What Size Laptop Do I Have

What Size Laptop Do I Have?

What Size Laptop Do I Have?

Laptop screen varies from 9-inches to a massive 22 inches in size. I received this question from Methew, who is a regular visitor at WhatLaptos.

He recently bought a used laptop and he is not sure about the size of the screen and other details. In this article, I have explained all the details that will help you access your laptop’s screen.

Yes, you should know all the details about your laptop screen size. You can measure your laptop screen by using a measuring tape, measure from one end of the screen to the other and you will know the exact screen size.

What Size Laptop Do I Have?

While buying a laptop the most important thing to consider is its size and the size of the laptop is the key feature on which you focus.

I mean the first thing you get interacted to is the screen of the laptop. Your first interaction is your laptop screen. It decides your choice and your affiliation with the laptops.

You should use a measuring tape to check the screen size of your laptop. Carefully place the tape at one end of the screen and measure to the other end. Check the measuring tape for an exact size.

Well, there are a lot of reasons to select the size of the laptop but most important is your easiness to use it. It is highly dependent on your choice for the convenient screen and it is also dependent on the purpose for which you are using the laptop.

Like if you are using a laptop for watching movies then you surely need a larger laptop but if you are using a laptop for office work then an optimum screen size will be fine.

Types of Laptops depending on the Screen Size

These are the types of laptops available in the market depending on the screen size:

Ultra-portable notebooks:

These laptops are available in size of approximately 11-13 inches. These are lighter laptops like if you are a traveler and loves traveling then this is the perfect size for you people.

These laptops are easy to carry and working is quite easy. They can be used to separate the screen and convert into touch screen note pads.

Traditional Laptops:

These laptops are available in 13-15 inches screen size. In my view, it is the optimum size of the laptop which is suitable for approximately everyone. It can be used for every person related to any field of working and it is surely the best laptop among all.

They are full of great features as their RAM is strong and you can use this laptop in the school, colleges, and universities. It can also be used in the presentations too. These laptops are a lot used in banks too.

Gaming and performance:

These are the laptops which are full of visual clearances and having the size of 15-18inches. These laptops are mostly used for watching movies, playing games and watching pictures.

It has a very wide view. It is such a large screen on which you can watch every detail on its screen. We can say that these are the laptops monsters.

Laptop Screen Size and Features

These are the screen resolution details and features:


These are the laptops which have the resolution of 1080p. It is the major pixel used for the laptop. It consists of many different resolutions that it has pixels of  2560×1440, 3200×1800 but these pixels require a lot of power and may cause damage to the battery.

But these higher pixels also able to produce sharper images. You should be conscious while selecting the resolution. The 1080p is the maximum pixels used for the laptops.

Touch or Non-touch:

These are the laptops with the feature of detachable or undetachable screen. Similarly, these laptops are also available in the form of touchable and non-touchable screens.

Well, it is also available in the touch and non-touch screen formats. Although the touch screen creates an increased weight on the pocket the portability is also increased.


The brightness level should be greater than 250nits as the quality of the image is better if the brightness is optimum. The quality of color is also great when brightness is great.  Most of the laptops are measuring the brightness in the form of nits.

Colour quality:

The color quality is also very important for the perfect selection of laptops. It should have a wide gamut and OLED for producing a great color quality. The color quality is very much great for the identification of a better picture producing laptops.

Final Words:

These are the features which help to select the perfect screen for the display of your laptop. These features make this thing easy for you to select from the heap of sizes of the screen in which laptops are present.

These features are important to consider which laptop should be selected. It is totally up to you to select the size of your desire.

I am a doctor by profession and I cannot handle too wide laptops. So I decided to select a laptop which is smart and easy to carry. So I bought an ultrabook of approximately 13 inches and I love it as it is also available in touch screen pattern too.

I can carry it with ease and also I am able to maintain my patient’s records on it. I love it because its sizes match my needs. These devices are for our comfort and size is too important for giving us comfort.

Best of Luck.

Team- Whatlaptops.com

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