How Much Does an External Webcam Cost

How Much Does an External Webcam Cost?

Here are 51 examples of external webcams with their price and features. If you are planning to buy a new webcam, you should know all of its details.

How Much Does an External Webcam Cost? An external webcam costs between $25 to $110 depending on features like USB, Bluetooth connectivity, and HD recording. On average external webcam costs around $35.

If you are looking to fulfill the number of components in your system, you can also buy it at an affordable price.

Many local brands provide the products at a much lower rate, but they will not give you a warranty for their products. You will get all the features, but they will start creating problems after a short time.

How Much Does an External Webcam Cost?

Some laptops do not have any camera for video calls on them. You can always add a device for this purpose.

These devices will work in the same way as the built-in cameras work. You have to purchase a good quality of products that can easily connect with your system. You have to allocate a proper budget to get better quality products here.

51 Examples of External Webcams with their Price

External Webcam Names Cost (Dollars) Features
EIVOTOR 720P Desktop Computer PC Web Camera 30 It provides a proper widescreen and correction for the light.
NexiGo 110-degree Wide Angle USB HD Camera 50 It provides HD picture quality for your online meetings and video conferencing.
TuLuLu USB PC Computer Webcam 52 This brand provides you the facility of the microphone with noise cancellation feature
NexiGo 90-Degree Wide Angle 48 It will provide you a wide-angle picture with the USB connectivity
NexiGoAutoFocus 1080p with Microphone and Privacy Cover 60 CMOS technology with the ultra HD picture quality is the feature of this product.
Anivia 1080p HD 38 It is working on the MOS technology and you can get the minimum focal length of one millimeter.
AutoFocus Full HD1080P with Privacy Shutter 50 Its sale is increasing regularly because of a privacy shutter feature. You will get a dual digital microphone in this product.
Logitech HD C615 with Fold-and-Go Design 72 A vibrant and sharp recording is the main feature of this product. It can run on all types of applications, like ZOOM, Google meets, and on all other applications.
Enow Digital Video Live Streaming Web Camera 20 It can autofocus the object that you can adjust up and down by thirty degrees.
TedGem 8MP Fixed Focus 4K/1080P 46 It provides the maximum focal length of 12 millimeter that provides image clarity
PAPALOOK AF925 Stream 75 Built-in mic, plug and play, and compatibility with all operating systems
UNZANO HD1080p 85 You can adjust it in three brightness and it will provide autofocus to your products
AUSDOM AW615 70 You will get different input options for this product and it provides the maximum aperture of the two focal lengths. 
Vitade 928A USB HD Desktop Web Camera 80 You will get a wide-angle lens that will cover a major part of your picture there.
eMeet C960 60 You can communicate with better quality sound and video.
Jeeys1080P 40 Neat video with a wide screen.
Vitade1080P HD Webcam 30 It is light weighted and has all types of functions.
Loosafe 1080P 20 Cheapest gadgets containing all qualities in it.
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 30 It is one of the top brands that is producing quality products with a yearly warranty
Logitech C270 3MP 1280 x 720pixels USB 2.0 54 The resolution is better as compared to other models.
Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615 72 You will get 720 frames per second to enjoy a better quality of sound.
Logitech C270 45 You will get a focal length of 10 to 12 mm that is considered one of the best focal lengths.
Foscam 1080P HD USB Streaming Web Cam 46 It is working on CMOS technology with one year of repairing warranty in case of any fault.
DEPSTECH USB Webcam with Auto Light Correction 30 It is easy to operate and provide live streaming at a better speed.
Wansview 1080P for Windows 30 It provides you the function of the interchangeable lens and two megapixels built-in lens.
FanNicoo webcam 37 It is the latest model that has 5 megapixels for autofocus.

The average cost of an external webcam

It is one of your smart devices; you should install it when your product does not have any built-in camera.

You will get this product on the average for $55, and you can enjoy all the features at this amount.

If you want unique products with special features, you can get any product as high as $100. You have to check that its value should match with the features it has.

You should purchase the product from the online website of that brand or their official outlet.

You will suffer a lot while buying these products from the local market. You should fix the broken HDMI port on your notebook and then connect the device.


It is one of the major brands that are satisfying customers with high-quality products. You can use their products for more than ten years.

You will no need to repair and maintain that product if you are taking care of all the things while using it.

You can get their products at an average of $70. It is just an estimate of their products, and if you want to get better quality products, then the amount will also increase.

They are also offering their products for more than a hundred dollars. You will get the maximum focal length and image clarity in these products.

The number of input ports is also more than four. You have to make sure that it should satisfy all of your requirements.

There are no products for less than $50 because they do not compromise on the quality of products. You should clean the laptop webcam lens for better results.

Anivia Webcam

This brand has captured a significant share of the market by fulfilling the needs of the customers.

They are serving the customers with having a mediocre budget. You will also get a warranty from some of the top sellers.

You have to pay around $40 for this gadget. You can also purchase their products as high as $70.

They are also serving their customers from the last number of decades. They have developed the right name in the market of smart devices. You can purchase their products without a lot of research on them.

Razer External Webcam

They are capturing the market of customers who demand high-quality products. Their average products have an estimate of more than $150.

It is the highest amount that any brand charges for their regular products. This is the amount of their personal use products.

If you want to get their products for the business’s purpose, they will charge you a massive amount. They are well renowned for producing better quality products in the market.

You will not find any product less than a hundred dollars on their websites or in their official outlet.

You have to keep a high budget before purchasing their products. Once you get their products, you will not feel any problem using it for a long time.