How to Protect Laptop from Humidity?

How to Protect Laptop from Humidity?

You must protect your laptop from humidity. Some geographical areas have a high temperature, and some areas contain humidity in the air that affects the internal components of the laptop, which causes corrosion or impact on the efficiency of the laptop. 

How to Protect Laptop from Humidity? Yes, you can protect your laptop from humidity by using a humidity checker, keeping it indoors, maintain room temperature, use a laptop stand, and a cooling pad.

People who are living in industrial states where chemical vapors mix with the air that is toxic for the laptops. However, it causes damage to the computer. 

High level of humidity

Excess moisture can cause rust and results in corrosion of the circuit and failure of different components. High levels effects on the internal parts of the computer and impact on the circuit that effects on the essential properties of the circuit.

Some parts of the machine are made up of iron, and not the copper. So, they are easily exposed to moisture.

It can affect the resistance of the circuit and make it low resistance due to which short circuit takes place; this occurs in areas that are not climate controlled.

Low level of humidity

Environments that contain low levels are susceptible to electronic discharge. When the electric discharge occurs, it is like a bacterium that spreads around a computer and will damage everything coming in its way.

The normal range

You should know about the best range of humidity for notebooks. No one can answer exactly how much moisture should be suitable for a laptop. It depends precisely upon the type of computer and device inside and other factors too.

It should be maintained in the range of 30 t0 40 %. When relative humidity is too high, condensation occurs, which results in hardware corrosion.

The normal range for the battery of the laptop should be 60 to 95 Fahrenheit or 10 to 15 Celsius.

How to Protect Laptop from Humidity?

Humidity affects electrical equipment; either it is high or low high humidity cause corrosion in electric circuits, and a small percentage causes an electronic discharge of the device.

Safe Temperature Range

You should know about the safe and best range of temperature for the battery of a laptop. The best range is about 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and increases temperature cause problems or 10 to 15 Celsius, anything warmer than this cause problem.

Because these are heat sensitive, little heat cause effect on the battery, and battery expands and also causes hard drive problems that could be permanent.

You should keep it safe from getting hot. For this purpose, you can do some things that can help you prevent your computer from heating. If your laptop is getting hot, you should fix it.

If the environmental temperature is more than 25-degree Celsius, then you must use your laptop in an air-conditioned place where you can maintain the temperature from 15-degree Celsius to 25-degree Celsius.

The computer can bear up to 25-degree Celsius because it has cooler installed for its processor, which keeps the processor cool and does its best to prevent it from burning out.

Place on a suitable surface

It should be placed on a stable surface. Putting the computer on a surface that is not flat will not deny the purpose of the cooling fans.

The reason behind it is that the laptop needs some space beneath it for ventilation. This ventilation keeps the machine cool and enables you to work for many hours without heating up. But blockage in ventilation will heat the laptop.

If you want to take a laptop outside of the house, then place it in a laptop bag and then go out. You should not walk with an open notebook. 

It causes temperature disturbance that affects the battery and circuit of the device. So, you should know that If you are going out from a cold environment to a hot environment, then you must not do it suddenly.

Always decrease the brightness before going out because if you are using high brightness settings, then it will cause the computer to heat up quickly.

If you want to go out to a high-temperature place, remove the battery before going.

High moisture precautions

You should keep in touch with the weather forecast. Before going out, you should know about the weather that either weather is hot or cold or raining.

Sometimes, you may not know that there is moisture in the air; it will cause rust and water vapors in the computer. 

If the level is 80 percent, then safety precaution should be taken to prevent the moisture, because it can cause a short circuit and condensation problems.

You must use a waterproof bag so that no moisture enters your computer. You should turn it off when you are going out. Sometimes, people only close the lid and take it out with them.

This is not a good practice to close the lid and not make sure if the hardware is turned off or not. When the device is on, the fan is continuously getting outside moisture inside the laptop. So, always turn it off before leaving to someplace.

Humidity checker device

There is a humidity gauge that you can buy to check the humidity level. This gauge is inserted near the battery, and it contains an on/off button.

If you want to check, click the battery icon and set it for half an hour; it will check the moisture of the room. If it is 40%, then it is in a safe range.

Keep laptop protected from Sun

To keep your gadget safe, one should take it to stay away from the sun. Because of the high temperature of the sun leads to the expansion of the battery. And screen also can damage due to sun exposure.

So, one should keep away from the sun. The manufacturing companies also do not recommend using their products in sunlight; otherwise, your webcam can turn green.

These are designed and built for indoor uses, you can use the laptop in open areas, but they must be shaded.

Using in the sunlight is direct harm to the display of your notebook. If you have to work in daylight, then anti-glare covers are also available that allows your screen brighter.

Raining conditions

You may live in an environment where weather changes are unexpected. So, you should have any pre-planned safety measures. We have already discussed the damages that can be caused by moisture.

For example, if raining starts suddenly, then one must have wrapping cover for a laptop or umbrella with himself for the protection. In such conditions, your laptop may only print in black and white.

Back up your data

You should keep your data backup to keep your data store, that if laptop damage, then your data remains safe and will not face any difficulty.

You can buy an external hard disk or SSD to back up your data. If you have any other data storing device or computer, then you should transfer your data to that device.

For most people, data is more critical than anything. You must have heard some people saying that I don’t care about my computer, please save my data. Well, it is a good practice to back up the data every day if you travel a lot.

So, you should keep your data backup on a daily bases or store the data in hardware because it can cause permanent damage, so you must keep its data on backup. This will save your soft data even if your property is damaged.

Laptop safety in a hot car

If you are using an old car or using a car whose AC is not working, then do not keep your things in the trunk; it can damage its battery severely.

If you leave your machine in your car and leave that car in direct sunlight, the temperature of the vehicle will increase more than the temperature of the environment.

The reason behind it is that the heat will enter the car but will not get out of the car because it is completely closed. 

One thing that will ruin the hardware while being in the car is the battery. There are several reasons with which the chemical of the battery can react and damage your gadget in excessive temperature. 

Use of laptop stand

Everybody knows how much laptop discharge heat on your lap. Medically it is hazardous for the health of the person who uses it on the lap, it affects the legs, and paralyzes can take place.

You should buy a heat-dissipating stand for the best use or buy a self-cooling stand.

You can buy a stand of different models that you can use in your office and also can use in your bed by changing its positions. 

Use of laptop protector

To protect the screen, you should use a screen protector. This will prevent your screen from getting scratches. The protector used on the screen will get scratches, but you can easily remove the old protector with a new one in no time.

To protect the keyboard, you should use a keyboard protector that, if any liquid spilled on the keyboard protector, prevents it from a short circuit. Here is the list of causes of short circuits in laptops.

A wide variety of keyboard protectors are readily available in the market. You can choose the required size for your keyboard. It will give you two types of advantages, which are; if you spill any liquid, the protector will not let it pass through, and you can quickly remove the protector and spill liquid away from the device.

Another advantage is that, if you use it in a dusty environment, the dust will not get into the keys of the keyboard. Sometimes, the dust can also pass from the keyboard to inside of the machine, which then creates a mess inside the machine.

Final Words

Anything you do to protect your machine, any precautionary measures you take, will improve its performance and will increase the life of your gadget.