Best Laptop Bag for Air Travel 2020

Best Laptop Bag for Air Travel 2022

Best Laptop Bag for Air Travel

I am a blogger and without my laptop, I simply can not survive. I have seen many fellows who get confused when it is time to select a bag for their laptop. In this article, I have explained 4 best bags for laptops for air travel.

The market is filled with so-called best brands that just deliver shitty quality. I always advise my fellows to research before buying any product online. At we only focus on the quality, our editors access every product and we use it for weeks before posting any review here.

Comparison Chart for Best Laptop Bag for Air Travel 2020

Here is the comparison chart for the best laptop bag for air travel. I have added the basic features of all these products along with a check price button.

Laptop Bag Features Easy to carry Price
Vaschy made of strong leather, stylish fits 15.6″ laptop yes Check Price
Kopack Slim anti-theft, water-resistant, fits 15″/17″ laptop yes Check Price
SwissGear durable, water-resistant, fits up to 17″ laptop yes Check Price
KOPACK Business latest design, genuine leather, for 15.6″ laptop yes Check Price

VASCHY, Laptop Bag for Air Travel

The VASCHY Women bag is a classic bag that is manufactured for carrying the essentials with you for work purposes.  It is actually made up of cowhide strong leather and a highly durable waxed canvas. This makes the laptop bag look great and this canvas makes it a long-lasting product.

It has a full leather handle which ensures comfort in the handling of this bag. This all looks super cool. It is having a contemporary classic briefcase-style. It is actually adopted to suit the needs of urban businessmen and women. Yet, it is retaining the charm of its traditional predecessors.

You can place a 15.6-inch laptop in this bag easily because it is a highly reliable bag. It provides a reliable carrying capability, you can even place a normal-sized heavy laptop in it and it will bear all the weight will great ease. It can easily resist the wear and tear and will be with you for long-lasting years.

Vaschy Laptop Bag is just awesome for me, I have been using for a while now. Its leather flap comes with the three bronze snaps enclosures to avoid rusting. The bronze material is the best and of high quality. It is used in perfect and high-class laptop bags only.

There is also a back zipper pocket on it. You can also place your other important things with you. Like you can place your money, wallet, pen, important notes, etc. Its strap is adjustable and can accommodate anyone.

VASCHY is also having a large capacity. This laptop bag is a heavy-duty shoulder bag. It is best for those who like the vintage. You can use it as a professional business briefcase. No matter if you are a student, a traveler women or a business professional to make a fashion statement.

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A complete one year warranty is given by this laptop bag. It’s a cheap bag that women can buy without any budget issues. Its leathery material doesn’t allow the entering of water inside.

So, don’t worry about water spills on this bag. 100 % brown cotton linings give this bag a great look. You can put the water bottle on its side pockets or put some stuff like this.

This laptop bag carries a weight of only 2.2 lbs. the gorgeous black color is loved by ladies.

Kopack Slim, business laptop backpack

If you want to keep your things private than this laptop bag is a perfect choice. As it is having the hidden compartment for putting the laptop into it.  Behind the straps inside the bag, you can easily hide your laptop.

You can take your expensive laptop in air travel and let it rest in the private portion of this outclass bag. Its zipper can be locked to a D-shaped ring to ensure the privacy of your laptop.

I am damn sure that you haven’t seen such an organized bag before. This bag always matches a business casual look. It is a commuter daypack with slots that offers you a fantastic experience. Forget to dig around in your bag. Your every gadget will be organized. You will love to see this organized bag. Everything will be in the right place.

This bag is so much adjustable that a 15.6 inch to a big 17-inch laptop can be completely fit into it. It is also having the USB detachable cable. This bag actually comes with a severe quality controlled with USB port with a cable.

You can easily charge your smartphone in this bag without hassle to take out your power bank.

You would not need to get USB rotted replacing the cable by removing the built-in cable. It has a 4 toothed anti-puncture zipper of the main secret compartment. This zipper gives a super level of safety. You can take this laptop bag on a business trip, office, home, or a weekend gateway.

Kopack Slim backpack comes with an upgraded fabric with excellent texture. All this is a high-quality material that makes it tear-resistant and water-resistant in case of unexpected rainfalls. It gets wiped in just 5 minutes and no mark is left there.

Its ultra-portability is because of its highly elastic, sponge padded shoulder straps. The back offers extra back support. You will feel comfortable by putting it on your back.

