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Best Wireless Mouse for Small Hands 2022

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If you are into gaming, you know the importance of a gaming mouse. Now, the problem arises if you have small hands, average American hand size is around 7.4″.

You must select a gaming mouse according to your hand size. In this article, our editors have selected the top 6 products for review.

Wireless gaming mouse gives you freedom of movement, you do not have to worry about the wires, etc. Just focus on the game with these amazing wireless gaming mouse for small hands.

Comparison Chart for Best Wireless Mouse for Small Hands 2020

Wireless Mouse for Small Hands 2020 Features Wireless Price
Anker Ergonomics 3 adjustable DPI levels, perfect grip Yes Check Price
HP x3000 latest design, strong grip, long battery life Yes Check Price
Microsoft Arc Mouse ultra slim, lightweight, vertical scroll Yes Check Price
FD Wireless Mouse ultra thin, nano receiver, travel mouse Yes Check Price
Apple Magic Mouse 2 rechargeable, ultra slim, latest features Yes Check Price
Logitech M720 hyper-fast scrolling, strong grip Yes Check Price

Anker Ergonomic USB Wireless Vertical Mouse

It is a user-friendly device with lots of great features which is meant for doing working in an efficient and smooth environment. It is designed in a very unique and modern way. Its movement is smooth and it can move easily without any trouble and problem.

Its mouse is quite fast in its movement and is highly sensitive and is able to get the understanding of the touch very smoothly and it is able to show great response. It is able to show the movements at the level of 800,1200,1600 to show the extreme level of response by this mouse.

With the help of this mouse, web browsing has become a dream come true. It also comes with a feature in which the thumb rests on the forward and backward button which has made the movement of mouse easier.

Its biggest feature is its high responsiveness which makes it different from other competitors.  What do you want from a mouse its capability to work? This Anker mouse possesses it all.

You put your hand on it and now your cursor is ready for dancing on your fingers.

It is the mouse which comes with the warranty of approximately 18 months and that is optimum for a mouse I mean which mouse can work finely for more than a year as this accessory goes out of order soon.

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Its design is so efficient that it can support your hands and palm so nicely that you feel your palm is in comfort and you can just let the cursor dance on your thumb and little finger.

Your mouse movements will be smoother and you will be protected by the strain caused in your wrist by a traditional mouse. With this wireless mouse will not disturb you with a jumping cursor.

This mouse is very highly responsive and you just need to push the DPI button present on it and you will admire this great feature of mouse that the DPI levels fluctuate between 800, 1200 and 1600.

Thus it is customized and you can set the level of responsiveness according to your desire and suitability and you will be free from all the troubles.

The optical tracking technology is also a wonderful feature as it has made the tracking easy and convenient without any trouble and it can move swiftly on a wide range of surfaces. It can move on every kind of surface thus the cursor has more swift movements even with a small hand.

This mouse has an additional feature which makes it different from the heap of mice available in the market. It is equipped with an additional backward and forward buttons that are positioned where you can place your thumb.

You can do unlimited browsing, internet surfing and gaming on this mouse with a lot of conveniences.

This mouse is available with a very strong feature by which you can just plug in the USB port of the mouse to your laptop and enjoy playing the endless gaming with the swift movement of your cursor.

It is as you know a wireless mouse too so when it is fully charged you are going to enjoy wire-free working and thus its portability is increased. If you are not using your computer for more than eight minutes then it will automatically go to power saving mode.

Like I mean what else do you want from a machine? It will definitely enhance your working time and abilities.

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It designs as you people know is very unique and up to date also very much iconic. Its finishes are also too good. Like it has a sleek matte finish on its make. You can hold it easily without any slip. This mouse will provide you great grip with which the chances of its fall loses and you are going to enjoy it totally.

It also has an awesome feature that its body is free from all sorts of smudging including your fingerprints that’s a too great feature.

It has a huge range of connectivity like it can connect to Windows 10,7,8  and XP also Window Vista. It can also provide the compatibility to Linux, Mac and other operating systems without any problem.

