Best Laptop for Lawyers 2019

Best Laptops for Lawyers 2022 Reviews

Best Laptops for Lawyers 2020 Reviews

This is a detailed guide about laptops for lawyers. We all know how tough is it to be a lawyer. Nowadays, the majority of our work is dependent on the laptop. In my field, we have to save every detail of our clients and for that purpose, a good laptop is a must for every lawyer.

For lawyers, laptops can be used to store client’s data, for presentations, live-stream discussions with clients and many others. I know many of the lawyers now have online discussion forums that are a helpful resource and can be accessed via a laptop.

Our editors have worked with professional lawyers, we had long discussions and checked hundreds of different laptops for lawyers. Finally, we come up with this list of high-quality laptops that are perfect for lawyers.

Comparison Chart for Lawyers Laptops 2020:

Laptop for Lawyers 2020 Technology Screen Price
Lenovo Thinkpad Intel Core i5 processor 14″ Check Price
2020 ASUS Vivobook AMD dual-core A6 processor 14″ Check Price
New HP 2020 8th generation, Core i3 15.6″ Check Price
HP Pavilion AMD- A6 Processor 15.6″ Check Price
Dell 5000 Series Intel Processor, Core i5 15.6″ Check Price
Dell Flagship AMD Processor, up to 3.6 GHz 13.3″ Check Price
HP Pavilion X360 Intel Core i3, 2 in 1 laptop 15.6″ Check Price

Laptops play an essential role for lawyers in today’s world. With the help of laptops, attorneys can keep a record for their cases and it also helps in presentations.

Best Laptops for Lawyers 2020 Reviews

Here is the comparison chart, I have added basic features of laptops along with a check price button. Just with a single click, you can check the latest prices at Amazon. I have added 7 best laptops for lawyers in this detailed guide.

Lenovo ThinkPad, Laptop for Attorneys

This think pad T430 powered by Lenovo is an excellent device I must say. It is full of great features and is considered as a multi-tasking giant.  I love it because of its durability and awesome working capabilities.

It is a simple Lenovo powered ThinkPad with the traditional Lenovo design. It is made up of carbon-based body with the addition of rubber this thing makes this laptop a robust device.

Although the rubber is added to this laptop this laptop does not flex. It is because of the metallic body available in this laptop. This addition of metal in this laptop chassis has surely increased the strength of this laptop.

Click here to buy now.

This is a 14 inches laptop which is consisted of great resolution power and the resolution of this laptop is 1366×768 pixels. You cannot claim that this laptop carries the best display ever but this laptop consists of a great display feature as the image it produces is very sharp and bright and you are definitely going to love it.

It is powered with the Dolby advanced Audio Technology which means it has great audio feature and this feature is very much lovable too. The quality of sound this laptop produces is very loud and rich. The quality of sound is crisp and sharp too. This is among the best laptops for lawyers.

The keyboard of this laptop is very beautiful in its making. It consists of an island style laptop with high precision. Typing on this laptop is quite easy and comfortable as this laptop comes with a plastic armrest with the help of which you are going to type painlessly for longer durations.

Its keys are very smooth and easy to press and you are surely going to love this laptop without any trouble.

Its touchpad is small and very easy to use. You can move your fingers on this laptop trackpad easily. It is very much responsive and the movement of the cursor is very swift in this laptop. It is also very much ergonomic.

It has a 720-pixel webcam which is optimum for providing you the chance to do video calls and video conferences. It is also a good addition to this laptop. If you are a lawyer, this feature can be used to discuss notes with your clients.

When you are going to talk about its ports. The first thing comes into your mind is diversity. This laptop is very diverse as far as its ports are concerned. As a lawyer, this laptop has helped me a lot in many court hearings.

It has a pair of type 3.0 USB ports. It also consists of a display port and a VGA port. It has a USB port of version 2.0. This laptop also carries a headphone and microphone jack. It is equipped with an express card/34 Slot too.

