Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 Dollars

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 Dollars 2019

Keyboards play an important role in gaming. I love to play games on my gaming laptop and it is not possible without the best keyboard for gaming. Our editors have selected the best gaming keyboard under 100 for this article. Below is the comparison chart for these top-rated products.

Comparison Chart for Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100

Here are the top products selected by professional gamers.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 Features Keystrokes Price

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Award-winning mechanical switches, green backlit. 60 million $$$
Rosewill RK Cherry MX blue mechanical keys, 104 keys. 50 million $$$
Razer DeathStalker Expert Stylish, Razer Synapse 2.0 software, wrist rest included, green backlit. Multiple clicks, not specified $$$
HAVIT Keyboard Ice blue backlit, Ultra-thin, compact, 520 g weight. 50 million $$$

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate

It is a specially designed keyboard for ultra-smooth gaming. Its high quality is for pro-like gaming. The Razer mechanical switch actuates an optimum distance. It will provide you with such a great speed and extra responsiveness like never before.

This keyboard features ultimate individual programmable keys with the whole backlit keyboard. It has the overall dynamic lightening effects. These effects are easily set through the help of Razer Synapse.

Through the built-in Razer mechanical switch, get the extreme ease in your gaming. This keyboard can withstand up to 60 million keystrokes. You can enjoy this benefit for many of the years. You will definitely love to do a marathon like intense gaming. This can bring life to your gaming for sure.

These are some multi-award winning mechanical switches. These switches have been lauded with the new standards of all mechanical gaming keyboards. Since its introduction, it was popular among all keyboards because of this feature. This is the point of priority of choosing this laptop.

Now, this gaming keyboard comes with the improved top covered textured finish. This finish is smudge free to keep the fingerprints away and allow for easy maintenance. You will see great responsiveness by this keyboard. Your every tap will be in continuity with screen work. So now you can do the really fast gaming with it.

It emits an amazing eye soothing and friendly green colored backlit. It has 10 key rollover anti-ghosting. You can do gaming even in dark environments. Its overall keyboard and individual keys are illuminated enough to keep you productive anytime. No matter either it’s day time or a dark environment, do the gaming without any hindrance. This is definately one of the best gaming keyboard under 100.

Even you have the options or full liberty to sync the keyboard back lightning settings that range from breathing, ripple, wave, reactive, start light. You can prefer your favorite one and according to the environment etc. These options are through its automatic unified color based configurator. Click here to check latest price.

It ultimate features gives the extended warranty for 2 years. You can enjoy the advantages if this keyboard for a very long time. Still, if any issue occurs you have the warranty card to send it for repair. It can well operate on any windows system installed in your laptop. The overall dimensions of this product are 17.6 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches.

Rosewill RK

It’s another amazing laptop with high durability and quality. Its strong chassis made it work for many years. You can enjoy intense gaming by multiple clicks on it. And it will still perform its best all the time. You will not face any of the difficulty using this laptop.

Its keys are smooth to tap and go in a flow with your gaming. It has the 100% cherry MX blue mechanical keys switches. They actually deliver fastest and precise responses with high tactile feedback. It is having an N-key rollover function. It is a must for gaming.

It permits 104 keys to be pressed at the same time. Not even the other laptops will give you this opportunity. In the PS/2 and six keys in USB mode, you can do multiple taps at the same time. You can do 50 million clicks you can enjoy intensive gaming without efforts.

Its study internal metal chassis gives ease in typing and make this keyboard highly durable. You can do professional gaming on it without any issues. This keyboard offers a windows lock key which will disable the windows main menu. This will help you to stay on your game and don’t get back from there until you unlock the key.

Many of the people face these issues that because of their intense tapping, they mistakenly click on windows key. This takes them to the home page of laptop and games ends. This can cause loss as games levels are automatically backed and you have to start your game from the first level.

 So that’s why this keyboard is giving you the feature to lock your window key and enjoy your gaming. You can lock this key with just a single click and unlock by the second tap on it.

Click here to check latest price.

Its keys caps are all laser printed so the key print will never vanish by your extreme use. It’s a completely professional keyboard. The weight of this keyboard is only 3.44 pounds.  Cheery MX blue color looks enchanting and attention-grabbing. The over dimensions that make this keyboard comfortable all way is the 17.32 x 5.43 x 1.52 inches.

Along with its pro-gaming features, its price is also amazing. You will found this keyboard quite affordable. So, buy it for you and for your dears who loves to do gaming.

Razer DeathStalker Expert

It is the most decent and stylish gaming keyboard. It is just like the laptop keyboard. It is highly comfortable with its full palm rest and a spacious design.

Take your gaming to dark with this fully backlighted keyboard. This will look amazing in dark. Its backlight makes it beautiful and gorgeous. The super stylish design makes it perfect to use anywhere in a public place with full confidence. You will admire the performance and style of this laptop and I am damn sure about it.

Razer DeathStalker is enabled with the Razer Synapse 2.0. This will allow you to customize your gaming experience with the unique preferences which you like the most. Highly featured with 10-key rollover which means that, no matter how much the commands are complex, this keyboard will support the gaming anyway. This keyboard will never come in between your gaming and you.

Its 2 mm Chiclet keycaps of this keyboard ensure the less time consumption for tapping. You will spend less time to actuate each of the keys. You will be able to react faster to situations and enemies in the game.

