Do I need a Laptop Case for College

Do I need a Laptop Case for College?

Here are real facts about using a laptop case for college. We have explained the sizes, features, and prices of laptop cases.

Do I need a Laptop Case for College? Yes, you need a laptop case for college. It will protect your laptop from damage and also you can add a few books in that laptop case.

Do I need a Laptop Case for College?

Since college students are known for being on motion nearly all day long, they love to carry their laptops with them. That is why a laptop case for college will prove handy and useful to them.

Let me explain a few reasons why you need a laptop case for college:

Protection of the laptop

since laptops were delicate machinery, they demand extra care and fire protection. Having a laptop sleeve is alright as far you can slide it inside another bag. But having a bag dedicated solely to the protection of the laptop is much better than any other option.

Partially because it is made just for the laptop and to protect it. But also, because you can carry other things inside it as well.

The insides of the college laptop case are padded; weight is light. Furthermore, you can always place them on the ground without any tension of causing any damage.

You can place your laptop inside the case and forget about it. This ultra-thin machine is more comfortable there than in the bare hands or beside books and whatnot. 

All kinds of sizes are available, to begin with; the sizes are limitless. Whether your laptop is 17” or 13”, you can always find a bag suitable for you.

Moreover, the design, the pockets, and the inside space will give you a lot more than you want.

As college students are free-spirited, activity loving; they tend to move fast, and only a proper sized laptop case is appropriate for them. You can easily find the best-suited laptop case for college.

Easy carrying option

All laptop case for college come with carrying handles and shoulder straps. A wonderful option that does not tire you off and you can take your laptop anywhere.

The straps are made of such fine materials that do not hurt your shoulder and the weight of the bag and laptop is evenly distributed.

Space availability

The laptop case for college is not just a sleeve where you slide the machine. The college laptop case has enough space to let a couple of books to stay in it as well.

With more than a few pockets, you can place your other electronic devices like tablets, phones, and wires, etc. Not to forget, the charger of the laptop needs extra space as well.


You can find all sorts of laptop cases for college in the market from high range to low quality. As they say, the more you spend, the more quality you will get. Same as in this case.

A laptop case for college comes with all sorts of manufacturing material and different qualities are available. Not to mention the variety in the price range. You can always find the best one for yourself. You can even buy a laptop bag for air travel with an affordable price tag.

Which Laptop case size is good for college students?

Laptops are an expensive electronic machine, and they are super delicate too. With time, the fineness and thinness in their manufacturing are being introduced, which demands more protection.

And of course, different sizes of laptops are also available. For such delicacy, safeguarding is a top priority. Hence, the invention of laptops cases happened. You should always buy the best-suited laptop case for college.

The best option is to find such a college laptop case that fits like a sock and does not allow the laptop to be free inside the bag. This prevents the laptop from moving from its place, and demanding can be avoided. 

But again, there are so many sizes options of laptop case for college, that a student who is always on a budget, is bound to get confused. Thus, I bring you all possible scenarios and choices which will guide you thoroughly.

If the laptop case is big and the laptop is small?

In this case, the laptop is not secure as the fitting won’t be set, and the laptop is free to be and here. You want a college laptop case, which holds down the laptop nicely and smoothly.  

If the laptop case is small and laptop big?

In this case, the laptop will not fit in the bag at all, and the case is of no use. This is a classic example of wastage of money and your time which you spend in search of the bag.

Don’t just go with the design or material, but the essence is the properly fitted bag. Since laptops need to stay in their place so their machinery won’t move up or down, they must stay in one place.

If both are approximately equal in size

the ideal college laptop case when both are meant to be with each other. Sound cheesy, but it is true. Only the most appropriately sized laptop case can hold the laptop of relatable size in it.

It means that if your laptop is 15,”, then your bag’s inside is made for this size. The laptop will fit inside nicely and slide through to rest. You can place the related wires and plug-ins in the side pockets and close the bag secure with the help of the zipper.  

Now how you will find the appropriate size? This is what confuses many students, and they make mistakes since they are not aware of the measurement they require. But don’t worry. You must measure your laptop bag carefully.

Follow the below-mentioned points, and you will find your laptop size, and then you can find the right laptop case. 

  • Measure the laptop lengthwise and widthwise.
  • Then measure the thickness.
  • Write them down, and here you have the measurement you need.

If you follow the points mentioned above and keep in view the explanation above, you will want a new laptop case according to the size of your laptop, and you will enjoy more.

Final Verdict:

I am sure that by now, you must have understood how a simple but classified bag could make a huge difference.

Though to some, it might not seem enough but in reality; it is more than one can demand. A bag that is designed especially for the protection purpose is all any laptop carriers want.

Being able to buy a laptop does not mean that you can go around and not take proper care of it.  We all know that feeling when our laptop is dropped accidentally.  That can be avoided if we use a laptop case for college.

I believe that if you take proper care of our electronic device, then they will stay with you for a longer period than you expected. The laptop is the same since it is an electronic device. All you need is a proper case, and that is it.

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