Best Laptop Backpack for Back Pain

Best Laptop Backpack for Back Pain

Best Laptop Backpack for Back Pain

This is a detailed guide about backpacks for back pain. I have added an exclusive interview with a Physiotherapist, who is dealing with back pain complaints from even middle and high-school students. The sole reason is the heavy backpacks that students have to carry on a daily basis.

In this article, I will explain how you can choose the Best Laptop Backpack for Back Pain.

Comparison chart of Best Laptop backpack for back pain

Here I am going to share with you guys all the best laptops which are proven to reduce your back pain because of their comfortable design and amazing grip.

Best Laptop backpack for back pain Features Suitable Laptop Size Price
Osprey Packs Farpoint


Imported Nylon material, highly comfortable. 16, 17 inch $$$
Incase ICON Airflow engineered 840D ballistic nylon. 15-inch laptop $$$
TIGERNU Anti-scratch Oxford cloth, ergonomic style. 12- 15.6 inch notebooks/laptops $$$

Osprey Packs Farpoint

It’s a gorgeous brick red colored backpack. It is so much relaxing and comfortable that even it will reduce your back pain. You will find this backpack incredibly awesome.


It’s Nylon, Ripstop material is imported. It is made of durable fabric in high wear areas.  In spite of its strong fabric and extra capacity, it is lightweight and slim. It will always remain a tough travel pack for a very long time to come.

Its large zip panel opens the access to the main compartment. Here you can safely place your laptop. This panel is having the lockable sliders. These sliders provide the main compartment with security and safety. All of your important things like a laptop; tablet, smartphone, the diary will be safe completely in this main compartment.

Its dual front compression straps keep the gear stable when you wear this backpack. Top and side handles are padded and give the comfort of easy handling and when you hoist the backpack. It has scratch free stash pocket in order to protect the eyewear.

It is a perfect companion for your long weekend. Its two internal compression straps secure your load. You can feel free to add your extra sweater in this backpack and your waterproof boots too. It is highly capacitive and carries loads of 50 pounds. Click here to check latest price.

Its harness straps cover your shoulders fully and there is no gap in between you back and this bag.  The padded part of the harness straps ends below your armpit. While the sternum strap adjusts below your collar bone and ultimately reduce the stress from your back. Even it can help you in your back pain.

The overall body of this pack is ventilated. So, reduce further issues. This all makes it best for travel also. The smart design of this bag looks good. This detachable daypack gives extra storage for your other essentials to carry with you.

Incase ICON

The second best laptop backpack is here for you people. Must give it a read;


Incase ICON is best for placing the 15-inch laptop in its large compartment. It is large and spacious and having the 3 main compartments actually. You can place your Macbook, iPad, and iPhone in these compartments. Other purposeful pockets are for the storage of extra accessories.

Its design is highly comfortable and customized. Engineered with the airflow channels, it provides the proper ventilation. This ventilated design is engineered in its back panel and shoulder straps too. Along with this, multiple adjustment points make it easier to carry.

Its integrated sternum strap helps to disperse all weight of this bag. This adds comfort to carry this backpack and ultimately it becomes the cause of reducing back pain.

The main compartment is fully padded and lined with faux fur to provide the optimal protection to your MacBook. In case, ICON ensures the long-lasting durability. It is constructed using heavy-duty and highly durable 840D ballistic nylon. This fabric can hold everyday wear and tear. Click here to check latest price.

It gives quick access to tech optimized features. There is a dedicated side pocket for iPad and hip side power pocket is for the integrated cable port. It will allow you to have access to portable audio and power.

Its pure black color and sleek look give a professional impression and a beautiful view. It is so much capacitive and keeps things saved in its separate big compartments.


Both men and women, students and travelers, hence everyone can enjoy using this backpack. It has got the features like;


TIGERNU is made up of high quality and durable anti-scratch Oxford cloth and environment PU material. It offers a high Force Reinforcement, lightweight and high durability. It will be a great gift for your friends, family member or anyone whom you want to give this laptop backpack. This backpack can carry the 15.6-inch laptop in it very easily.  The overall dimensions of this laptop bag are 12.2 x 7.09 x 17.7 inches.