This laptop consists of a 4 in 1 card reader too. A DVD burner is also present in this laptop, You will also notice an Ethernet jack in this laptop.

The battery life of this laptop is too high and great that you can do working on it for approximately 13 hours. It is one of the wonderful laptops that you are not tied to the charging cord for too long durations for doing your heavy working.

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This laptop has high processing power, in fact, you can play heavy games on this laptop without any trouble. This laptop has the ability to perform multitasking swiftly. You know it is a robust machine so it will not be stuck up easily in case of working on very heavy files.

I highly recommend it as it is a strong and durable device with lots of features.

Newest Flagship 2020 ASUS Vivobook 14

Asus has secured a good name in the field of technology and laptops. You will be amazed to use its laptops as its laptops carry great features and wonderful design. You will never be disappointed with the usage of this laptop. I have seen many lawyers using this laptop in law school.

The Vivobook powered by Asus has a lot of features which not only enhance the user experience but also offload your working burden. This laptop has a widescreen display of 14 inches. This display has a high definition feature. It has a typical resolution power of 1366 ×768.

With great resolution abilities, this laptop is able to provide you great display features which you are going to love. It has ultra fine display quality with great color differentiation. Its screen LED is very efficient as far as its working is concerned. This is one of the best laptops for lawyers.

Click here to buy.

It is the laptop which has a strong feature of storing a lot of information as its memory is big enough to store a heap of data. It has 4 GB 2400MHz high processing RAM. It has a solid state memory which can boot very quickly and you are going to get quite enough storage.

It has an AMD dual-core A6 9225 processor. The base frequency of its processor is 2.6 GHz and it can extend up to 3.00 GHz. This laptop is able to have the data of 1MB smart cache. You can say that this laptop consists of the processor which is very high in its processing and can do the multitasking in minutes.

This laptop has very vast and diverse connectivity. It consists of one USB port of version 3.1 type-C, it is also comprised of one USB port of version 3.0.

It consists of USB port 2.0. It also carries one HMDI port. It has a VGA port too. This laptop consists of one headphone and one microphone jack for sure short audiophiles.

It carries a three in one card reader with one SD card reader, one SDHC card reader and one SDXC card reader. This is the way it stands out among its competitors.

It has the  Windows 10 operating system. This operating system has made it easy for its user to download different software and drivers into this laptop as it is a compatible operating system which you are surely going to love.

This laptop carries a build in High definition webcam which is the cause of high-quality video conferences and video chats. You will be going to love its camera result.

It has built-in stereo speakers which will be the cause of enhanced music quality and you can entertain yourself on this laptop with ease as audio and video effects are perfect on this laptop.

You will be extremely happy with the battery life of this laptop as it has a battery life of approximately 10 hours and you are going to enjoy the working on this laptop. It will provide you long duration working without the headache of charging the laptop again and again.

You will surely be happy to get this laptop as it carries all the basic features in a very affordable price and at the rate which is very reasonable. 

Click here to check the latest price.

This laptop has a feature which is too awesome for typing lovers as its keyboard is super smooth and easy for working.

I highly recommend this laptop, this is ideal for lawyers.

HP, Laptop for Lawyers 2020

I am a lawyer by profession. I like to work on the thing which for sure suits my status and helps me in achieving what is necessary for society as a solicitor. I like to work on the big screen where every detail is clear. Because the small screen does not fascinate me. 

I like bigger expensive machines and that’s the only hobby I have. So I like to tell you about the machine I am using to make my work easier.

Some features of this machine are as follow:

It has got a display of 15.6 inches. It has maintained a bright view with the glossy image and the quality of colors are very beautiful and makes the image very clear on screen.  It has a screen resolution of 1600×900 pixels. It is also equipped with WLED backlight available.

Its processor is of 8th generation and it is powered by Intel  Core i3 with the ultra-low voltage platform is required for its working and it has a feature of four-way processing which not only enhances its speed but also improves its performance. It is armed with the dual-core processor which is also a feature of this device.