There is a great texture lining inside this laptop bag. Women will found it easy to carry their stylish bags. Furthermore, it comes in different colors which are black, grey, dark grey, and grey-black.

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It has also the band for sunglasses; even there is an adjustable elastic side pocket that gives this laptop, a nicer look and space to place your small accessories too.

SwissGear 1900

First of all, let me tell you that this laptop backpack is made up of highly durable weather-resistant 1200D ballistic polyester. This material can withstand heavy usage and extremely harsh weather conditions.

The best and unique feature of this laptop is that it is having the ScanSmart lay-flat technology. This is best for air travel. It opens up quickly at the airport security. Secondly, it ensures the hassle-free laptop-in-bag TSA scan. It will save a lot of your time at the security check.

You can place a big sized 17-inch laptop in this bag easily. You can easily access your laptop and iPad to the main compartment of this bag. Yet it has an organized set of pockets for placing other accessories in separate compartments. You can put the writing utensils, pocket notebooks, and keys in them.

Besides its inner small organizational pockets, it is also having the front, large U zip pocket which will allow you to get quick access to your important things.  You will not need to open up the entire bag, but you will just open up the U-zip and take your required things out.

SwissGear Laptop Bag has built-in two breathable side compartments. You can put your umbrella, water bottles during air travel and any other thing you want to place during air travel.

You will never feel the burden of your things when you use this bag. It is ultra-portable.  It is having the countered shoulder straps with strong mesh fabric and adjustable side compression straps.

Furthermore, the padded back panel with airflow ventilation technology. This technology adds more to its features and gives a sweat-resistant comfort.

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I love to use this bag in air travel. When even I go traveling I keep my laptop in this bag. It is having external dimensions of 18.5 X 13.5 X 9 inches.  Its inner compartment dimensions are 17 X 12.5 X 2.5 inches.

All these dimensions are perfect for a women’s laptop bag, which has to be used in traveling, especially air travel. You will love using this highly comfortable and convenient bag. You can use it anywhere. It would also be perfect for your traveling and when you use it, you will say it.

KOPACK Laptop Briefcase

This gorgeous looking bag is having highly premium material manufacturing.  It is actually made up of a thick, water-resistant, retro waxed canvas. It is having genuine crazy horse leather. Along with this, its inner is soft having smooth cotton linings. It is having the classical bronze decoration in it. Its high-quality materials ensure its long use.

It looks more vintage and stylish in its coffee-brown color. Looks super cool and a perfect bag for women. It is having a retro buckle design. Its exclusive quick access buckle is able to withstand any extra weight. Opening and closing this bag is so much easier than you will save a lot of your time doing this.

Your laptop will be ultra-secure in this bag. So it is having the thickened padded laptop compartment. It is actually an upgraded edition as compared to other laptop bags. It will smoothly and effectively protect your valuables. Your laptop will be free from any damage completely.

KOPACK Laptop Briefcase carries a large capacity and having multiple pockets in it. It’s back zipper pocket can easily fit a 9.7 inch iPad in it. It also fits one inside the laptop’s sleeve. It has one main pocket with two small ones for your keys and card.

It gives an extreme convenience to organize all of your stuff. It is a perfect laptop bag for business trips, schools, colleges, travels, even biking, and hiking, etc.

Its portability is just amazing.  You can also remove the shoulder straps of this bag. While using it with the strips, it would be convenient to carry it. You will be able to hang it on your shoulder and take it anywhere you want.

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Some people love to use a bag without strips. So if you are convenient using a bag like this, then you can do it too. You can remove the strips when you are at home. For this purpose, it is having the click and push buckle design. The buckle is quite easy to open and close. The buckle end carries a magnetic snap that will help you to close it immediately with great ease.

When you buy this women’s laptop bag, it will come with another wide shoulder strap as a great option. You can put your 15.6-inch laptop. Its thick cotton compartment will keep your laptop safe from damages.

Final words

All these laptop bags are the best for air travel. If you love to travel by air and want to keep your laptop with you. Then choose from any of these bags. Women, you will actually love to use these bags, because all of these are extremely portable, colored, stylish, and cool laptop bags.

They all are of high quality, water repellent, and tear-resistant manufacturing material. Yet still, they are different from each other.

The choice is all yours that which bag’s features has touched your heart and which one you like the most. You can add much convenience to your air travels by using these bags. Even you can protect your laptop during traveling.

These laptop bags look somewhat like casual bags.  So they will be the reason for great security too, along with the security hidden compartments.


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