Overall it is a wonderful choice with high compatible features and the design is also very much efficient.

HP x3000 Wireless Mouse for Small Hands 2020

It is the mouse that is available with the high-quality standards of HP and this is the great quality of mouse as we know that the laptops offered by the Hp are very durable cost-effective and user-friendly.

HP has high standards of quality and the build of HP is majorly dependent on the high quality of performance to enhance the quality of their products to communicate and connect.

This mouse of HP is very attractive and stylish. Its design is quite sleek and modern and its body is very attractive and looks great. Its color offers you the supreme level of sophistication.

It has a glossy black and the luster of a metal is given to this mouse. This thing enhances the looks of the mouse and makes it a unique machine to touch and you will have a better grip with small hands.  

This is a wireless laptop that has a great specification which makes this mouse quite fancy and stylish. It is available at a very reasonable price which makes it a great machine to be joined with the laptop or computer.

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This is as explained earlier a wireless mouse that provides you freedom from the tangled wires and provides you the portability in its accessories. It has the latest technology which is a frequency of approximately 2.4 GH and this connection keeps you free from the stopping wires.

Its battery life is also very good for this laptop as it is long lasting a lot. The battery life of this laptop lasts for approximately 12 months which is also a good feature that for the period of 1 year you are protected from frequent charging.

The scroll wheel of this mouse is great and full of life. You can move over the documents and internet websites easily. You can move your cursor easily on the screen of the laptop and the touch of your hands is great for this laptop as your fingers seem like dancing on this mouse and you will love this expense a lot.

You can observe a great feature of this laptop that the optical sensor is great you can move this mouse over every surface of your desire. You may not get stuck into the trouble that you are having a mouse that can move only on a certain type of surface.

It is a black colored mouse that has three buttons in which there are three buttons and one scroll key which are quite awesome to use. They are easy to touch and the comfort level is very high. You can move your mouse easily without any trouble.

It has a side grip made up of rubber and these side grips provide the comfort of handling and holding the mouse easily without any trouble. You can do long hours of working on the laptop or other devices with the help of this mouse.

It has the ability to provide you ease and efficiency without any headache of being stuck in any problem. This mouse gives you the great ability of proper and assured working.

It has a limitation which I that it can mostly work with Windows operating system and this thing keeps you strangled in one place if you do not possess that operating system on your computer.

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Its price is quite affordable and you can buy it at very cheap rates as the price is not too high and cheap too thus the usage of this mouse is very easy and within the budget of anyone who wants to buy a wireless mouse with great features.

It is very lightweight and its weight has become the cause of its enhanced portability and thus it is a portable device. 

It is available in approximately five colors and then you have a choice to select the mouse of your desired color to prove your adherence with this mouse.

It is a great machine with a nicely built body and easy of usage it has a great battery life and sensitivity is also too good. It is extremely portable and connecting this device with your mouse is also easy and you are going to love this mouse.

This has high speed and the sensitivity level of this mouse is also very high that you are going to enjoy its usage.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

 This one of the best gaming mouse and it has got everything a mouse should carry to meet up the new technology. It has a bundle of positive features that are too great to prove the best working ability of any mouse.

This wireless mouse for small hands is an efficient and user-friendly device that is very easy to use and when you touch it your hands will refuse to leave this device. It is a very comfortable device and it is full of great usage capabilities and the ease of handling is always there.

Your arms will be protected from being tired and stuck up in the problems associated with the usage of the laptop.

The battery life of this mouse is great and you can use this with great ease as you are dancing with your fingers on the screen. I have used it and even with small hands, it is just awesome to work with.

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Its functions are quite miraculous as when it is laying flat the Bluetooth gets disconnected by itself and when this mouse is adjusted like an arc then the Bluetooth of your device connects automatically.

Its design is a lot brilliant that it can fits in your palm easily and you will enjoy using this mouse. It is a traveling mouse like you can use this device with any laptop or desktop which is powered by the 4.0 Bluetooth technology. This is the Best Wireless Mouse for Small Hands.

It comes in three different colors and these colors are cobalt, burgundy, and light gray in color. It is a very stylish looking mouse with good diversity in its colors.

