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Everyone wants to have a luxury of gaming keyboard with them. Many of us don’t buy these keyboards because they are expensive sometimes. But let me tell you that I am going to share incredibly amazing, best budget gaming keyboard with you guys here. 

Our editors have selected 4 of the top-rated keyboards for this article.

Comparison chart for Best Budget Gaming Keyboard 2019

These are some of the best products which I will be explaining in detail:

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Features Backlit Price
Razer Cynosa Chroma Spill-resistant, 10 keys anti-ghosting, Razer Synapse 3 technology used in it. 16.8 millions of color customizing options $$$
HyperX Alloy Elite


Integrated 18 LED light bar, Cherry MX mechanical keys, 2 USB ports 6 dynamic lightening effects $$$
MasterSet MS120 26 keys anti-ghosting, 4 DPI levels Full RGB LED backlit keyboard $$$
Razer Huntsman Elite


Multiple mechanical switches, 100 million keystroke life span. 4 side under glow $$$


Apex M750 Keyboard QX2 linear mechanical switches Multi-colored full backlit keyboard. $$$

Razer Cynosa Chroma

This is the spill-resistant uniquely designed keyboard. Now, you don’t need to get worried about the water spills. Take your keyboard and use it while drinking your coffee, water, or anything you like. Don’t worry about any damage by water spills. Its sleek and smooth design will flow and repel the water away and keep its surface clean and clear. This all increases the life span of this keyboard.

Powered by the Razer Chroma, it has 16.8 millions of the customizable color options. With its 10 keys anti-ghosting, you will be able to do 10 different commands at the same time. This is such a great feature that even the keyboard allows you for multi-command control. It is compatible with the Xbox One for the basic input purposes.

It has the Razer synapse 3 technology used in it for the perfect gaming. It’s personalized lightening and button mapping will truly transform your gameplay. You can enjoy your gaming at its peak levels by this fully functional and colorful keyboard. Its emitting lights will help you for the right taps while you are gaming.

Different colors of backlit specified different keys. It also helps while gaming. These fully programmable keys allow for ON-THE-FLY- MACRO RECORDING. It allows you to execute your commands easily with the help of actuation of the macro button. This is listed among the Best Budget Gaming Keyboard.

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This gaming-grade keyboard features all the essentials that a gamer needs. It is having the soft cushioned and rebind keys that are much easier to be tapped. These keys are really comfortable and produce no sound when tapped. You can save your profile configurations to a cloud and explore the advanced capabilities with the hardware configuration tools with much advancement.

You can also connect this keyboard with next level Chroma to achieve the ultimate gaming experience. It’s a full-sized keyboard which is extremely comfortable to use. You can do much better and ultra-fast gaming by using this gaming keyboard. It follows the Amazon return policy and complete refund on returning the product ‘’dead on arrival’’.

HyperX Alloy Elite

It’s another gaming keyboard with the six dynamic lightening effects. These effects come with the signature integrated 18 LED light bar.  It gives out the option to enjoy these dynamic effects according to your own choice. You can have a good time with this keyboard when gaming. Its radiant light bar truly delivers an unmatchable brilliance.

Its solid steel frame gives it’s the durability and stability to bear falls and hits. It also allows for the non-stop work. Because it is easy to type on this strong steel chassis keys base. It is having the Cherry MX mechanical keys for reliability. You can directly perform quick actions with these keys. Your gaming work will be done earlier as compared to the casual keyboard.

Its dedicated media buttons and large volume wheel will actually let the control to just your fingertips.  It can easily connect the devices with the USB 2.0 pass through. This mechanical keyboard is perfect for those who want to equip their battle station with a highly featured keyboard.

HyperX Alloy Elite is truly dripping with style and elegance. You can use it with proud. You will be amazed to know how much the pro gamers love to have this stylish and fastest keyboard. This mechanical keyboard is having the dynamic effects, dazzling backlit and many other unique features too.

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You will feel really fast when hammering the keys while gaming. It has different modes to enjoy. Like the gaming mode, N-key rollover mode and ant-ghosting. This versatile multimedia gaming keyboard is manufactured to meet the needs of its every user.

HyperX is available in Cherry MX blue brown and red colored switches. If you want an actuation force to boost up the APM or the tactile feedback for extra accuracy. It’s a highly comfortable gaming product that allows gamers to enjoy fully. It is a having a detachable wrist rest that will reduce the burden from your palms.

Its connectivity is high because of 2 USB ports available in it. You can attach a USB or any other compatible device with your gaming keyboard. It emits a red backlit.  Its 3.3 pounds of light weight makes it portable. You can easily attach and detach this keyboard with your laptop.

MasterSet MS120

MS120 is a full RGB LED backlit keyboard which gives an amazing look. It looks amazingly beautiful when used in a dark room.  Its multiple colors give a rainbow-like effect which is the life for gaming. It has the Cooler Master Floating per Key Hybrid Switch. It gives the Mem-Chemical Tactile Feel and Clicky Switch.

You can connect a highly responsive, high-quality mouse that comes with this keyboard. It is easily connected with the keyboard by its Omron Switch. It performs its required work in a very good way. Side by side there is another USB 2.0 switch. It can attach with 2 RGB LED mouse.