It is equipped with the connection ports which provide full connectivity to the devices.  It has one 3.0 USB port and two 2.0 USB ports which provide maximum connectivity to the device. It also carries an HMDI port and also a super fast Memory card reader is implanted in the device.

All these things enhance the connectivity status of the device. Most importantly, It is also equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

It is powered with the lithium-ion battery and its battery life is quite very good and long. It can live up to  6 hours without charging, so it’s in position to provide a handsome battery life.  It can deal with the power failures also till a good deal of time.

It is powered with the Wifi set up built-in Local Area Network. Its local area network is also carrying the technology of hotspot and it can also connect itself to the Ethernet. It is powered by 802.1.1 B/G, Internet facility.

It has windows 10 operating system and it comes on the purchase of laptop thus this thing makes it a handy device to work with because windows 10 is compatible with most of the devices and many software’s which are highly user-friendly are empowered in it.

buy now from Amazon.

It is a widescreen laptop thus visibility is highly great in this laptop and working in it is quite awesome because viewing angle is enhanced due to widescreen. Its processor is highly efficient and its performance is high and working is quite great in it.

It is powered with a super high wifi network and working on the internet is just awesome. Its working is super high and it’s a great device to work with.

I have explained all the details I noticed about the laptop and the reasons why I liked it. For me, it is an amazing laptop for lawyers and comes with a decent price tag. Click here to buy from Amazon.

HP Pavilion Latest

I am working in a Law firm as a personal assistant and I have to deal with many lawyers the whole day. I keep my work up to date according to my law firm. It is a tough job to do because I cannot keep my record up to date in registers or ledgers.

I am a lawyer myself so I have to work a lot in providing my assistance in the law based tasks. So I badly needed a laptop in this regard and I asked my boss for it and thank God he allowed me to buy one. I bought the Pavilion 2020 15.6 inches laptop. I loved it

Its screen of 15.6 inches of size and its display is a quite glossy and beautiful view. Its resolution is high 1366×768. It is also available with LED-backlit display. It gives a wonderful viewing and displays experience.

Its processor is super fast. Its manufacturer is powered with AMD. Its speed is 2.6 GHz. Its performance is high. Its processor is dual cored and working is quite fine with it. The model of the processor is A6-9225.

Its battery is of 41 WHr. It can stay lit for up to 9 hours. Its battery time is quite awesome and you can work for a longer duration without charging. So this thing improves the working of its worker by freeing the person from the tension of charging.

Its connectivity is quite very good and consists of 1 USB port of 2.0 and two USB ports of 3.0. It has one HDMI port. It has a microphone jack and also one Ethernet port.

Its video graphics are quite awesome as it gives a solid view of the image on its screen which gives the perfect image of the video. Its video is AMD R4 Radeon chipset.

Its webcam is quite awesome. Its resolution is quite high. The camera is 750 pixels. The result of the front camera is quite very awesome and it helps in enhancing the communication experience and thus you have a very nice experience in online video conferences.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


This laptop is full of wonderful things to work on means its screen resolution is up to the mark the view is wide and in high definition and the battery time of this laptop is also very good and helps in working a lot.

Its connectivity is very good and the availability of multiple ports make it easy to be connected and working is quite easy in it thus it helps a lot in data transferring. Its video result is also very good and provides a wonderful experience of viewership.

Its webcam is very good and helps in communication a lot and thus you can work on it easily because of great connectivity.


I am so much in love with my device that I am unable to find its demerits well I am totally satisfied with my device and I don’t need any other device but I guess nothing is perfect and some of its demerits includes:

  • It is a little slow in its working sometimes.
  • The browsing experience is also very much slow on this device.
  • Sometimes its battery gets dead very early.

Well, this device is quite helpful in my working and I have written what I felt for this device. Hope I did justice to the article. With the latest technology and user-friendly features, this is among the best laptops for lawyers 2019. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Dell 5000 series Laptop

Let me explain this best laptop for lawyers by Dell. This 15.6 inches laptop is among the top rated laptops for 2019. 5000 series by Dell is a perfect example of technology and elegance. With features like a backlit keyboard, you will never be bored with this cool laptop. 

