How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging?

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging?

Here is a complete of 47 laptops with their watts usage when you are charging them. If you are buying or charging a laptop, you should know its watts and features.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging? Laptops use between 50 to 180 watts depending on the screen size, CPU, charger quality, GPU, use of video players, and excessive use of the internet when charging. On average a new laptop uses 60 watts.

You must check the laptop battery performance, if it is not working properly, try replacing it. There are many small factors which affect the performance and watts usage during the process

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging?

The battery charging is the main factor that you prefer when buying. All laptops are not the same and do not consume equal energy or watts during charging.

A 15-inch screen approximately needs 60 watts an hour, equivalent of 0.06kWh when charging. It also depends on different models and types of PC. There are variations in the watts consumption of different manufacturers.

Laptop model and type

There are loads of brands and various companies developing gadgets every year. With the latest technology, they build machines with better achievement and functions.

So power consumption is determined by the different types of devices. It also depends on the work that you are doing on the processor.

Tablet uses less energy, use almost 10 volts per hour. If you have a very general and basic device, it will consume nearly 60 watts per hour.

If you have a high end or gaming computer, it will consume more than 135 watts per hour, and few gaming processors use 180 watts per hour.

A few types of gadgets use 100 watts per hour; these kinds of processors becomes hot and require to cool down. A 13 inches MacBook use 61 watts, and 15 inches Macbook uses 87 watts per hour.

Different elements affect charging and Watts consumption

LCD size

The LCD size of each PC affects power consumption. It is a significant factor that affects power supply during charging.

The big size screen uses high volts per hour to charge, and the small screen size uses fewer Volts per hour.

The gadget with 12 to 15 inches screen size use about 60 watts in one hour. A gadget that has a 17 inches LCD require almost 70 watts or higher in 60 minutes.

The computer with 20 to 24″ LCD requires approximately 80 to 90 watts per hour. An old notebook with 17 to 19 inches screen size use around 100 watts in 60 minutes. Sony Vaio laptops use different power consumption as well.

Central Processing Unit

As it named CPY is the central or main part of the computer. And it is responsible for all the functions, applications, and operating systems that you use.

There are many functions of different model devices that help to increase the performance of the processing unit. When your CPU performance is fast and right, then it consumes more energy or gets battery lifeless.

The battery receives pooped when the processing unit consumes more energy to perform tasks. CPU and power consumption has a positive correlation. The higher the processing unit, the greater the consuming watts while charging.

Laptop Charger

The processor watts consumption during the process also depends on the charger. Different gadgets have their tools and devices for this purpose.

A 17-inch processor uses a 90 watts charger, and 15 inch PC size consumes 65 watts adapter to charge it and an a15.6 inches processor uses 70 watts adapter for this purpose.

If electricity supplies properly and the charger works accurately, a processor uses approximately 60 to 90 WH.

The big adapters use high power, and a small adapter uses low power. The average adapter uses 60 to 90 WH to charge the gadget. You should fix the broken HDMI port on your laptop for better results.


GPU stands for graphic cards, graphic controllers, video cards, graphics boards, graphic adapter, and graphic accelerator cards.

The cards are responsible for graphical data with colors and high clarity. A graphic card comes with high functions, techniques, and features that will provide high-quality clear vision. You can use Canva on your laptop and make new designs.

Greater tasks of a graphic card can cause higher consumption. When you are playing high-end games or watching movies or videos on your workstation, the graphic adapter will give you the best visuals.

A device with a high-end CPU has come with high-end graphic controllers. The computer with a higher GPU usually comes with adequate battery capacity.

So all of the best parts use high power. If you have a two in one budget model with integrated graphics, this type consumes fewer watts during the event.

Other factors that affect Laptop Watts Usage

There are other factors such as downloading, screen brightness, excessive use of the internet, and loud music.

These aspects put high pressure on the charger, gadget, and its battery. These factors affect the power supply during this, and it is not suitable for your devices

Never use it when it is on the power supply; there could be no load or pressure on the device. When your gadgets are on charging and you still using it, it consumes more power for charge it and it also corrupts the battery life.


  • Do not overcharge your device as it consumes more than the required amount and deteriorates the battery itself.
  • You should take care that you plug the cable of the charger correctly.
  • Never plug-in charger when your device battery is dead. Try to plug in when its battery reaches 10%. 
  • You should take a cooling fan to prevent your device hot when charging
  • When you fully charge it, do not use immediately; wait a few minutes until the processor cools down. 
  • You should update the hardware or processor regularly to get rid of putting pressure on the system.
  • Make sure you plug in the original charger provided with your device and avoid using another charger.
  • Unplug your charger when your gadget is fully charged.