How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It?

How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It

Hello! Buddies, John Nash here! Yeah, I have a beautiful mind. I wanted to talk to you guys about an issue, which I was asked about recently. A friend of mine was going to sell her laptop but she didn’t know what she should do to give her laptop a new look. So, she came to me for advice.

After helping her out, I thought there would be many people, who would be facing this issue and might need help on it. So, as a nice and handsome guy I am, I decided to write in detail, just for you guys, on what you should do to give your old laptop a brand new look, before selling it.

How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It?

First of all, clean it. I know it’s obvious but yeah, clean it from inside and outside. Plus, also create a backup so your data will be secure. And, cleaning laptop from the inside not only give your laptop a new look but will also make sure that your personal data doesn’t go into the wrong hands.

So, firstly, to clean your laptop from the inside, follow these steps:

Back up your laptop data before selling it

The first thing is first, back up your data. So, you would have your files, if, by chance, anything goes wrong. So, it is really necessary to create a full backup of your entire system. As you would have a saved copy of your important files, if you ever feel like going back to your previous settings, in case you don’t feel like selling your laptop. Or you just simply need a file, when you can’t find it anywhere else.

Though there are many ways to create a backup, the fastest way is to use a facility provided by Windows 10. Just go to System Image Back Up Utility in the Settings and system will create a perfect copy of everything you have on your laptop.

Including, your personal files, settings, music, apps, etc. in fact, everything on your laptop will be copied.

Plus, you can store this data on an external device too. Like on USB, hard drive, or any other device available. As it makes it easier for you to move your data to a new laptop or you can just simply have it in store for you.

OneDrive is one of the best options for backing up your data. The one I prefer the most actually. If you are already using OneDrive, then you must know that your data is already being backed up on the cloud. And, you can just configure the client on your new laptop and your files will be transferred smoothly.

Recently, I tried this amazing tool to backup my laptop data and it was just awesome, you can buy backing up data tool from Amazon.

Next thing is to erase all the data from your laptop. and reset your system so it can be set back to default. The purpose of doing this step is definitely not to bore you but it gives an opportunity to the new owner to set the laptop system as he wants. So, to reset your laptop, follow these steps.

Reset your laptop

As I have said before, (No, actually I wrote it but don’t go into too much detail), so resetting your system is really important because it makes your laptop looks new from the inside. Plus, it erases all your personal data from the laptop. And, now it is really easy to do that.

You don’t have to spend hours on the system, in fact, it hardly takes five to ten minutes. Just follow these steps:

Windows 10 has this awesome feature of “Reset This PC”, which you can use freely. First, go to Settings, then choose the option Update & security. Then, click on Recovery. After that in Reset This PC, click on the option: Get Started.

After that, choose the option Remove Everything. And, then click on Remove Files And Clean The Drive. Finally, click the RESET button. And, after that, all the work would be done by your system. You can prepare a coffee in the meantime, to enjoy yourself while your laptop will do all of the online labor.

And, in a few minutes, everything will be deleted, and Windows will be set to its default settings. Your laptop will be like when you opened it for the first time. You can now power off your laptop and move on to the next step of cleaning your laptop from the outside.

Clean your laptop

Cleaning laptop from outside is as important as cleaning it from inside. Because the first thing customer will look is outside of the laptop. and, as you know the First impression is the Last Impression.

Using covers and cases is always the best, as they protect your laptop from scratches. But still, dust and dirt is something you cannot avoid eventually. I am using a laptop cleaning kit that will help you clean faster and with ease, you can buy this cleaning kit from Amazon.

So, let us move on to the cleaning of your laptop before selling it. Power off your laptop and turn it upside down and gently shake your laptop so the particles stuck in the keyboard will fall down. (I know it sounds stupid, but it works, trust me!)

Now, dip the piece of cotton or tissue in isopropyl alcohol or any canned air you have. And, then gently clean the keyboard and the places between the keys. Be careful as it can also result in decoloration, in many cases.

Especially, if you are wiping it hard or doing it repeatedly at the same place. And, you wouldn’t want to do it now, trust me. So, be extra careful, just for today.

Fix minor issues of laptop

If your keyboard is missing any key, then it is the time to fix it. As it will really lower the price of your laptop in case of missing keys. And, fixing it won’t be any loss for you, as you will be getting it back with the profit.

Even if your laptop is overall in good function, but only missing a key, it’s going to make a bad impression. As the buyer will look first and use later, so the looks are really important, in this case. This is an important step in, How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It?

It is best to use a soft clean cloth to remove the screen. As the screen specifically is dirty with all the fingerprints and smears so it is best to wipe it down. But as I have mentioned before, wipe it gently and be extra careful.

And, then finally, with the clean cloth, wipe all of the laptops, especially it’s cover. This is definitely not something to ignore. As you will be taking the pictures of your laptop and uploading them online for selling. So, for pictures to be good, the laptop needs to be in good condition.

After cleaning your laptop, you need to take really nice pictures of your laptop and write a detailed description of it to upload it online. But you need to know what the right price is to write for your laptop. To check the price, as it varies according to laptop condition, demand and model, check it on Amazon and other online retailers.

Sell Laptop Online

You need to know what other people are asking for the laptop same as yours, or at least the one with the same conditions. Also, check the demand for your laptop. and, then carefully calculate the price and upload it. Remember to clear your laptop before selling it.

You can check it out on eBay, craigslist, Amazon (the one used the most) or Facebook marketplace, etc. You can also contact for details and our team will guide you. You should be familiar with the best websites to buy laptops in the USA.

You have to create an account, specify the product you are going to sell, and upload the photos, so people can see what the current condition of the product is and set the price and, you would be ready to sell it.

It is something you already know, but I will say it anyway (I know when I am being Captain Obvious), check that everything is okay with your laptop like WIFI or Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, Webcam, battery, CD or DVD drives, etc. and mention them in your description.

Plus, it is really important to note that the market value of any electronic device drop down if you don’t have its charger or a box. So, while you are cleaning your laptop. You might clean both the box and charger too. And, add their photos along with your laptop’s photos.

You can also sell it to someone you know, as it will save you from a lot of trouble. But the thing is, you won’t be able to get much profit from that. While selling online has its perks, such as you won’t be sharing any of your personal info with the seller, so it will save you from future annoyance.

Another important thing is packaging your product in a neat box is really imperative. And, selling accessories with a laptop is always a plus. Always try to give free shipping as it attracts a lot of people. And, be honest in writing a description and uploading the pictures, it will save both parties from future hassles. You can buy laptop skin from Amazon and it will give your laptop a new look.

And, last but not least, good luck with your selling. Hope my tips were useful for you and you get a beautiful buyer for your laptop and a handsome amount for you. Good Luck!


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