I would like to explain some of its features which is an important thing to be focused:

It is a beautiful machine full of different beautiful features. It is available in a wide range of colors but I like the one with the silverback with the grainy black Dell logo. This grainy logo enhances the grip of the laptop and the inside of the laptop is quite smooth to touch and to work on.

Its screen is of 15.6 inches with the ability to touch. Its display is 1366 × 768 resolution.  It has a High definition of true life IPS LED backlit. The most wonderful feature of this laptop is that it is available with 10 fingers multi-touch screen.

Its processor is powered by Intel. It is core i5 8250U Processor. It has a 6MB cache. Its speed is up to 3.40GHz.  Its speed is quite a god. Its features make it a super fast performance laptop.  It has a RAM of 8 GB. It has a Hard disk drive of 256GB. It has an SDRAM type of Random Access Memory.

It has Windows 10 type of Operating system. The size of its operating system is 64bits. The most important feature of this operating system is that it is compatible with many of the available software in the market.

Its keyboard has an optimum speed and very comfortable in typing. Its keyboard has a backlit feature. The keys are smooth set up. It gives a very nice look to the machine.

Its touchpad is extremely efficient and the movement of the pointer is quite very much fast and these things make it very good in its working it has the ability to pick up gestures very fast.

The quality of sound is quite average in this type of laptop. It creates the muddled shaky sound at high volumes. But there is a good thing in this device that it comes with the software with which it can be controlled and managed.

Its webcam comes with the 720 pixels. Its quality of the image is quite wonderful. I can say it stands out from most of the laptops in the market and gives the wonderful buying experience to its customers. It has come with the webcam that has surely enhanced the quality of video chatting.

It has two USB ports of 3.1 USB generations 1 type A. It also comes with one USB port of 2.0 version. It has one HDMI.  It has also one connection for LAN (10/100/1000). It has also one port for speaker and microphones. It has come with Bluetooth connectivity too.

It has a battery of approximately 6 hours. It consists of three cells. It is a good feature that it has a battery life which is very much handsome and we can work without charging on it for a longer duration of time.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


It has a lot of qualities that make it stand out from the bundles of laptops available in the market.

  • Its display is good.
  • Its battery life is very long which good feature for long-term working.
  • Its webcam is very much efficient. Its connectivity is very good.
  • It helps a lot in multitasking and the performance of the laptop is very much strong.
  • Its storage is also good and optimum for working and storing data if your work is not too much storing related.


Well, it has a few demerits too:

  • Its keyboard is not up to the mark and not up to the mark.

I have explained all the prominent features of the laptop. Hope you find them helpful in buying this laptop. My effort is to make the reader aware of the uses of the laptop for lawyers. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Dell flagship

Being a corporate lawyer means a lot and for that, I need this amazing laptop. Let me introduce the Dell Flagship Business laptop for lawyers.

This is a decent sized laptop that features the latest technology along with user-friendly options that will simply amaze you. With a full HD display, I enjoy watching movies and playing games on my best laptop for lawyers.

It is a beautiful laptop with a metallic body and it is an elegant laptop which is full of decent supremacy. It is available in the 360˚ angle hinge and it gives a very much decent appearance.

Its screen is 13.3 inches in size. Its display is very much clear in high definition and the screen resolution is 1920×1080. It has a backlit of high energy LED. Its screen resolution is super fine and gives a wonderful appearance to the screen. It provides a wonderful experience in viewing the videos.

Its processor is powered by the AMD processor. It is a quad-core processor.  It is a Ryzen 5 2500U has the 2 turbos up to 3.6GHz. Its speed is very much high and it is very much good in its working and computing of data is fast and easy on it.

