviews before making the purchase. 

Using a soft brush

If your computer gets dirty due to a dusty environment, then a soft brush is the easiest way to perform this task. It is commonly available in every house or general store.

Take a soft-bristled brush which is made with goat or camel hair. This type of brush keeps your devices in perfect shape and condition. It does not harm the outer surface or the quality of the product.

Keep away the bristles of brush from your hands and dirty place, because it may smudge it and cause a blurry image.

Just wipe it gently all over the product from the edges and middle area to get the required results. You can also make a hologram with your laptop.

Get a bulb blower

The air tuber is also known as the air bulb and bulb blower. It is filled with little pressure of air without harmful chemicals.

Do not remove the dust by blowing air with your mouth because it can distribute saliva on it and can increase condensation and cause unclear vision.

Air blow is the safest way to get rid of debris, dirt, and grime. Do it for 10 to 15 minutes until the product is clear out. You can use the laptop as a webcam for the desktop.

Use webcam lens cleaner

If microfiber, air bulb, brush, and other methods can not work properly perform the task, try a webcam cleaner.

It is like a fluid; never use this directly on the screen; take a soft piece of cloth, or it is best to use a microfiber cloth and add a few drops.

Move this cloth in a circular motion on a surface from inside to the outside. Avoid using the excess liquid; it can damage the camera glass.

Begin this procedure with few liquid drops and raise the quantity if required because most of these products contain alcohol and other harmful chemicals.

Always buy high-quality and from a good company. This fluid helps to make your device 99.99% free from gunk, dust, oil, and dirt. 

Sprinkle simple water

If the equipment or accessories are a bit dirty, then try simple water first to wipe out. Use pure water to dampen a cloth or a tissue paper.

Before starting this, makes sure the water and cloth are within your range. Never use a rough or dirty piece of fabric such as a rough paper towel or T. Shirts.

Never use a lotion or scents with this cloth; it may cause you to smear the device and not clean it properly.

Use a dampened sponge

You need two things a new household sponge and filtered, distilled, deionized, and pure water.

Never use tap water as it causes to make scratches. Before starting this step, you should turn on the gadget and remove the power source. This is a must to prevent any electrical damage and keep your equipment safe.

Keep light something on the keyboard to prevent from falling drips. Dampen the sponge with this water and wring it out to reduce falling drops.

Always start with care and never use force, once you have fix all the issues, wait for 5 to minutes. Try not to use the processor or not to close the lid until it gets dry ultimately.

Use a webcam cleaning spray

If you worried about falling drops on keys and all other ways can not work accurately, then try a cleaning spray.

This spray is super operative in breaking up grime, dust, and dirt. Use a small amount of spray on this and wipe it through a microfiber cloth without streaking.

This spray type works amazingly to safely remove dust from TVs, monitors, laptop screens, tablets, and mobile phones. It eliminates the risk of falling drops on the keyboard and saves it from damage.

Avoid chemicals

Some chemicals and substances are harmful or dangerous for the equipment. Always use authentic and adequate quality fluids to wipe out and avoid some substances because they can damage the device. 

You should write it down and this is a must, these corrosive products can severely impact and damage the outer surfaces of your equipment.

These harmful chemicals are acetone, window cleaners, ammonia, toluene, ethyl acid, surface cleaner, ethyl alcohol, any corrosive fluids, and methyl chloride.


All items such as microfiber, lens cleaner, and sprays are inexpensive and easy to use. Mostly all types of equipment are available in any home or office. All the techniques mentioned in this article are DIY methods and can be done within few minutes.

The maximum cost is around $20 to $25, and the minimum price is $10 to $15. You should always purchase high-quality materials.