Highly spacious and organized bag give multiple options to set your gadgets easily along with other essentials. Separate laptop compartments with padded sleeves fit, gives further ease. You can easily fit your 12 to 15.6-inch notebooks/ laptops.

There are 2 other spacious compartments with several small pockets. You can place all of your accessories in an organized way in this backpack. Place your books, notebooks, newspaper, diaries, keys, stationery items, ATM card, and bus card in these internal organized compartments and have quick access to them on time.

Its double zippers allow protection from theft on the main pocket. It is also equipped with the coded lock. This gives an ultra-protection against robbery. If you will set your coded lock, then the thief would not be able to open it. Your laptop would be safe and sound anyway. It is also having the hidden zippered pocket in the back.

Its highly durable 600D fabric is water repellent. You can keep your valuables safe from spills. You would not be worried to take this backpack with you when it is drizzling. Its comfortable and breathable mesh will provide ventilation and help this bag to keep itself dry.

The shoulder straps have the sponge padding which feels amazing to carry. It can give you relief from shoulders stress. The back of this bag has a trolley case slot which is able to reduce the weight when it is carried.

Its ergonomic design makes it super stylish. It has a separate ID card safe pocket and a key fob too. It’s grey color gives it an enchanting look. This laptop backpack is highly affordable for everyone. Click here to check latest price.

Concluding words

You wouldn’t believe how much these backpacks have incredible effects in reducing back pain unless you use it by yourself.

These bags are just amazing in their features and price too. Buy it and place all your gadgets and essentials in a single backpack safely.

My Story, Backpacks for Back Pain

Hello, Anne Johnson here. I am a Physiotherapist and recently I had too many patients with the problem of back pain. Most of them were students and when I ask them not to carry anything heavy on their back. They had the same answer. As you know, almost in every school in the USA, the laptop is a necessity and students have to carry it to school on a daily basis.

Let me tell you a case to make it clearer. For instance, recently, I had a young patient, named Mila. Mila is fourteen years old, a beautiful girl in her youth. She fell from stairs while visiting her aunt and hurt her back. She had to take two months off from her school, as she was advised to take complete bed rest, along with medicine.

AfterI made sure she had recovered, I gave her permission to go back to school. But, Mila, was back to me a day later, again with back pain. When I looked for the reason, I found out that she carried a laptop in her bag to school, which made me thought that what We Should Do So That You Can Carry Your Laptop, Even WithThe Backpain? I started my research to look for an answer.

I met other physiotherapists and visited websites and stores to know WHAT KIND OF BACKPACK IS GOOD FOR CARRYING LAPTOP? I wanted to know how students can carry a laptop without hurting their back. And I found that a good backpack should have the following characteristics, so they don’t hurt the back of the carrier.

How to Choose Laptop Backpack for Back Pain?

First, I want you to know that choosing a laptop backpack is as much as important as choosing a laptop. Because as a student or even as a professional you have to carry your laptop to many places, even I have to bring my laptop to my workplace or have to carry it back to home many times, in case I have to continue my work at home.

So, I want you to carefully look at these characteristics when choosing your backpack for a laptop. Because continuously carrying a laptop on your back, for a long time, can badly affect the back of, even a normal person. So, moving onto the topic, a good laptop backpack must have:

Straps of backpack:

The straps of the backpack are the most important part of any backpack and the thing we usually ignore. So, while choosing your backpack, you must take into consideration that it should have padded straps. Moreover, straps must be adjustable, and you can wear it, even over your winter coat.

The back panel of backpack:

The back panel of the backpack is another thing, which makes a backpack comfortable to wear. It should be properly padded so it doesn’t hurt you already hurt back. So, while buying a backpack, you should be aware of what kind of back panel it has.