Its battery life is too high. It provides the battery time of approximately 7 hours and has a three-cell battery. It is a good battery timing for the working of laptop easily and efficiently. You can work for hours on the laptop with this much good battery life.

It has one USB port of type C and one USB port of 2.0 and it is also equipped with HDMI port. It has one headphone and microphone combo jack. These kinds of ports give it quite well connectivity. Thus you can transfer data easily.

It has full stereo speakers which provide loud sounds and full-time clear sound.  Its beats are quite well and it is quite well in its working and you can hear beats very clearly on this laptop. It is a must choice for music lovers. Being a lawyer does not mean that I am not fond of quality music 🙂

It provides an amazing view with its 720p webcam. Its working is good in bright light but it fails to reproduce in the brighter light and the working is quite tough in the dim light. This is the only problem with webcam otherwise it provides good imaging.

Its keyboard is very much user-friendly and you can work on it quite efficiently with ease and comfort. You can work on it with very high speed and typing is good at it.

Its touchpad is highly sensitive and provides the three finger window swipe which is a great feature to work on.  You can also perform multitasking on it.

It provides the good storage of approximately 512GB Solid state Disk. It provides a good storage place and working on it is quite good for the purpose of storing data and computing it.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Its design is perfect for working. It’s a beautiful machine I must say. It provides an elegant experience to its owner. It’s aluminum body gives it an elegant view.
  • Its performance is quite very fast and strong. It is a quick device I must say.
  • Its 360 ˚ hinge is quite a wonderful thing which has enhanced its appearance.
  • It does not hot while too much working it has a built-in fan system which keeps it cool.


It has certain cons which I think comes with every device in the market and you should not focus on the cons if they are minimal.

Some of its cons are as:

  • It has a little heavy body and thus moving is tougher with it.
  • It has a mushy keyboard sometimes working is tough on it.

I have explained all of the merits and demerits of my device. I tried to be as explanatory as possible. Hope I did justice to it. Click here to buy from Amazon

New HP Pavilion X360

HP Pavilion X360 15.6 inches is the perfect laptop for the people who want to say things with style this thing makes you totally style conscious.

This is 2 in 1 laptop. This laptop is very strong and has the widescreen. It helps to view things in a very vivid way. You take the name and it carries the feature.

A beautiful machine with extraordinary features. What else you want from your device. This is the best thing happen to you. There are a lot of features of this laptop which makes the laptop work truly in the best way.

It is a slim looking compact sort of laptop. It is quite good in its features and has dark silver in color and has the look of aluminum. Its screen is very much wide and has a lightweight. Its appearance is quite solid and has a lot of features. Its design gives the appearance of an executive looks. The weight is also not too much of this device.

It has four USB ports of  3.1 USB type C. It is also equipped with the SD card reader which show that it provides a high level of connectivity to the devices.

It has a supreme level of connectivity as it is able to get connected to a bundle of devices and this connectivity makes this device stand out from the bundle of devices available. It has a high level of connection to different devices.

The keyboard of this laptop is super fast and clicky and you can type for hours on it without getting your wrist and hands tired. The backlit is also available and you take the name and it has the feature. You will definitely love its keyboard.

The touchpad is very fine and has a lot of qualities and features. It has a multi-gesture movement and it has the ability to get on the touch on the touchpad easily. That thing makes this laptop a super machine which is hard to beat.

This laptop is equipped with the dual-core processor and it has 8GB RAM and a fast 256GB SSD card. Which shows a great computing and processing speed. It has the ability to generate the maximum performance wherever it is possible. You can say that it is one of the best laptops for lawyers you could ever imagine.

It battery life is very good and it has the ability to go without charging for a good considerable period of time. Its battery does not get hot easily and you can work on this device for longer durations easily.

It can work without charging for 4  hours at the power saving mode which shows that this is not the long duration but I guess if you work in an office. It is quite fine.


  • Its case is very much strong.
  • Its touch screen and display is very good and fine.
  • It doesn’t get hot easily and the temperature is maintained.
  • Its adapter is quite slim.
  • Its keyboard is backlit.


