Best Laptops for Writing a Book

Best Laptops for Writing a Book 2022

Best Laptops for Writing a Book 2020

My name is Victoria and I am a professional writer and my laptop helped me a lot in writing a book. Thanks to my laptop that now I am a successful writer. I am privileged to tell you that it was possible just because of my laptop. 

Here is the chart that explains all the basic features of these amazing laptops along with a check price button:

Laptops for writing a book 2020 Features Screen Price
2020 Newest Dell 7th generation AMD A6 processor 11.6″ Check Price
ASUS ZenBook S13 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor 13.9″ Check Price
ASUS Vivobook Intel Core i5, Full HD, 2-in1 laptop 14″ Check Price
2020 Lenovo Ideapad AMD Dual-Core, full HD 15.6″ Check Price
Acer Chromebook full HD Touch, Intel N3150 11.6″ Check Price
New Microsoft Surface touch screen, Intel Gold 10″ Check Price
Lenovo Flex Touch screen, latest design, 2 in 1 laptop 14″ Check Price

In this article, our editors have explained 3 of the Best Laptops for writers in 2020. I love typing my novels on laptops and thanks to these best laptops, writing has become more easy and fun for me. I love to write using the keyboards along with a variety of different methods like Touch-Pen and voice to write.

Best Laptops for Writing a Book 2020 Reviews

With these writing laptops, you can type the things at once it comes into your mind. You can erase it too. These documents will be saved into your computer memory and you can retrieve it whenever you want.

These things surely surprise you. I mean you will love that you can get a view of your ideas whenever you want.

You don’t need to bound yourself to the availability of pen and paper and you can write as much word you want.  You can also point out your errors by putting a grammatical check on your script and also you can watch the spell check easily.

You can add fancy headings to your data and also modify your writing style easily. If you work on the PDF format then you can make your document also secured from plagiarism.

If you are writing an informative book then you can also gather information from the online sources. You can also add pictures to the books of your desire.

2020 Newest Dell, HD Laptop for Writers

I always like new gadgets and new technology always impress me. This new model of Dell is very fine in its build and you will enjoy it completely. I have become a huge fan of this device and I use this for writing my books.

The display feature of this device is great and optimum as it has a display screen of size 11.6 inches. It’s one of the most interesting features is that it is free from all sort of glare.

As it has reduced glare, it has the ability to reduce the strain on eyes and thus your eyes will be less tired by using this laptop. This display ideal for writers and you can work for long hours.

This laptop has a typical resolution of approximately 1366×768 high definition. It will provide you a sharp and bright display without any error and you are going to enjoy the picture quality of this laptop. This is one of the best laptops for writing a book.

Click here to buy now from Amazon.

This laptop carries a high-efficiency backlight which has the ability to provide you the great capability to give a stress-free viewing experience and you are going to enjoy it without any trouble.

This laptop is of 7th generation and gives you high-speed processing power. It has high-frequency processing of 1.6 GHz. This frequency can be extended up to 2.4 GHz. It has a high technology AMD A6-9220e processor and this processor has the capability of great multitasking, error-free working, and this laptop provides you a great source of entertainment.

Its dual processor can withstand a lot of pressure and you can do endless processing on this laptop without getting hung up. Its strong processor can control the graphics of Radeon R4 thus you can view a great quality of images. This helps me adding images to my books while I write.

It has a high capacity RAM of 4 GB which is of DDR4 or you can also use a solid-state memory for this laptop. You can also add an SD card to enhance its storage. This laptop has a lot of space and storage for storing data.

This laptop is equipped with one USB port of version 2.0 and it also carries a port of USB version 3.0. You can say that this laptop has very diverse connectivity with the help of which you can enjoy endless data transferring.

It has one HMDI port for the input of HMDI cables. This laptop is also equipped with one microphone and one headphone jack.

This laptop carries the Bluetooth technology of version 4.0 with the help of which data transferring is quite easy. It has also three different types of wireless technology which is of version B, G, and N. I use this camera for taking pictures for my new novel.