It is very simple to sort of mouse with of course the availability of left and right click keys. It does not support gestures which are also a great feature.

It is powered with two AAA size batteries which are quite great to provide the maximum battery life and this battery can last up to 6 months if it keeps in regular use.

There is also a Bluetooth button which is present at the bottom of the mouse. It can be operated easily without any trouble you just need to press the Bluetooth button for just ten seconds and then the Bluetooth indicator light starts blinking.

Now it will start to pair with the Arc mouse to windows 10 and then you just need to go to the settings option and then move to add Bluetooth segment and then the Bluetooth.

The system will automatically start to download the drivers from windows update. Then the mouse is all set and the OS will not start again and again. I have just posted a detailed guide about gaming mouse for big hands individuals, you can read it here.

The limitation of this mouse is that it can pair with only one device at a time.

It is a device with lots of features as far as its design is concerned and it has the ability ti to show lightweight and portable device. Its design is very unique and modern. As I told earlier it is comfortable and smooth.

Its design has created magic in this device and you can work without trouble on this device and surely you will enjoy working on this device with great ease and sophistication.

Its most important factor is that it provides plug and play a sort of attachment which means you just need to connect your mouse to the laptop and enjoy working this technical blessing.

It is available with both horizontal and vertical click buttons and these options have added diversity to your mouse and you can select the type of mouse which suits your taste and style.

You will surely enjoy this mouse for its optimum performance and thus the working of this mouse will be increased and you find yourself free from all the troubles related to the usage of the mouse.

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It beautiful and distinguish looking mouse introduced by windows and it’s a quite efficient and user-friendly set of the device. You can do trouble-free navigation with the help of this mouse and you are going to enjoy this mouse as far as looks ease of usage and comfort level is concerned.

You will also love this device due to its long battery life and this battery life will provide you the freedom of working without changing batteries again and again. This article has the goal to explain to you all factors related to this mouse. Hope it is done properly and efficiently.

FD Wireless Ultrathin, Silent Travel Mouse

It is a kind of basic mouse which has no fancy looks and no pomp and show. It is a silent wireless mouse powered by the FD. It is a mouse that is specific about its working and majorly focuses on its work rather than other features.

Its biggest and most important feature is the ability to save power and went to a power saving mode easily. It is a great thing that the mouse turns off automatically when not in use for more than five minutes. It is a great feature of this mouse that it can handle the condition in which energy waste can occur.

It is a great thing to notice that your laptop can go to a power saving mode and also your mouse can do so. If you leave your computer to sleep mode your mouse is automatically turned off. You do not need to do extra effort on turning it on and off, this is just perfect for people with small hands.

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You can connect this mouse to a variety of devices like your PC, Apple computer and chrome book. Its mode of connection is its USB receiver for the transferring of signals.

This wireless mouse is truly a device that can take care of its users a lot. It has a storage slot for securing the USB based recover as it is very small in its size and may get lost easily.

This device has the ability to provide complete portability to its user. It also helps its users to take it anywhere they want with ease and convenience.

It is composed of a wireless connection that has a frequency of approximately  2.4GHz and this helps in the transferring of signals at the longer distance. It is able to get connected to the signals at a distance d 20 meters and it is able to do working and provide the return signals at the frequency of 250GHz.

It is a slim mouse with quite efficient design and also the design is not only slim and lightweight but also capable of having a GXUV surface treatment technology. This is the technology that provides the chance of whole day working and comfort for working and entertainment.

This device is highly portable and able to bear the traveling burden easily as you do not need to charge it continuously. Its click is very much smooth and soft to touch and you do not need to get stuck into trouble by this mouse easily without any trouble.

This laptop has great power saving mode that you can work on this mouse with such ease and easily that you do not need to worry about the dissipation of energy at any cost or due to any reason.

It has a nano USB receiver that has the ability to secure space and is smart as far as occupation is concerned. It does not require any drivers for its working and also no need for plug and play is needed in this mouse.