  • Its display lacks optimum brightness.
  • Sometimes the CPU starts throttling.
  • It does not have USB type C and Thunderbolt 3.
  • Its conventional HDD and that makes the performance average.

This laptop is a rich combination of many extraordinary features. It carries a lot of features like its speed. Its working is quite fine in its action. You can save a considerable amount of information on this machine. You can do heavy studded computing without any loss and problem. Its keyboard is very fine. Its keyboard has a lot of working capabilities.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

If you are a lawyer or an IT professional then this laptop is a great choice for you and it has the ability to take away your lot of burden away from you. You will surely enjoy working on this laptop. I mean what else you want from your machine an easy life. You can easily rely upon it.

It is full of features as far as style is concerned. It has every feature you want in your device. I hope you liked what I wrote. Your questioning is highly appreciated.

How to Choose a Laptop for a lawyer?

I am a lawyer by profession and works with an attorney in a Governmental organization. I am a fresh graduate and very passionate about my work but my luck was not as good as it is today.  

I mean I was a shining student in Law College but when I join the professional field everything was a huge mess. I have to work as an assistant initially but I was a lot confused.

My job description includes a lot of tasks but sometimes I am so much occupied that I am unable to schedule things properly. My attorney is a strict person. He wants everything on time and he also wants me to line up things on a daily basis. But as always I have to face the failure.

He said to me that I need to manage the appointments of his clients regularly. I used to write the contact numbers on my diary. But when he takes the name of his client or any linkage.

He wants me to generate the contact number at once. But I took a lot of time in finding it out. Then he started shouting at me. I felt a lot embarrassed.

My colleagues started making fun of me. I went into depression. I thought to quit the profession of a lawyer. My friend helped me out. He said there is no place for losers in this world. I need to buck up.

He suggested me to buy a laptop for my office work. I said what a laptop can do. He said that this small machine can make wonders. I can manage my whole work in it so I bought a laptop which was reasonably well. I liked it but still, the problems persist.

My friend told me the usage of this laptop in my office.  I started to manage my contacts on my laptop. It was a magical experience to get the contacts managed because now I can generate the contact name and number at once. This is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

My life is totally changed now. I have managed my life as a lawyer easily. My life is easy now. I am a totally changed lawyer now.

I can settle the tasks at the office easily. With this laptop, I can download many online available reference books and adjust it accordingly. I was able to provide case stories and references easily.  

It has polished my working capabilities and I am a lot easy while searching online and I don’t need to get myself indulged in the heavy and fat law books. I am able to generate any law based article just with the help of a single click.

My life as a lawyer is easy now. I am able to provide the law based help online to different people and earn some extra money through this way.

I can now be able to handle some individual cases too. I love this independence too. My life has changed completely now and I am very much happy due to this reason. I am very happy due to this reason.

Here are some features which I derived from my experience that you should consider while buying a laptop if you are a lawyer. The reasons are as follow:


You should try to use a device which is safe and secure and is able to keep the law based information private as far as your clients and your law firm is related.


The speed of your computer should be high and you should do computing as fast as possible while working in the law firm.

Battery Life:

The battery life should be maximum. You can use this laptop in your firm if it is sound as far as the battery is a concern a laptop with good battery life is always preferable.


Your device should have compatibility with each and every document format so that you may be able to read any document format easily.


The looks of the laptop are very important if you are a lawyer. The laptop should be able to maintain its executive look and give you a rich appearance which is quite important.


I love the laptop experience as a lawyer and it has changed my life completely as a lawyer and it has increased my level as a lawyer and provides me with mental satisfaction as a lawyer. It is my best way of keeping my pace with the world. My whole life has changed as a lawyer and my success level is increased.

This is my best experience and every professional problem of mine is solved now. Hope you love reading my experience as I loved writing it too.

I have explained these best laptops for lawyers, along with their detailed features and specifications. You can always contact me if you have any questions related to laptops. 


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