If you are an audiophile you will love this laptop for its great functioning and its endless capabilities to do magic with the music. It has a built-in stereo system which will be the cause of music enhancement for you. It is also tuned with waves Max pro which provides a clear sound quality.

I love to type so if you are also a typo while you are going to enjoy its keyboard as its keyboard is very soft and smooth to touch. You can do easy unlimited typing on this laptop without any trouble.

These laptop keys require very little power to be pushed. This single feature is quite famous among the writers and this laptop is an ideal choice for writing books.

Click here to check the latest price.

It has great battery life I mean like it can live for up to 7.5 hours which is a great feature as very few laptops carry this great feature as far as the battery life is concerned. You can do a lot of work on this laptop without getting upset due to the battery and thus you do not need to put your laptop on the drip for charging after every while.

Its trackpad is also very responsive and you can enjoy working on this laptop without any trouble. This laptop is a must-buy for people who love durable gadgets with great working. I highly recommend it.

ASUS ZenBook S13

Packed with NanoEdge 13.9inches full HD display, this ultra-thin laptop is fabulous. It visualizes everything on its display with a clear definition. The actual beauty of this laptop lies behind its screen to body ratio. ZenBook S13 has a 97% screen to body ratio in its 13” display.

Now feel enthusiastic and confident with such a masterpiece of art from ASUS. This fully HD display fantasize your work with an extra advantage. You feel amazing during work. It gives you scintillating experience with marvelous picture quality in hand. With a beautiful color display, it adds something more to your senses.

This laptop is perfect for writing books, making documents, etc. Alongside its brilliant display, it has a slim and stylish silver metal design.

This laptop sets the best example when we talk about brilliant architecture. Asus has put a mind-blowing architectural design in this model. It is super compact with less than 0.6 inches of slim design.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Brilliance in the architecture of this beautiful piece of art comes if we look at its overall weight. With such a lightweight compliment this laptop becomes a little bit more seductive.

Along with crashing look and low weight, you would never miss out on its journey. It will be with you all the time from office to home. It works brilliantly alongside with easy utilities.

This portable powerhouse offers something more characteristic apart from its look. Empowered with NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 graphics, it delivers magnificent visual power.

Now your high graphics demanding creative tasks face no obstacle. You can explore amazing things online and offline. It swiftly delivers you the power to fantasize. 

With such a powerful graphics card, you fork freely on many projects. It is suitable for your temperament. It plays a vital role in your perfection if you are a writer and need assistance from your PC.

You can get better access to those applications suitable for your profession. With such a powerful graphics performance you can add more fun to your entertainment subject. It is among the best laptops for writers in 2020.

You might be wondering your mind on the matter of its durability. Let me then spotlight on its durability. It is indeed delicate and super slim, yet it offers enduring durability. It is supported by all-metal chassis. It is perfectly designed with a 3D curve lid.

ZenBook S13 is processed through a high precision CNC-milling process. This process was used to reduce unnecessary internal voids. Now your PC will have entire metal chassis. It is tougher and stronger, distinct from traditional stamping methods. So you will have a durable and elegant laptop on your side.

How can be it possible that such an advance machine lacks power? In order to redeem fast and high-level processing, ZenBook S13 has a powerful processor. Outfit with the latest 8th generation Intel Core i7-856U processor, it gives flow to your work. You are unstoppable with the performance criterion on this PC.

The best suit you can find for extra performance keeping elegance stick together; ZenBook S13 has no opponent. The fast Core i7 processor of this device works well in transition with NVIDIA graphics.

With 8M cache and up to 4.6 GHz smooth processing, it delivers unstoppable performance. Get access to shortcuts, enhance productivity and more, you will be best appreciated with this laptop.

Writing on the notebook never been an easy task. In case you are using this device for writing purposes, you must be more careful in your selection. This notebook has this problem in mind and is offered with a better solution. With its exclusive ErgoLift hinge, it ensures its performance.