It has the ability to work with your laptop computer or notebook easily. It is compatible with all the available devices and the operating system this device is carrying to support the computer or laptop.

This is the mouse which is equipped with all the necessary features. I am a simple person and like things which are simple and to the point that’s why I love this mouse a lot as it is not too fancy but has all the necessary features to prove its success as a machine.

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This mouse has great wireless technology and its ability to provide outclass tracking abilities. This mouse is full of optimum features which makes it a true travel companion without ant tension of being stuck into heavy machines.

This mouse gives you the wireless ability to move the cursor on the screen. It is surely a high rated machine and this machine gives you the ultimate working power.

It is a device which I support you should buy and I believe that you will never repent over your choice.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Magic as the name indicates this mouse is full of magical experiences and you are going to love your choice. Whenever you buy an apple product.

You have different things in your mind like you are going to have a status symbol and also you are going to enjoy the status of great technology which Apple offers in all of their products.

Magic 2 mouse is a product with great features as it is a completely rechargeable mouse. Like what else you want from your mouse that you are secured from the tension of again and again changing batteries of your mouse.

You have the solution to this problem now and this is you just need to charge your mouse and it is ready to go.

This mouse is lightweight and it has easy handling as this mouse does not put pressure over your mind that it is a rechargeable mouse and you have to carry a heavy battery. It has a battery at its bottom and is not heavy at all, this is perfect for small hands individuals.

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This mouse is able to move smoothly and swiftly across the desk and other surfaces you are using for you. Its tracking is easy and convenient to handle.

It has a multi-touch feature with which you can move the cursor with single gestures easily and you can do easy scrolling on the web pages and across your documents.

This mouse can directly connect with the Mac book as you do not need to do extra effort for the pairing your mouse with your computer.

It is a wireless device with Bluetooth connectivity. It can easily get connected to your laptop without any trouble.

You just need to turn on the blue tooth of this device and you are ready to go. The only time it gets disconnected is the time you haven’t turn it on or the time when you deliberately disconnect this device.

You can charge this mouse easily with the help of a lightning-fast  USB port and a USB cable. This is the way with which you can easily charge your mouse and be saved and secured from the headache of getting AAA size batteries from the market again and again.

It takes approximately two minutes for charging of this mouse and this charging can extend up to a month of working.

I mean this is a great feature which mouse can endure the charging up to this level this is a wonderful feature of this mouse which not only makes you carefree but also is a source of your enjoyment.

The making of this mouse is very nice as it has a white-colored plastic body with the addition of aluminum metal. It does not possess any scroll key or extra buttons on the mouse.

This mouse is simple and stylish at one time and does not carry extra embellishment thus this feature makes the mouse stand out from a huge number of available brands in the market.

Personally, I am an Apple lover and this apple mouse is a love for me I don’t like to waste my time on buying the different products in the market that you have to keep on spending especially on the AAA size battery.

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Its slim lightweight design and its best of all body keep you streamline working on the laptop and its features make you a carefree person with a lot of freedom that you just have to charge for two minutes then you are free.

I have used this mouse and I highly recommend this mouse without any hesitation as its design and abilities are too supreme and great for its effective and efficient working and only this feature has made the mouse stand from the cluster of other wireless mice.

Logitech M720

The Logitech M720 is a mouse that you can regard as the multi-device mouse. It ha too many connectivity options. It can be used as a connection of Bluetooth, USB or wireless. You have options and you can select the connectivity of your choice.

The greatest thing about this device is it has the option to select USB dongle to connect too many devices such as laptops, computer and even you can connect your android devices with this mouse easily.

The Logitech M720 is considered a  budget-friendly mouse as you do not need to spend too much on buying it is also termed as an ordinary wireless mouse.

It has a simple body that is composed of dark gray plastic casing thus you can touch the mouse easily with your small hands.

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It has three buttons available on its upper left side and it is the point where you can put your thumb. The button present on the front side helps you to do major functioning and the middle button helps you to go back.

The button available on the rear side is helpful in switching between different available devices. This is the way you can select between different connected devices.