Separate space for laptop:

The backpack must have a separate pocket for laptop. So, it doesn’t cause too much strain on your back, while you are carrying it. and, you can wear it easily even with the back pain.

Moreover, you can safely put your laptop in that space, separately from other things. It can save your laptop from scratches we get most of the time on our laptops. You should know that even a pen can cause a serious scratch to your laptop, if it is place in the same pocket.

Separate zip for laptop pocket:

If you can get a backpack, with separate zip for laptop pocket, then it’s a plus. As it saves you a lot of time when you just have to take your laptop out or simply put in the backpack, in crowded places. Personally, I prefer a laptop backpack with separate space and zip for laptop, too.

Luggage strap:

The luggage strap on the laptop backpack is another important thing. As it allows you to carry ion handle rather than wearing it on your back all the time. It is another good feature while you are looking for backpacks for a laptop.

The weight of the backpack:

Another thing you should consider while looking for a laptop backpack is that the backpack itself should not have too much weight. As you are going to put many things in there yourself, so you should be mindful of backpack own weight.

As many backpacks with various accessions like keyrings and decorations comes these days. They may look pretty but they unnecessarily increase the weight of the backpack. Moreover, backpack itself shouldn’t be made of the material which makes it heavier.

Small pockets:

If we are discussing a good backpack, I must mention that it should have small pockets, where you can place your accessories. It keeps your things organized and as I have mentioned earlier, it protects your laptop from grazes.

Padded interior:

The laptop backpack must have the padded interior too. Because you are going to put your laptop inside it. So, it must have a padded interior to safely put your laptop inside it. And, this is something which even some expensive backpacks don’t have.

Size of the backpack:

The size of the backpack also matters a lot. If you are just trying to put everything in your small backpack and trying to zip it up. Then, it’s a big NO. You shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t even try to do that. It will not only make your backpack unnecessarily heavy but would also make it unable to protect your laptop, in case it fell.

So, you should be considerable of the size of your backpack. It should be, preferably, big enough to take out or put in your laptop easily. As we are in a hurry many times and it’s convenient to just put a laptop in its separate space in the backpack and leave. As compared to, standing there trying to take out previous things to make enough space to put your laptop in, every time.

Backpack with wheels:

I have seen backpacks with four wheels and it was a splendid feature especially for people like Mila, who have just recovered from back pain. This was the bag which I recommended to Mila, so that for a month or two, at least she didn’t have to carry it and, she could commute easily from her home to school.

Waterproof :

During my research, I found a wonderful thing. Waterproof backpacks are available now. I remembered a time, when my three years old, Jane, had put my backpack (with a laptop inside it) into the bathtub, full of water. I seriously felt like crying at that time.

So, when I saw a backpack with a waterproof feature, I instantly bought it. And, I would recommend it to you guys too, because losing all your data, it’s not something any of you would want to try out.

Reasonable price:

I want you guys to know that there are many laptop backpacks available with reasonable prices on Amazon as well as on stores. So, you don’t have to buy a really expensive backpack. You can simply look for the characteristics I have mentioned, in your backpack. And, you would be ready to go.


One more thing I want you to know that you should keep in your mind that no matter how pretty the backpack looks if it is not comfortable to wear, do not buy it. You are going to wear it on your back and carry your important things in there. Thus, a poorly made backpack can not only damage your laptop but can also severely harm your back.


Even with all these things, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a stylish backpack. There are many gorgeous looking bags are available, with the above-mentioned characteristics, you can choose from among them. You can keep yourself and your laptop safe, with a style.


The purpose of writing this article was to let you know which backpack you should look for while choosing for your laptop, especially for those with the back pain. Paying attention to small things like these can save you from the future big loss. And, that is something which I can guarantee you. Moreover, I have learned it from my own life as well as professional experience.

If you have any question or you want to know about anything, you can just write your comment in the comment box and whatlaptops team will transfer your question to me. And, I will let you know. Thank you for taking out your precious time to read this article.

Best of luck.

Team- What Laptops

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