This laptop is an engineering masterpiece. It is designed to tilt the keyboard at multiple angles so you will face no obstacle. This will also maximize comfort. It endeavors a comfortable typing position.

ErgoLift projects a better angle for typing. It will keep you always in the comfort zone. You will have unforgettable typing experience under the influence of this engineering.

To orchestrate with ErgoLift characteristic, this laptop has improved and soft keyboard. In terms of beauty, this keyboard is perfection with the overall design of the PC.

Red keys backlight flashes beauty on a silver ground. Smooth and precisely spaced keys are designed for a handful of performance. Nothing can stop your fingers to dance on this keyboard.

The most important component in all PCs that is focused significantly is the cooling system. With an enhanced cooling system, this PC has filled that gap. The cooling system of this laptop keeps it cool while it delivering performance.

It pioneers extra energy in the vein of this laptop. Now the processor of this PC will be facilitated to energize the performance.

You can work longer with this gorgeous laptop. It uses a high capacity battery will work perfectly. It delivers about 15 hours long battery life with improved charging.

In just 49 minutes you can charge 60% battery. With such an awesome battery life and fast charging, this device is perfect.

What left behind is its operating system. This sizzling laptop has the latest Windows 10 Pro operating system. Now get access to the latest world of technology.

Access all profitable applications designed for your profession. Windows 10 Pro is also upgraded with many beneficial applications to boost your productivity.

At the end of this review, you must confine yourself with such a high-class laptop. It is full of quality specifications. Advanced with the latest audio performance, it will keep you entertained. With extensive connectivity, you are on the go.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Despite its slim footprint, it offers extensive connectivity. It has 3 USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports for fast transfer. It also has 2 USB type C ports along with one standard USB Type A. to add more, it is slotted with micro SD card reader.

Adding more to your surprise, ZenBook S13 comes along with mini Asus Dock to give two extra ports and a mini HDMI. What less is there is you have to find. For me, it’s a complete package for writing a book.

ASUS Vivobook Flip, Laptop for Writing a Book 2020

 The most phenomenal feature of Vivo Book Flip 14 is its convertibility into different modes. Engineered with 3600 hinges, it offers you multiple modes.

You can make it a tablet, laptop, etc. it is subjected to 20,000 cycles open and close test to ensure its durability. You can work in four different modes to maximize your productivity.

This PC will provide you much greater possibility and flexibility indeed. With a 0.24” NanoEdge bezel display, it is something worth considering. Packed with 1780 wide view technology it ensures only the best visual experience.

Stored with splendid ASUS visual optimization technology, it provides the best visuals. This amazing display will empower your imaginations. Its flawless display will catch your attention and keeps you focused on your tasks.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Adding more to visuals, this device has 14” full HD wide-view touch display. It uses fast touch technology to let everything under your fingertips. So the biggest concern of this technology with such an amazing display is only to enhance entertainment to the next level. Now fill colors in your work and in your life with Vivo Book Flip 14.

This perfectly engineered PC has 12.9 inches wide and 0.7 inches thin display. It has bezel thin with a 78.7% screen to body ratio. The purpose of this is to witness edge to edge experience. It is brushed with aluminum chassis to enhance its beauty.

To heighten its portability, this laptop has only 3.5 pounds weight. Now pick it to where you go, make it companion for your day and let it work for you. It is brilliantly featured with splendid qualities. 

Connectivity once again is extensive in this Laptop. The comprehensive connections being the part of this PC give you an extra advantage in your work. The most stunning feature added to this bezel thin model is a Fingerprint sensor.

Now get easy access to your things at this device without memorizing the puzzling passwords. Add mobility in your laptop, save time and be smart with this technology. This is one of the major concerns that are prioritized in this laptop.