It is the mouse that has a scroll button quite available at a typical position and is highly active and sensitive and with the help of this scroll button you can move to and fro easily with convenience.

Its battery is quite strong and able to work for a period of 2 years without any trouble the slot of battery is on the bottom side.

It can work for more than two years if your working is not up to the mark then you can claim your warranty too. It has the feature that the battery comes with your mouse.

It can work with extreme compatibility with a wide range of operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux and a huge range of devices can be combined with it. So this is a device with diverse actions.

It is technically a very sound device that has come with the Logitech technology which causes the advance effect in proving the multiple actions and this ability is very much smart in tracking.

It has an easy setup and you can connect it with your device easily. You just need to remove the batteries and approach towards the USB dongle.

Jack in the USB dongle and you are ready to fly. This is my favorite and one of the Best Wireless Mouse for Small Hands.

It is the claim of Logitech that it can work without charging for a period of 24 months. This mouse goes to the sleep mode automatically as it goes towards the side that it is not using properly.

You can also set the speed of mouse pointer according to your need. Overall it is a fast mouse and the movement of this mouse is very fast as it can easily prove its working.

Its Bluetooth is very much active as it can readily connect and gives you the ultimate mouse experience.

It is a simple mouse with 8 available buttons and it has got a very simple style this style has made the working of this mouse easy. It is also comfortable to get gripped by the hands and you can move the cursor according to your feasibility and thus you got a smooth device.

This mouse also falls in budget easily and is not extended to the pomp and show fancy looks. Its looks are simple but its working is out class that you are going to love and enjoy at the same time without any worry.

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I have been using this mouse for a very long period of time. Its grip is very fine and you can easily work on this mouse without getting your hands hurt.

You are going to enjoy a great battery life and also your hands will be gliding easily over this mouse as you are flying. This mouse has soft buttons and the movement of hands on this mouse is also great.

It is one of the best cheap and simple looking mouse with almost every feature an expensive mouse carry. In fact, it has some unique features too. Like it can connect to USB dongle easily. I Love this mouse a lot.

How to hold a wireless mouse with small hands?

Even though small hands are a blessing, but they can seriously hinder you when you are playing games on your laptop. If you have trouble holding your coffee mug with one hand and you need to use both of your hands then, my buddy, you have small hands like me.

I know it seriously annoys you when you have trouble pressing shift key and symbol key, at the same time. But, suffer not, my buddy! I have a solution. Well, actually, companies found the solution and I found out and now I am telling it to you and I have moved away from my topic.

So, moving back to the topic, these days there are special mouse and keyboards available for people, with adorable small hands, hence me and you, which we can use as per our convenience.

These special wireless mice are really special because when using them I don’t have to stress myself and they are really comfortable in use. But actually, there is another really important thing which I would like to share with you guys and that is HOW YOU HOLD YOUR Wireless MOUSE with small hands!

I know it kind of sounds weird but even with these special mice, you need to know the right way to hold the mouse with your super adorable and slightly small hands. As you have already experienced, in many places especially at the workplace it’s not our choice what devices we have to use.

So, knowing the right way to hold the mouse with small hands come in really handy.

So, now, right at the topic, how do you hold a mouse in the right way with small hands. First of all, make sure your palm is laying at the base of the mouse and it is not touching the surface of the desk. It is the best angle and hence, the way to hold the mouse.

This especially makes sure that your wrist isn’t in touch with the desk and prevents the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Now, your fingers should be lying over the mouse and while your palm will be in the position, I mentioned before, the tip of your fingers should be at the position where they should be touching the edge of the mouse or maybe beyond it. While you are moving your mouse, move your whole forearm, instead of your hand or wrist.

This is the best way to use a wireless mouse while you are moving it, as you will be using the large muscles of your shoulder, that will save you from any injury or stain, which can occur when using otherwise.

And, then, when you are going to click, do it gently. Using too much force or over – pressing only puts pressure on your tendons and it is not really necessary when you are using a good mouse.

After getting a good mouse, just make sure to hold it the right way, as I have mentioned, and you will be ready and healthy to use it!

Thank You.

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