What is a Chromebook Good for?

What is a Chromebook Good for?

What is a Chromebook Good for?

Chromebook is a new genre of the laptop. It is quite different from the Windows Operating System and also the Mac Operating System. It is full of qualities as it has provided you with great internet connectivity. In this article, I will explain in detail, What is a Chromebook Good for? 

Chrome book has a lot of advantages as you can work on this laptop and your data is always secured. Your photos and documents are uploaded and saved in the Google drive. You love this device for many reasons but for me, my data is the most precious thing.

The most obvious difference between the chrome book and other laptops is the presence of Chrome Operating system. It is mostly dependent upon the web application and cloud storage. Its focus is mostly on these things. It is not focused on the internal drives of the laptop.

What is a Chromebook Good for?

It has a lot of merits as the most important is its affordable price. This laptop is very much affordable and the rates are not too much heavy on the pocket thus you enjoy secured data with unbridle web browsing without any special burden on your pocket.


Chrome book is very lightweight and has a very thin design. It is quite a smart machine and if you love to work on Facebook, Youtube and other applications powered with the internet. I love to use my Chromebook for Live Streaming and the speed is just awesome.

Good Battery life

You know that this laptop has a very long battery life. You are aware of this thing that this laptop is not wasting the battery on the spinning of the hard drive of the laptop. So if like a long hour working on the internet then this laptop is surely your cup of tea.

Fast Start-up

Its booting is quite fast and you need to work with this laptop as it gets boot very fast and you protect yourself from the hustle of getting stuck into long boot times.

It is the device which has cut down the cost of the software installation as it does not require much cost for software installation as it does not extra software installation for its proper working and its hustle free movement.


It is also an important thing to focus on that this laptop does not require to be overprotective about the viruses and the malware as this laptop does not require much software for their extra working due to its potent ability to combine with the online working and the web surfing. This laptop is a secured one I must say.

Its software is strong and robust enough that it can bear a huge amount of the  online workload and does not lag behind and get stuck into troubles easily as it is able to work in the best possible way to show that hardware is less stuck into the trouble of long term processing as its most of the storage is under the google drive umbrella.


There are lots of games which are from the offline source although we know that the major rely of the google chrome book is on the internet. In spite of all this, there are more than 200 applications which can work offline on the chrome book.

Children and Students

It is an important thing to focus that chrome book is not only dependent upon the internet and socializing. It is a source of entertainment and learning for approximately every age group. If you are a businessman, It is helpful in your business related tasks.

In fact, it is also very helpful for children and students. Its robust body keeps it very fine and up to date. You can claim it as a masterpiece for the age of any people.

My Story, I bought a Chromebook for my Daughter

Well, I am a school teacher by profession and my daughter Marry is going to celebrate her 17th birthday. In this scenario I was in a fix that which thing should I give her as a gift.

My daughter is very social. She likes to be an important person in the town. She loves to be in touch with people. She loves socializing. She keeps updating about her life on Facebook. She likes to share her pictures on Instagram.

In short, She is an internet freak. I first thought to give her a smartphone but then I realized that this is a bad Idea as it will take away her all attention from her education too.

My cousin then suggested me about  Chrome book and I thought why  not buy a laptop which has powerful internet connectivity which helps my daughter in fulfilling her addiction for internet and also it will help her in her education as she can make the presentations for her college read online books and most importantly it has a fast operating system.

It also possesses a strong battery life which means it is a wonderful machine. When I gifted the chrome book to my daughter she was super happy to get it. It seems like her dream come true.

I wish you enjoyed my experience and find it worth reading. Your comment is highly appreciated.

Best of luck.

Team- What Laptops

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