Other comprehensive connections which include USB 3.1 type-C ports are also provided. You will also have 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports on this splendid laptop. Now the style is not just a matter of the thing here, accessibility is also apparent to make it a perfect suit for you. To transfer more from other portable devices, it is slotted with an SD card reader.

This PC is lined up with lightning-fast dual-band 802.11ac WiFi to keeps you connected. It will make you advance with its latest WiFi technology. You will access to the internet to at fast connectivity.

There will be less interference as your connection will empower you all the time. Along with the HDMI port, now display your things on the monitors of a secondary display.

Vivo Book Flip 14 would be an ideal choice for writing. It supports optional Asus Pen. Now creativity is not your biggest concern, it is in your hands you need what is just to draw it. With the stylish Asus Pen, you can write down things with tremendous experience. It reduces your energy wastage in typing. Now cut copy and paste it everything is under your control.

The very familiar operating system is offered in this PC. Windows 10 is its operating system. Now your PC will run on the most secure operating system to keep you up. Collaborate and share from anywhere without any kind of obstacle.

Splashed with the latest and advanced applications, this operating system is ideal for your work. Cortana will help you to dive into any folder and find your important documents.

Window Hello will add more excitement to your experience at work. Window Continuum will host your productivity. You will meet with many other amazing features this Window 10 has offered.

Window ink will add more to your work and keeps you on track. This operating system is the perfect combo along with such an adorable laptop.

How can we forget about its fast processor when we speak about its specifications? This device has a very powerful and efficient Intel Core i5-8250u 1.6 GHz processor. You can turn this processor to a 3.4GHz processor if your work needs more speed. It has 256GB SSD and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

This laptop uses 1 lithium-ion battery which means extra power for your PC. It has a powerful and long battery life with easy and fast charging. So like other magnificent laptops, this PC will also provide a better battery life. Now work all day long with a good battery life.

This PC has also a very efficient cooling system to avoid any heating problem. With its dual fan technology, it dissipates heat during the workload. Now work with courage and a better cooling system will take care of your laptop. It delivers performance by keeping your processor to run efficiently.

Click here to check the latest price.

This laptop has also a perfect audio system. This slim and stylish PC offers great sound when you need entertainment. Listening to music would be more delightful in the hand of this laptop. All these valuable specifications make Vivo Book Flip 14 perfect for you.

2020 Flagship Lenovo Ideapad

This laptop will elevate your ideas in the right place. Apparently, it is not packed with many specifications, yet it offers some quality stuff. Here you will see the depiction of quality in this PC.

With a wide 15.6inch full HD W-Led backlight, it displays colors in full spectrum. It uses AMD Radeon R4 graphics for a perfect display for writing books

This PC has not been equipped with a superfast processor, although it has an AMD-A6-922 dual-core processor. It delivers the best processing on the line when you are on the working model.

AMD-A6 processor delivers 2.6GHz to 3.0 GHz processing with 1 MB cache. Now you will have smooth processing at a better speed.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

It is offered although with tremendous memory options. It has 4GB/8GB DDR4 RAM and the first HDD easy to operate. The perfection has enhanced the offering with 500GB/1TB to a 2TB hard drive.

It is clear from that view, it has a huge memory and you can make it your memory bank. On the other hand, it has 128GB/512GB to 1TB SSD for an excellent performance.

This black simple but valuable Lenovo pad offers fast 802.11ac WiFi which suggests its reliable connectivity. You will be facilitated with fast WiFi availability all day for your work. Connecting with a friend or sharing ideas is now easier to access.

You will find yourself in a big advantage when your internet connection matters. Adding more to its versatility it uses the latest Bluetooth to maximize file sharing.

This sleek pad offers you enhanced connectivity apart from its compactness. Two USB 3.0 Type-A ports will offer comprehensive connectivity. It also has one HDMI port to use the secondary display in order to boost your work.

For entertainment to reset it has headphone/microphone jack. So you can listen with more clarity and record your voices in the memory bank.

