How to Make a Phone Call From Laptop

How to make a Phone Call from your Laptop?

Nowadays people are busy doing a lot of stuff at the same time. It means people are involved in multitasking. You know it is the age of technology. Everyone has a mobile phone and using it for making calls.

We know that sometimes we are busy using our laptops as technology is everywhere and we cannot pick up our phones. That’s where technology comes, now you can make phone calls from your own laptop.

Yes, you can make a phone call from your laptop by using Skype, iCall, Google Voice, PC Telephone and Eva Phone. You have to make an individual account on these websites and buy credits to make a phone call from your laptop. It is recommended that you should use the high-speed internet to make a successful call.

It is tough to divert your attention from laptop to mobile phone. But as the internet is easily accessible these days. So your mobile phones and your laptops are connected to the internet too. It is now convenient to take your phone calls on your laptops while working.

How to Make a Phone Call From Laptop?

In this article, I have explained in detail, How to Make a Phone Call From a Laptop? and by the end of this article, you can make free calls from your laptop.

Before I go into the details of today’s topic, let me explain different ways that can be used for making a phone call from your laptop.

Types of VOIP:

There many types of Voice over Internet Protocol. Some of them are explained as follow:

  1. Google voice

You can use Google voice for making calls to different numbers. It is one of the number of applications available for making calls. You can use the internet to make calls. It is also suggested that you can save and manage phone numbers on this application.

It is also used to send text messages, conference calls. You can also do prolonged calls for up to 3 hours on this application. It works well on laptops with Android and iOS empowerment.


  • It can make phone calls anywhere without any bounding of the location. You can make any part of the world.
  • You can also forward calls on your phone.
  • It has access to your phone contacts list.
  • It also has a voice mail availability.


  • It demands the existing phone numbers for making the phone calls.
  1. Skype call from a laptop

Skype is another app. You can use to make calls from your laptops to the mobile phone. You just need to download the Skype app. on your laptop. Then you register your phone number on the application.

This phone number can be used to make calls and send messages. Mostly this application needs email ID. You can also attach an external webcam with your laptop for better video quality.

  1. iCall

It is the app which is very much easy to use. If you have very minimal computer knowledge. You can use this application in spite of it easily. It is quite easy to use the application.

You can call on your mobile phones and landlines with this application. It is a very much famous application in Canada and the USA.

  1. PC Telephone

It is the first laptop application which has combined the Computer Telephony and the internet telephony in one place. Its performance level is very high. It is considered one of the best application for calling.

  1. Eva Phone

Eva phone is an application used widely for the purpose of making calls and is a very much effective application for making calls and this application is secured one too for making calls.

It is composed of a password and a username and this makes it a user-friendly device for working and this is a very much effective application for making a phone call from laptops.

How does Internet telephony works?

Internet telephony works on the signals from the microphone connected with the laptop and these are of course the audio signals and it has the ability to convert the audio signals into digital signals. These digital signals use the internet data packets and for the recipients, they can convert to audio signals.

Advantages of Laptop internet calling

Its major usage is that it has the ability to do calling without any cost. So for me, it’s a cost-effective way of calling and a helpful way indeed. Otherwise, local landlines and mobile networks require expensive calling rates.

It does not need any external hardware system for calling. You just need the calling medium with the help of software. This system is very much extravagant as its software free and also user-friendly. You can install it easily from the internet.

It is a more effective way for business meetings and calling conferences easily and seamless. This is a way which has literally shrunken the world and helped the business community a lot.

The use of a mobile phone is undeniable and also unreplaceable but a good laptop can also perform the task. When you are a lot busy in your office work then it is almost impossible for you to stop work and move your eyes on a cell phone. This thing has become easy with the help of the internet-powered laptop.

Your laptop has become a source for you to make long-distance calls in no time. Most importantly they are free. You don’t need to count on the money. You just need a good internet connection.

The business has become easy and all the contacts of your phone are just under the influence of one click.

Skype Calling, How I Call My Husband From my Laptop?

My name is Emma. My husband is marketing in charge of a multinational firm. He had to work a lot to get good status. Ahhh!!! It’s okay obviously but recently his company has transferred him to Chile. And I was so sad to hear it.

I have never been away from him for such a long period. But for the purpose of livelihood, you have to do it. My bad. I was worried about the thing how do I contact my husband. Then he said to me that the place he is living has a landline available.

I was happy about it. Then I came to know that this happiness was just an illusion. Because when he reached there I used to call him daily. After one month I was just surprised to see that my phone bill was talking to skies. I am a working woman and this has ruined my whole budget. I talked to my friend about it.

He told me that as my laptop is powered with the internet and I also have a smart. Why I am not using Skype for this purpose.  I thought it’s a good idea. I started calling him on Skype and I am quite happy about it.

My bills are reduced and I can talk to my husband at any time. Although I do not call him during his office times. I send him free messages on Skype and also do video chats with my husband.

The quality of the voice during a call is very good. The picture is also very clear. The thing is streaming less. Most of the important thing is that it has no billing charge on me.  My life is so much easy now by using it as I cause it on my mobile phones. Skype has reduced the distance of me from my husband.

Similarly, you can also do video call on the laptop with the help of your laptop webcam. It is far more user-friendly and easy.

I personally prefer to listen to phone calls on my laptop as I am a busy person and can’t focus on calls during work. It has saved me from a lot of effort and my working quality mine has enhanced.

I tried to explain my point of view to my best. Hope I did justice to it and it is easily understandable.

You are free to ask any question. It will be a pleasure for me to do the needful and Hopefully the answer will be satisfying.


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