Can I use my laptop as a webcam for my desktop

Can I use my laptop as a webcam for my desktop?

Here are 9 best DIY methods for using your laptop as a webcam for the desktop computer. We have added the required tools and apps for this procedure along with a step-by-step guide.

Can I use my laptop as a webcam for my desktop? Yes, you can use the laptop as a webcam for your desktop by using the HDMI, optical cable, coaxial cable, ethernet, install the required app, and adjust the settings.

You can use it for video conferencing, online classes, meetings, all other purposes. You can stay connected with your family and friends by living away from them.

Can I use my laptop as a webcam for my desktop?

There are different types of applications and cables that we can use to make a reliable connection. Just follow the guidelines and you can use the laptop on the desktop.

Install an application

There is an excellent range of available play stores such as google play store, IOS, and Huawei app gallery.

You have to download the official application that must have a license to run these computers’ applications.

You have to spare huge time to research customer reviews, rating of application, and other related matters.

You have to make sure that the application that you are using has all types of functions available that you will need to transfer the video from one device to another.

Every application will require a different kind of procedure to follow. You have to develop a proper understanding of all features before starting their professional use.

Few fake applications are also present in the stores that will lead to installing the virus in your system. You can connect the AirPods with the Windows laptop.

Configure the application

When you have installed the particular application in your system, you will have to adjust its settings.

It must be your priority to develop a plan as your device’s webcam demands for better display on another computer.

You can get its configuration from different sources by depending on which application you have installed.

The application’s configuration will not take more time if you know what type of settings you want to configure in it.

You have to check the working of the application after adding settings in it. It should give you all the functions you will require to change the camera from one system to another.

Use HDMI, Coaxial, or Optical cable for connection

Different types of cables are used for connecting the two devices. You can use coaxial cable, HDMI cable, or optical cable.

The signals will be transmitted through that cable. If you want the best quality of the transmission of signals, you must use the HDMI cable because the latest internal reflection technology develops that cable. There are fewer chances of loss of data while transmitting through this channel.

HDMI cable is one of the expensive ways to transmit the data from one host to another. If you think there is no secure data, you can also use the optical cable or coaxial cable. 

Use Ethernet cable if required

Some applications also want the internet connectivity between these two devices then you have to use the Ethernet cable for that purpose.

Your system will connect with the internet without any problem. They will demand a secure and strong internet connection for the proper connectivity to get rid of all issues.

Open the webcam on a laptop

You have to open the camera’s built-in application on the computer from which you want to transfer it to another desktop computer.

You have to check that the camera is properly working and the result is good. When you confirm a camera’s working, then the other process will run smoothly, and you will not face any problems. 

Open the application and select device

You have to open the application on the receiver end and try to find out your device name.

You will get the devices’ list when you scan the application and try to connect that device with it.

You have to make sure that you approach the right tool. After a few seconds, you will get the popup list of all the things that have gone in the proper direction. Before starting this process, you can clean the laptop webcam lens.

Connect the webcam

You can connect to your laptop’s camera with your newly connected device after its name appears in that application.

You have to use all these applications by following proper guidelines because any unnecessary permissions may take you to the wrong end that you cannot cover easily. You can also use the Depop on your laptop.

Check audio and video

When all the settings have completed, you have to make a test run to check any fault. You have to analyze all the ports and also software that they are working correctly.

This step is essential because it will lead you to solve the problems in the system. You should remove the cigarette smell from the laptop for better results.

Use the official app to get better quality video

You must use the official application that is developed by one of the best developers. It will give you more functions with better usage.

You have to find out that the problems you face in it will have their solutions by going to the help buttons.

You have to look for all the available options that may give you an idea to do these things. You have to check all the features of the application before installing it in your system otherwise your laptop webcam can be hacked.


You have to note which cable suits you a lot. The cost of the project will depend on the type of cable that you are using in it.

If you are willing to use the HDMI cable, you have to estimate its cost around 100$. The budget will also depend on the length of cable as the distance between these two devices.

You have to keep it short to reduce the cost. It is the average estimated cost that will vary by varying the distance between the two devices.

If there is five to seven feet distance between both computers, then you can manage all the cables at a better cost without any problem.

You have to maintain the distance between these two devices to use it regularly. If you are thinking of using the coaxial cable for it, you can perform all the $60.

There is a high cost of cable in this cost, and the other cost includes any plugs, adapters, or any other switches required.


There are many benefits if you have developed this system properly. The cost of a camera is more than $500, which is of average quality, and your price for that new camera is reduced by using this process.

You can run the two devices by using a single camera. It is a simple process that does not require lengthy techniques. 

You will no need to do all the process before every use. You will get the same picture quality as you are doing on the original camera.

There will be no difference between the picture quality of using it on the actual device or another.