Through the Windows 10 operating system, this laptop will make your entry into the latest technology hub. Windows 10 offers you new features. Such as Edge Web Browse that lets you mark up web pages on your screen. This operating system has one year upgrade pro-limited warranty. What else could be better than that?

Portability is once again the major concern here. This PC is not so far behind the other excellent models in this category. It weighs only 4.63 lbs, making it less heavy in weight and heavier in performance.

The audio system of this device is awesome. It has two stereo speakers for excellent sound. Now listen, enjoy and get joy at a loud and clear voice.

You will experience great joy with its pleasant and immersive sound. Make your room fill with calm music with its quality sound. It is time for you to entertain.

The keyboard is not too much showy and flashy rather it is simple and perfect. The soft keyboard of this PC offers you excellent typing experience. You can work easily on this keyboard. It has multiple short and ready to go keys.

Another quality feature that is specifically added to this PC is a multi-format digital media card reader. It will enhance your sharing with other devices. Now you can transfer between your PC and other mobile devices without any obstacle on the way.

This laptop has also built-in DVDR W which simply deployed to give you extra features. Now your laptop is the work station. You can burn DVDs with important data. Many advance laptops lack DVDR. 

buy from Amazon.

This PC has built-in good quality Webcam for video connectivity. It works better with the latest operating system working together.

Now you can chat with your online community with freedom. You can get access to Skype and other video format social sites to get in touch with the community.

Although this PC has some major flaws and one of them is battery life. It uses 2 cell-lithium Ion prismatic battery which is not good for battery life. It lasts only a few hours after a full charge. So this PC is not a good choice in terms of its battery life.

So here is the bottom line, this laptop is a medium quality simple piece. It supports many things but lacks many technical specifications. It comes in the average laptops category but good for writing a book.

Acer Chromebook

Acer chrome book is not an ordinary chrome book as it is a lot more improved sort of chrome book and it is full of features that make this laptop one of its kind. It is not only a laptop that is connected to the web only but it is also able to do much more typing oriented tasks.

This laptop has the ability to do writing in fact in my opinion you can even write a book on these laptops. These laptops provide you with the best of functions and the ability to work with these laptops is high due to their smart size and handling freedom.

These laptops are available in different colors and designs and the ability of the touchscreen is too good. I have found this to the best laptop for writing a book.

This is a writing laptop, it has a lot of features but for me, the design is the most important part. It has a perfect metallic body with a beautiful chassis of white color. Although it is made up of plastic its look is very close to the metal. It gives a strong and easy to hold texture to the laptop.

These laptops have very supreme performance. It has a 1.6 GHz processor which works very finely and the performance level is very high. Its processor is powered with the Intel Celeron processor.

As far as its video display is concerned you can watch videos with ease on this laptop and this working ease provides you with a great ability to full fill your entertainment targets. Its audio is a little bit muffled and you are unable to listen to louder music on it.

Its battery backup is fine and gives you the battery life of 10 hours after one charge which is a tough thing to get in a laptop and you can get the optimum working experience as you can go without charging for a longer duration of time.

It has a keyboard of very ultimate typing experience and you are able to type things on this laptop in a better way. Its touchpad is very fine. You can go hustle free while typing and moving your fingers on the touchpad.

Its ports are very efficient in its working. It has a charging port of DC current. It is also equipped with the HMDI port and also has the port of USB 3.0 and also a USB port of 2.0.

It is also equipped with the SD card slot. It has a webcam of 720p and it is quite fine in its working as a perfect webcam for supreme video experience.


  • It is easily convertible into a tablet.
  • Its keyboard is quite comfortable in its usage.
  • Its touch screen is very much responsive in its activity.
  • Its RAM is very strong and storage is very huge.
  • It features a backlit keyboard, that is ideal for writing even in the dark.


  • It is quite an expensive chrome book.
  • It is very tough for these laptops to get things personalized and specific for one person.
  • It gets sometimes heavy if you want smooth working.

