How to Clean HDMI Port on Laptop?

How to Clean HDMI Port on Laptop?

Here are 7 best DIY methods to clean the HDMI port on your laptop. HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface. It is an audio or video standard for transferring uncompressed audio or video data for consumer electronics.

How to Clean HDMI Port on Laptop? You can clean the HDMI ports on your laptop by blowing compressed air, with Isopropyl alcohol, soft cloth, toothpicks, and hydrogen peroxide.

This port serves many purposes, and you can connect your laptop to the TV for a bigger view of your minicomputer content.

Through this portal, you can directly capture and record pictures in your device. Shortly this tiny port on our devices has many roles in our daily life. 

How to Clean HDMI Port on Laptop?

When we handle and use our devices carelessly, they can become filthy and get clogged with debris and dust from the environment. The same thing happens with HDMI when it is not cleaned properly on time. Over time the dirt and filth start accumulating in this port; this can affect the performance of our device.

These ports will not work because of this sticky substance, and you should clean them properly for maintenance.

These ports are metallic, so we cannot wash them or clean them with water. 

These methods are effortless, and no special tools or instruments are required. These methods will take only a few minutes, and they can be quickly executed at home.

Cleaning with air

The air Cleaning method is most appropriate and easy to perform for the cleaning of the HDMI port. Only a can of compressed air is required to complete this; it is useful when it is simply clogged with dirt. This process is also light on the pocket. 

The first step toward cleaning should be turning off the computer. This is done to ensure the safety of the battery. Plug off all the connections from your device. If the HDMI port is connected through a cable with any device, then pull out the cable from the device.

Then place the device in a neat table at an angle where you can easily visualize the inner section. You can spread some sheets beneath your device.

Now carefully examine this segment of the gadget for any larger contaminants, you can easily see larger debris lint or dust. You can pull this out easily with your hands. You should wear gloves on your hands for precaution; this will prevent the dirt or filth of your hands, worsening the situation.

You can also use tweezers to pick them up. You can remove the dust on the external surface of the port by using any sort of brush with smooth hair. Any smooth wipe can also serve this purpose. Make sure the cloth itself is lint-free; otherwise, it will further contaminate the surface. This can also fix the issue if your laptop keyboard is typing the wrong letters.

Blow compressed air

You can try blowing air at the surface to remove the dust and lint from your device effectively. You can blow air in two ways. One is blowing air through your mouth.

This way, you can wipe out all the loss of dust and filth from the surface. Compressed air can easily remove the dirt, which is tightly bound and found in crannies. This method is most ethical to perform as it does not require any sharp object to pull out the dirt.

The compressed air can is available in the market at affordable prices. It is also named canned air. These cans contain liquid gas, which is converted into gas after compression. The technique of compressed air can is similar to perfume bottles.

Blowing air through this can is very simple, just take the can and through the straw-like extension blow the air into the device. Blow the air in a short and controlled burst 2 to 3 times. Keep the straw at a straight angle that it can make the dirt loose in the corners.

You should be careful when blowing the air, as the dirt can enter the other parts of the laptop. You can also connect your laptop to a TV without HDMI cable.

Use Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is antiseptic and can remove sticky dust and other stubborn stains from your device. You can easily buy this from the market while choosing to try to pick concentrated solutions of alcohol. Standard concentrations for this purpose are 95% or 80%. 

You should dilute the solutions to prevent them from drying. Now take a bowl and pour some alcohol in it, take a cotton swab or cotton buds, and soak it in the solution. Then remove the sticky dirt from the port with the help of the cotton bud. Carefully swirl the cotton bud on the inside. After adjusting the site, leave it for drying. Alcohol is a volatile liquid, and it can quickly evaporate.

Do not plug in the device until it is completely dry. If it is wet, then you can use any lint-free cloth to wipe out the liquid. You need not soak the cotton bud in solution. The cotton swab properly wipes the surface without making it wet.

Use DeoxIT Gold

DeoxIT Gold is a remarkable solution for the cleaning and conditioning ports of the minicomputer. This product is a non-conductive and nonflammable solution. It is available in the market in various strengths, like 5% or 10%.

It is used to remove corrosion and abrasion from multiple metals. This not only cleans the oxidize metal but also removes dust grease and any other filth. 

This product, as its name indicates, gold is not only for gold. This solution can quickly cleanse many other metals like rhodium nickel and silver. 

You can apply this solution without any assistance. Then give a short burst of solutions. All the corrosion will be dissolved in it. It will spread as a thin film for a conditioning effect.

This film acts as a seal against dust and contaminants. This product is also available in different forms like DeoxIT Gold pen wipes and brushes for the internal cleaning of devices. All these products help in the fast cleaning of your gadget.

This product is a little bit expensive but worth buying due to its multiple functions. I assure you this is the best solution for the better performance of your electronic device. 

Clean the clogged HDMI Ports with toothpicks

Sometimes some nasty and stubborn sticky substance like grease or butter gets stuck in the HDMI portal. Compressed air can not remove all sticky materials easily. This sticky filth should be picked out with the help of some thinner sharp object. This normally happens if you are hiding a laptop from parents for a while.

A toothpick can serve this purpose. A toothpick can remove all these sticky dirt from crannies easily. A smooth sharp waste card can also be used for wiping out these matters. 

Before using a toothpick, check its thickness. If it is thick, make it thinner with a sharp knife. You should use a toothpick thin enough to snag and pull all the debris easily. You can use a pick at the end of the dental floss to maintain the gadget.

This pick is much thinner than an ordinary toothpick. Be gentle while swirling the toothpick inside the port. It can damage the sensitive part of your device. The electric connection can also get damage.

After cleaning with a toothpick, just wipes out all the debris with a soft cloth. You should never use a cotton swab or any sort of maintenance.

Use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and also removes vile blotches from the device ports. It can dissolve all the slag and grease from the port. Then use a cotton bud to wipe out all the grime. Hydrogen peroxide is also available in different strengths. Choose a mild disinfectant for this procedure.

Before using H2O2, make a dilute solution by mixing it in any alcohol. Never dilute it with water. Water can damage your electric device. Now dip a cotton bud in it. Remove all the dust and filth from inside by rubbing this cotton bud. Avoid soaking the cotton in the solution.

The solution will pass out to the internal parts of the laptop. If there is corrosion rub it on that part for some time, it will also dissolve the corrosion and make your device port corrosion-free. After finishing it, let it dry completely. You should never plug in your device after several hours of this procedure. This is also used to remove deep scratches from the aluminum laptops.


When you have adjusted the device, now you should maintain this cleanliness of your device. When it is not cleaned and become clogged, its performance is also affected. 

The working table on which you usually work is a significant source of contamination and dirt. Dust can quickly be passed out from the table to the surface. Keep that table dirt free. Clean it daily. If possible, wipe out all the filth and dust with the wet cloth. The laptop bag should also be free from any dirt otherwise your laptop fan can become very loud.

Use some pads which we use in computers or mouse beneath your gadget. This works as a barrier between table and your gadget.

Avoid eating or doing any stuff when using the device. Your food chunks can also be a source of clogged parts. The food pieces not only clog but hinder the performance of the machine.

Keep the greasy or sticky matter away from the device, especially those found in our kitchen. The butter and oil in the kitchen get stuck in ports.

 Avoid using untreated cotton swabs and cloth for cleaning and fix the broken HDMI port on your device.

You should also clean the device connectors regularly. They can also bring dirt when connected. Clean both connectors and ports before plugging in.