 With its Pixart 3050 Optical Gaming Sensor, it can perform at its best. You can use the mouse along with the keyboard for quick target clicks.  It has 4 DPI levels that are; 500,750, 1500, 3500. It has 26 keys anti-ghosting which gives an amazing look to it. It has on the fly key controls which allow you to do ultra-fast professional gaming.

You can refer to the user manual before using this keyboard if you have any issues using it. The features that the keyboard is having are mostly found in pro-grade hardware. It is highly durable because of the super-quality manufacturing of this product. This tactile keyboard and its high-quality mouse are the quality tools for the elevation of your gaming aspirations.

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One of its key features is its Windows lock and full key lock. It allows sticking on your games rather than leaving its levels. Because, sometimes you enter to any other program mistakenly, by pressing any other keys. So it will prevent any interruption in your gaming. This is among one of the Best Budget Gaming Keyboard for 2019.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 is definitely manufactured using a great style or a modern look for 2019. You will love to use it. Its price is quite amazing. Buy it and start gaming just now.

Razer Huntsman Elite

Let me share another product with you. It is a multi-functional keyboard with a good brand name. It is equipped with the new Razer Opto mechanical switch. It means there is an optical light sensor inside that switch. This switch comes with an actuation distance of 1.5mm which is 30% short than the other clicks mechanical switches with the only actuation force of 45 g.

The key stabilizer bar is actually available for the precise and the balanced actuation with every key press. The supports the highest keystroke than any of the other keyboard. Razer Huntsman Elite has the 100 million keystroke life span.

The magnetic plush leatherette wrist rest allows long last lasting comfort during gaming. You can enjoy aggressive gaming without getting tired on the burden on the wrist or palm. It has a multi-functional digital dial with 3 of the tactile media keys.

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This gaming keyboard is highly programmable. You can adjust the brightness and volume by the help of Razer synapse 3.  There are special keys mentioned with the volume and brightness options. There are many other facilities too that are given by this keyboard. Intense pressing of keys will not damage the keys at all and makes it fully supportive for your games.

Its hybrid onboard memory and cloud storage allow you for personal access to the settings anywhere at any time. Complete all of your setups by using Razer mouse and headset for ultimate gaming. Its braided fiber cable makes it easier to connect. Item dimensions are 9.22 x 17.64 x 1.42 inches and it is the price is highly affordable.

Apex M750 Keyboard

Among the best keyboard available, this is another one. Apex M750 is a highly affordable keyboard.

It has a strong wire to get connected easily. Its strong material ensures its durability. It can be with you for so many years that you will enjoy gaming throughout your life. Its keys have easy intuitive per key RGB lightening customization. It gives real-time discord in-game flash notifications.

It has pure performance QX2 linear mechanical switches for gaming. Its multi-color lights give an amazing view and make the gaming easier in dark situations too. It is resistant against instant falls and can bear the hits easily. You will never get tired of this colorful backlit keyboard. Its features are best and you can be a professional by gaming on it.

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It comes along with the gaming mouse with its amazing features. You can use both of these gaming products for playing games in your style. This mouse comes with the Split-trigger 60-million click mechanical switches.

It has a customizable distance of 0.5 mm- 2mm. It has the world most accurate and lowest lift-off distance. Exclusive TrueMove3 is being used in this mouse with 12,000 CPI and 350 IPS optical quick tracking.

Final words

These are the top selections which the gamers love. If you also in search of the best budget gaming keyboards, then this is the best platform for you.  Hunt any keyboard of your own choice and be a professional by practicing gaming on it. I have just posted another article on keyboards under 100, if you are budget-focused, give it a read.

My story, Why Best Budget Gaming Keyboard?

The reason why I am writing this whole guide is my story behind the scene. My name is Williams. I am a pro gamer. I have a crazy passion for gaming since I was young. No one can lessen the passion of gaming for me. My interest in gaming was gaining more and more since childhood.

I always used to tell this to my Dad. Actually, I was trying to convince him for a gaming keyboard. Although I was having a gaming laptop its keyboard got stuck when I have to flow with the game moves and tap the right keys to action. And it was quite disgusting and boring that the keys get stuck or didn’t work at all.

I searched about all this on Google that what I can do now. The only solution I found was the use of a keyboard that is specially destined for gaming. That’s when I came up with the idea of a gaming keyboard. I quickly started looking for these gaming keyboards. I asked my father about this. But he was not letting met the permission for this.

He was forbidding me to buy a gaming keyboard. And I was trying more and more to get it. Actually, my father told me finally the reason of his refusal for buying a keyboard.  He told me that gaming keyboards are expensive. That’s why because of their short budget they were ignoring my wish.

But fortunately, we found the best budget gaming keyboards. It was a great joy for me. It was going to be the first step for me to become a pro gamer. I was extremely happy about this. Finally, I got the gaming keyboard in my home. I was overwhelmed. Since then, I started gaming and now I am an expert gamer after a practice of so many years.

Best of luck.

Team- What Laptops

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