Razer DeathStalker also comes with the wrist rest. Your hands will not get tired when you are playing games for several hours. As this palm rest area will not let your hands do tiring efforts. You can have the full non-tiring gaming experience with complete thrill and adventure.

Click here to check latest price.

Its ergonomic design is optimized for max comfort and pro like gaming. No matters how the gaming marathon last, you will enjoy it enthusiastically. Its Razer synapse 2.0 is the cutting edge software that functions as a brain of this keyboard. It automatically syncs the gaming keyboard to the cloud server. This will keep your individual settings safe.

Your fingers will move fast on this highly programmable keyboard. It will ensure your entire master plan for the gaming domination is executed instantly. Green LED backlit keyboard looks great and don’t stress your eyes.  It has a special green backlit for reducing stress on eyes when playing for several hours in dark.

HAVIT Keyboard

It is an ultra-thin and compactly designed keyboard. The weight of this keyboard is only 520g. It is much lighter than a traditional mechanical keyboard. It has the latest Kailh blue switch. It is the latest profile switch with 11.5 mm height.

It has 6mm ultra-thin suspended keycap and a 3 mm key travel.  This creates a unique mechanical feel. It is having a unique ice blue led light. It comes with different backlit modes. You can press the keys Fn +F1-F5 for Customization, Fn+F12 for saving all the settings and Fn+F6-F11 for getting the presetting modes. Everything will be ready for you within single taps.

It just plugs and plays. You do need to do anything else or connect some extra wires or doing things like this. You just plug this item and use it immediately. It will always show its best. It has a detachable USB micro cable. It has 87 keys with N-key rollover.

Click here to check latest price.

 It has the size of Size: 354*127.5*22.5mm. It has voltage consumption of 4.75V±10%.This item is almost compatible with Win 10/8/7/ Vista/ ME/ Mac/ Linux/ IBM PC. This feature is incredibly amazing. You can use this gaming keyboard with almost any of the laptop and the OS.

Its keys can only be customized for windows operating system. If any of the programmings is needed then you can download the driver from the official site of HAVIT HK download. It gives a 30 days money back guarantee. Along with this, if gives 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Concluding words

Finally, you know all about these best gaming keyboard under 100. These all are selected by our professionals. You can now enjoy your gaming as an expert. These keyboards are of high quality, best keyboards. All are compatible with any of the laptop.

They have special antiglare backlit which will help to do non-stop gaming. Their prices are also just amazing. You can have much fun with them in your life.

Buy a gaming keyboard for you or for any of your beloved one from here. Enter the gaming world and do fun.

My Story, Best Gaming Keyboards

Gaming is a passion. Some people are professional gamers while some plays for the sake of recreation and enjoyment. All of us want adventures in our lives and gaming is the best solution. It can keep us motivated and help us to stay focused.

There are many names in the field of gaming that have performed very best and made their mark. Making your name in gaming requires the best gaming laptop along with the gaming keyboard. All these things are the accessories for a pro like gaming, e.g a gaming keyboard, etc.

Another reason is that the laptop’s original keyboard is best but is not for gaming. As its keys get damaged by intense gaming. So, a separate million taps bearing, a stainless keyboard is a must which is only dedicated for your gaming.

I am not a pro but an expert gamer for sure. I love to do gaming since my high school till now when I am 21. As my father bought me a gaming keyboard at that time. Firstly, I used my father’s laptop on which he also used to do gaming. That’s when I also started gaming and now it is my passion. I cannot imagine my world without gaming.

Whenever I am free from my homework, I used to do gaming on my own laptop. I have actually fixed my gaming times. There are millions and billions of games available like PUBG, Fortnite, Frostpunk, Apex legends, Nier automata, call of duty and action-adventure video games like GTA Vice City, etc. My most favorite and top priority games are Fortnite and PUBG.

Things to consider when buying a gaming keyboard

I will share some of the important things with you that you must keep in your mind before you buy a keyboard for gaming. Here you go;

Manufacturing quality

First of all, must check the keyboard quality. A good quality keyboard with a strong chassis will never let you down. It will remove all the hindrances for your games. You will be able to smoothly press all the keys on a good gaming keyboard. Otherwise, keys get stuck in a bad keyboard due to heavy tapping.

High manufacturing quality and printed and strong keycaps will ensure the perfect gaming. You can enjoy the good gaming keyboard for many years rather than other keyboards.


It is just essential to have a backlit keyboard for gaming. It is because you have to do multiple quick taps. Without the backlit, you will found difficult to do the non-stop gaming. You will notice an amazing increase in your speed when you use the backlit keyboard.

With enlightening keys; you can do ultra-fast gaming by clicking on right keys at the spot. Beside this, you would be able to do gaming in a dark environment.


Picking up the best keyboard is not merely on the basis of above-mentioned things but many others too. Like it is also important how many keys and buttons your laptop is having. It is quite good that your laptop contains 88 – 101 keys. This is an ideal keys number for gaming.

These keyboards have the number of pads and macro keys on them. But if you want to omit the number pad, you can also take that kind of laptop.

 Mechanical switches

This is another important thing to be noticed. These switches actuate the proper distance and increase the keys response. Along with this, it will allow for millions and billions of keystrokes and you will just love using that highly convenient keyboard.


Always take a full-featured keyboard with a good affordable price. All of these keyboards here are best for their price too.

Best of luck.

Team- What Laptops

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