Can You Use Bumble Web on a Laptop?

Can You Use Bumble Web on a Laptop?

Here is a step-by-step guide for using Bumble Web on your laptop. Search your best friend or perfect match by going through its app or its website.

Can You Use Bumble Web on a Laptop? You can use Bumble web on your laptop by making an account on the Bumble app, go to the website and sign in, customize your profile picture, select the options, and find your perfect match.

Bumble is a dating app where people with their unique profile search for suitable matches. It has approximately 50 million users, and thousands of people find their soulmate through this app. It is not only a dating app, and here you can find your perfect BFF.

There are hundreds of suggestions for you in it. You can swipe right to like and swipe left to unlike. When both people like each other, a match is found. 

Can You Use Bumble Web on a Laptop?

This app is free to download and use, but there are some paid features of this app. You can use them after paying some money to the administration. It is an excellent feature of it, which allows the user to login to the app through their PC.

You can not only use this on Facebook but also your laptop. The features on the web are almost similar to their app in your play store. It gives you the convenience to use it on your gadget when you don’t have your phone. 

Create a Bumble account

You can create an account, and you can do it on your phone. This feature is currently unavailable on the web. Download it from the play store. Then open it, and you will arrive at the homepage.

Here click on continue with Facebook or mobile number. In the mobile number, section put your country code and number. Then an option to confirm your number pop up on the screen. After selecting a continue, you should choose a way to verify your number.

There are two ways to verify your number one is SMS verification, and the other is phone call verification. After checking the number, start working on your profile data. You should provide your name, gender date of birth, and place as you are making an account with a phone number. People using Facebook to create an account do not need to provide any information.

Go to Bumble Web

After creating your account on the app, open your gadget and go to the website. It is a web version of this app to use it on your PC or tablet. Open this website to use this.

Sign in to your account

When you open the web, you should select the sign-in method to access your account. Choose the option which you previously used in creating your account. Continue with Facebook email or phone number to login.

When you log in with the phone number, you have to go through number verification again. Then select the login option to start using your account. After logging in, it shows your existing match to left and some new or potential matches to right. It can also be used for BOTIM on your laptop.

Customize your profile pic

This is the most crucial step as your profile pic makes first impressions on people. You should select it wisely. To add it click on edit profile pic. Then tap + sign to upload a pic from your phone gallery or upload a new pic.

Try to upload to add more than two pics for a great impression. You can also click on + on a blank photo slot to add more pics. Upload a clear pic with beautiful background.

Choose the gender of interest

This app asks you to select the gender you want to date or connect. There are options like men, women, or everyone. Select one of these options. Then it suggests you match from the gender of your interest. Most of the time, people select everyone for every type of suggestion. You can also use blender software on your device.

Select your Preferences

In this step, you choose your priorities, which type of relationship you want. There are various options, the date is for romantic relationships, BFF is for friendship, and Biz is for professional associations.

Select one of them to find a suitable match for you. You can switch between any of the options by clicking on the logo on the top of the screen. Then select the option you want.

Find out the perfect match

This is the most interesting step. Different suggestions pop up on the screen. You can also choose the profile of any of them. You can also see their bios and other information provided in their profile.

When you want to like someone, use a checkmark button to show it. You can use your keyboard keys to pass or love someone. Press left key to reject and right key to like someone.

Once both like each other, you can start a conversation. Only women can start a conversation. The matches you select start to appear on the left column of the screen. You can also use Bitmoji on your laptop for better results.

Benefits of using of bumble web

There are many pros of this web that make it superior to other dating tools. Some of them are described below.

Empowers women

Women empowerment is the best feature, it helps women to remain away from unnecessary message comment or any verbal harassment. It allows only women to message first to any match.

Matches disappear from suggestion after 24 hours if women send no message. Men can only swipe like and wait for the response of women. It can extend to 48 hours manually by women. Harassment and inappropriate comment pics and videos are very common in other dating apps methods. 

Privacy concerns

This web protects all your personal information and sensitive data reasonably. It does not disclose your information and data from your profile to others without your consent.

This web-only takes some info and your bio only for the verification purpose and for suggesting suitable matches and dates for you. It keeps your data for some time only for a legitimate purpose and deletes your information on the deletion of your account. 

Provide different modes

This web not only especially a dating web, but here you can also find other relations like friends and professional relationships. You can also find some friends to chat or to explore people from different areas.

This activity proves healthy for lonely and bored people. You can get insurance for your laptop if you have an expensive gadget.

Bumble boost

It is a premium feature of it, and through this, you can see all the matches who have right swipe to you. You can extend the matches and also connect to the expired connections.

This allows you to search with unlimited filters. This feature enables you to add extra information on your profile and extra chance to get your soulmate.


Along with its all the unique and beneficial features, it also has some disadvantages for its users. The following are the cons of this web.

Actual matches are rare

The people only want to hook up and don’t need any serious relationships. So it is difficult to find any perfect match or date from the dating web. Mumble has less number of users because of its strict rules and regulations like only women can initiate a conversation.

This thing makes men find this web uninteresting. Due to a lack of potential users, it is difficult for you to see multiple options and perfect matches. It also has a large number of fake and inactive profiles that misguide many people. 

Lack of gender diversity

This web has only two gender recognition, like males and females only. This web provides the opportunity of same-gender matches and eliminates the concept of heterosexual couples. But it forgets to consider transgender and non-binary genders.

Limited information about matches

It has a limitation in providing information about the suggested individuals. This thing has the advantage that you can set up your profile and account easily. Only name age and location are available.

Other attributes, like hobbies and interests, are missing. It causes difficulty in selecting an appropriate match for you. Any serious relationship cannot be built on little knowledge of someone’s personality.