This laptop is full of extraordinary features and they are full of specifications. It is a great set of chrome book and the modern one. You take the name and it has the feature. A laptop with a good webcam and a huge storage capacity.

Click here to buy now.

Its speed is quite fine and you get an optimum working experience you will surely love your machine as you get features in a compact form. You will surely love this chrome book and it has multiple features.

You are going to work trouble-free on this laptop. Thus these Chromebooks are considered as best of its kind and I have using this laptop for writing.

New Microsoft Surface Go

If you love tiny miny laptops then it is a must choice for you. You will surely love this laptop as it has got every feature you want from your laptop.

It has an optimum battery life with a great display. Its biggest USP is its clear, vivid and fine display that is perfect for writing a book. It makes you feel wonderful as far as weight is concerned.

This writing laptop features a very smart touch and also able to work in a very well nice manner. It has surely enhanced your Microsoft surface experience.  Your tablet is quite a wonderful device to keep you updated and go with the time easily.

This is the best laptop you can ever imagine. This laptop is made up of a metal case and has a size of 11 inches. It has a beautiful screen and It will give the maximum typing experience.

If you are going to type in your lap and you want an awesome typing speed while typing you can enjoy the complete freedom as this is the best way you can do to your typing journey.

Its screening abilities are very fine that it has got a very clear screen display and in a sure shot way. Its screen resolution is so great, that you will be able to watch every single detail of the video on the screen.

Its audio result is also very fine that you can listen to the good quality of sound which you can enjoy at an optimum level.

This keyboard is full of features I mean you take the name and it got the feature as far as typing is concerned. You can do easy typing on these laptops and the typing is quite comfortable on these types of laptops.

The touchpad is quite fine and its ability to judge the gesture is quite nice and you will enjoy it. This is the perfect way you can enjoy the typing on the keyboard. One of the best laptops for writing a book.

The performance of this laptop is quite fine and it is a very fine sort of CPU. The performance of this laptop is quite up to date and you will surely love the computing speed you will get from this device.

Its RAM is quite powerful and it has a RAM of 8GB size and provides you with the optimum level of the computing status.

It has a 5-megapixel camera on the front side and the rear camera is megapixels. It is self ambient light is very fine that you can easily take perfect pictures on this laptop.


  • It is incredibly thin and lightweight.
  • Its display is very fine.
  • Its keyboard is optimum for typing.
  • Its price is quite affordable.
  • Its configuration is quite powerful.
  • Its screen display has a very high resolution.


  • It other accessories cost too much.

It is a device that is full of a lot of features these features make this laptop stand out. This laptop is full of specs which are too much for the price you pay for this machine. You will surely love this device and keep yourself amused by its extraordinary specifications.

Click here to buy Amazon.

You are going to get full of musical and typing experience on these laptops for writing. You are going to enjoy your video and also the webcam experience.

In fact, you can type for approximately 6 hours on this laptop without any hurdle and tension.

You will surely enjoy the typing on these laptops as these are very nice laptops used for doing your work.

Lenovo Flex 6

Lenovo Flex is one of the best laptops for writers, which is full of features that make them stand out from the bunch of mini laptops used for typing. It is one of the best machines you can ever imagine. You will surely love this laptop.

It has a lot of features that make this laptop ideal for writing a book. This laptop has a bundle of qualities and most importantly it has very strong processing capabilities. Its body is very strong. This laptop has very fine features and you can work on this laptop without any trouble.

This laptop is black in color and has hinges made of metallic texture. It has a very fine body. Its hinges can open up to 360˚ and these hinges are very much tight.  Its deck is aluminum brushed and has a lot of features that enhance the beauty of this laptop. You are definitely in love with this laptop.

Its screen has a size of 14 inches and has a display of 1920×1080 pixels. Its display is quite vivid and color differentiation is quite up to the mark and for me, you will surely love this device which has a lot of features. Its screen display makes it a wonderful device for usage.

