Can You Use Canva on a Laptop

Can You Use Canva on a Laptop?

Here are the 11 best methods for using Canva on your laptop. We have added the required software in this detailed guide.

Can You Use Canva on a Laptop? You can use Canva on your laptop by making an account on their website or signing with Google or Facebook logins, install Memu player, create a web design, logo, image, add a background, add text, and save the design.

You can also share the link of logo or image by sharing a link to it. It also allows you to share specific design folders with team members.

Can You Use Canva on a Laptop?

In this article, we have added 11 easy steps for using this program on your notebook. It is a tool to design and publish anything.

You can create logos, designs, instant quotes, and many other things. It is available as an app in the play store of your smartphone.

Use Canva on the web

It is the easiest way to use this tool in your device. By logging in to this website, you will get access to this tool.

Open any browser in your devices like Google Chrome or Firefox. Then tap on the search bar and go to the homepage. Here you can log in to start using it.

Sign in to account

Users who already have an account can directly login to this. You can quickly login with the Google or Facebook account.

The newcomer will create a new account. Create an email address and password and enter in the respective block.

Now you have to confirm your email ID. You need not provide any other information. It will send a verification code on your phone number.

Enter the verification code in your device. After confirmation, click on the login to start using it. When you are logged in, its home screen will pop up before you.

Install Memu Player

The Memu player is an android emulator, and it is used to operate Android apps on the laptop.

You need to install this player on your gadget. Open the official website of the Memu player from any browser. Open the web and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Here you will see the download and install button. Click on this button to start installing it. When it is completely installed, open it and go to the play store of the emulator.

Click on the download to start downloading it on your laptop. After the download is complete, it is ready to use.

Create a web design and visual content

Designing a web logo or any visual content like images with quotes or any other pictures is a creative activity.

It has a lot of features to create a beautiful and expressive logo for your website. You can also use Google Duo on your notebook.

Adjust the shape and size of the image

Various tools, like frame lines, grids layouts, icons, and charts, are part of this fantastic program. These tools are necessary to create a strong visual representation of anything.

When you start to make any design, go to the menu and select create a design folder. This folder will show all the design templates and layouts in the left slide bar.

The right-hand side of the screen is your work area. It offers a blank page where you will create a picture of your imagination. If you have a fast processor, you can play GTA 6 on your laptop.

You can select any logo design that is close to the system that you have in your mind. You can customize it by editing it.

You can easily crop any design or template and delete any -part of it according to your desire.

To add another page, click on the add button. It will add a second page to your workplace. Here is also a search button present on the screen.

When you click on it, you can type any tool you want. For example, it will show all the possible frames to use in designing when you use frames. You can do this when using the Houseparty app on your laptop.

Set up background

After selecting a design template, you should choose the display for your picture and web logos.

To choose a background, click on the search menu, and from here, click on the background. It will show on the different screen backgrounds that you can select for it.

You can select any plain background of different colors. You have to upload the photo on this tool.

To upload the image, click on the upload button underneath the background button. Adjust the color of the picture and make editions that you want to make. Finally, crop and cut the background according to the template. You should know how many watts your laptop uses when charging to prevent any issues.

Add any text

Adding text on your logo design is a simple task. First, locate the text icon that is present on the left side of the screen.

Click on it, and different options will appear before you on the screen. You have to select a text box from the options.

Select any appropriate text box and change its size, color, and fonts according to your requirement.

Then you can write in the box to add anything you want to say. Write the name of the web and its slogan on this box with the various color combination. It is available in almost 100 languages. It will give radiance to your design and text.

Save the design

When you have done your whole work and now save the file. To keep the file in your device, click on the download button present at the screen’s top right side.

After saving, you can publish it where you want. Click on the link and publish button present at the top.

Sometimes the uploaded version of the image is too large for the platform. You should resize it before uploading or publishing.

Underneath the link is a box that you can check off to allow for the editions. Anyone can edit it when you check off this.No one can make changes to the image if you leave the box as it is.

How much does the Canva app cost?

Canva is free to use, and it provides hundreds of features to its users freely. But still, it has some features which you can use only when you buy it.

It is a paid tool with three pricing plans. Its monthly plan costs $12.95 per team member per month.

Its annual plan costs $10 per team member per month. The enterprise plan costs $30 per team member per month.


It has made graphic designing is a fun task for us. It has many advantages for us.

Easy to use

This graphic designing tool is user friendly, and it is easy to use. You can create excellent artwork using it regardless of creativity.

It shows many hints and helping notes on the screen to make your work easy. Anyone can use this without any assistance.

Each folder and option is present right on the screen in front of you. You have access to millions of images and photos and templates with one click. By using it, you can have a better understanding of designing a logo or images.


It has introduced a collaborating tool, and through it, you can directly collaborate with the team members.

You do not need to arrange a separate meeting for this, it gives you a way to share your design and ideas in a team.

You can invite the team members to view and edit the design by clicking on the screen’s collaborate button.

After creating a design folder on the homepage, name the folder and click on it. Then click on the Share button to send it to others.


This designing tool also has many hallmarks or us. Some of them are listed below.

Limited features for free users

When you are using it for free, you can entertain very few features of this tool. Almost all the premium features of it are part of Canva pro.

You always have to find some free premium pictures and icons and upload them. Any infographic using multiple icons can cost you so much.

No offline features

It is an online tool, and you need a network to operate it. You have to connect your device to a strong Wi-Fi connection to enable it.

When you are using this web, it is essential to connect the laptop to a wifi connection. Various other options are available for designs that you can use offline.

Due to this, multiple users have lost confidence in this program. Any problem in connectivity will affect the performance of your work. It also hinders your collaboration with the team members.