Its keyboard is quite better for its working as you can do unbridle typing. It gives a very fine typing experience and you can do solid typing on this laptop.

The gesture control of its keypad is also very good you can do whatever you want on it in a very fine and controlled way.

You can type on it with such ease that you find yourself best among all the typing divas.

Its audio quality is quite fine. Its Dolby audio technology provides the maximum sound quality. This device gives you clear sound quality and this sound quality gives you great listening experience.

The performance of this laptop is too high and gives you an optimum quality of sound and this sound quality is great in its action.

It has the RAM of 8 GB which gives you the great quality of computing and processing and you will get high-speed typing and this will be very much fine for its action.

Its battery life is near about 7 hours. I mean that this Laptop is very much power-friendly and provides you with good battery life. You can work on this laptop for a longer duration of time easily.

The webcam of this laptop is quite decent and has the ability to work pretty well and nice in these sorts of devices. You will get a nice good sort of picture quality while working on these devices which makes it quite well and fine as far as working is concerned.

It has the ability to handle the temperature easily and you can work for long hours on it without the need of charging for it and you can do your tasks quite easily on these laptops easily. As it can manage heat easily without loss.

It has a charging port and also equipped with the HMDI port. It is also powered by the two USB ports 3.0 Type-A and it also has the USB ports3.0 type C and it is also equipped with the combo audio jack. This thing has made the connectivity available at its maximum and you will enjoy the jack at your best. This is definitely one of the best laptops for writing a book.

Click here to buy.


  • Its performance is quite speedy.
  • Its keyboard is very speedy and is very accurate as far as typing is concerned.
  • It features an extraordinary design.


  • The cost is a little high.

How you Write a Book Using a Laptop?

Writing is a tough job you know and I was very fond of writing since my college days. But writing with a pen is always a difficult job for me. My mind is full of ideas and stories but because I find writing very much tiring. I don’t like to smudge the paper with the hectic pen writing.

It is also a cause of wasting paper and ink too. I mean your mind is a treasure of thoughts and it is full of ideas. You are going to think about topics and your mind start pondering and this pondering will lead to different sort of ideas.

My friend Dave told me that why not write a book on a laptop. I was amazed to hear it. How can I write a book on the laptop? Using a laptop for writing, was a new experience for me. Then I gave a thought to it.

I searched on the internet and was happy to know that nowadays it is a trend to write books and articles on the laptop. But I was shocked by how to do it. I was a lot worried because my typing speed was not up to the mark.

My typing was quite slow but when I started writing. I was shocked to see that my typing was enhanced and I started loving it. I started searching on the internet and here I am sharing my story with you to tell you how it helped me and the search which helped me.

Think of a good idea for your book

You firstly need to get an idea about the sort of writing you want to write. This is the most important step of the book writing that you want to write the sort of writing you want to do.

Start with a story

Then for me, you should build a plot of the story or article you want to write. It is an important thing to notice that you have a perfect plan for the type of story you want to write. This plot should have to be sound enough that you can write on it easily.

Select Microsoft Word for writing book

Then try to select the perfect application for writing. It is an important thing to note that you can do easy typing on Microsoft word.

Add pictures

Now you should go and search for relevant pictures and data. So that you can enhance your book and get the perfect writing experience. It will also improve the quality of your book.

Make a good cover for your book

Search for the covers. Select the best book covers for you. You can also go for the best people online who can design a book cover for you. They can also do the artwork for it.

Then you can select the best distributors for your book too on the internet. You will then sit and wait for your book launch.

I mean you took the name and it has the advantage that you are searching for the book. In fact, you can also see the work of different authors easily on the internet. You can use this as a source of reference too.

You can also search for the different distributors for your book as it has the bundle of links of the books distributer on the internet. It is a blessing that you take the name and it has the feature in writing the book. You can write and distribute your books just in the single click step and it will surely save your time and energy.

You can also use this time for doing some creative work easily as your mind is free from the occupation without any reason.

Best of Luck.


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