Can You Use Bitmoji on a Laptop?

Can You Use Bitmoji on a Laptop?

Bitmoji is a social media app that people use to create cartoon versions of themselves. You can use these characters on the laptop and different social platforms

Can You Use Bitmoji on a Laptop? You can use Bitmoji on your laptop by making an account on the Bitmoji app, download the Google Chrome, add Bitmoji Chrome extension, sign in, and select your character.

It can create an avatar of you and then relate various comics GIF expressions with it. It can help to show your emotions and ideas while chatting in an email or other chatting devices.

Bitstrips created this app from Canada, and Snapchat owns this app. It is available on different platforms like Facebook Imessage and even work-oriented apps like slack. It is a separate tool, and you can download it from the play store of your mobile. 

Can You Use Bitmoji on a Laptop?

It is free to use apps for both IOS, Windows, and Android devices. But when you install a free version of it, you can use a few features of this app. But purchasing the app allows you to enjoy all the features it. I am using this on my computer.

You can have full access to all of its attributes. Mostly it charges approximately one dollar for creating some specific dresses and clothing. It also costs some dollars to create custom emojis and cartoons.

You can use this on your device by installing google chrome in it. This is the easiest way to use it. Just follow these instructions to add this to your gadget.

Make a Bitmoji account

Before using it on your gadget, you should make an account of this app on your phone. You can create an account via two ways via Snapchat and email addresses. First, download the latest version of it.

When you are already a Snapchat user, you can use this account to use. Just press continue with Snapchat to use it. You can use an email address also just press signup with an email to start.

Install Google Chrome

Google chrome is a free web browser and easy to use. This is a widely used browser for research and other purposes. 

First of all, go to Google search and download Chrome. Read terms and conditions carefully and click accept and install.

Then if prompted, click run or save for the download. When you choose to save double click the download to start installing, after this, google chrome is ready to use.

Install Bitmoji chrome extension

This feature helps you to access this easily from chrome, and you can send it through the mail.

Open the browser and go to the chrome web store and here search for the extension.

Download the extension by going to the top of the screen and here click add to the chrome. Then click on add to extensions to confirm the download.

When the download is complete, it will appear as a green and white smiley icon. You should click on it to start using it on your device. You should not open multiple windows at a time otherwise, it can cause lagging in your laptop.

Sign in

Open the file and click login with email. Enter the email and password to log in. Sometimes it happens that you forgot the password, then there is another way.

Try logging in with a magic link. Press send magic link. Check your email to find the magic link. Tap the link to login. You can connect to the internet via the USB port, you can replace a USB port on your laptop if it is broken.

Select Bitmoji from the picker

After logging in, simply press the icon to open the picker. In this, you can find a wide range of emojis to express different things. Just simply click the cartoon or any character and copy it.

You can paste this in various devices to send to your friends. You can also drag and resize it in your device. To do this, click on edit avatar.

This icon is present at the right top of the screen. Here you can select your gender hairstyle and dressing. Various GIFs and expressions are also there for you and you can use the Bumble Web on your laptop.

Adding Bitmoji to Gmail

It is also available in Gmail. You can use it during mailing someone. When you install it for Gmail, its icon appears on the bottom of the new mail screen of Gmail. You can use it just by clicking it.

Just simply insert it in your mail. There is no need for copying and pasting it there. When this icon appears on Gmail, you can use them directly without the need for logging In.

Using Bitmoji via Bluestacks

This is a simple way to use it on our computer. It is a third-party Android emulator, and you can download it free on your device. You can download various tools through these emulators.

These emulators show a window that somehow looks like an android screen. Here you can log in with your play store account and can download the tools. Follow these steps to download Bitmoji on your laptop.

  • Download and install the blue stack on your gadget.
  • Then sign in to google to access the play store
  • In the play store, search for this app.
  • Download it from the play store.
  • The icon appears on the open screen and clicks this icon to use it.

Virtual Bitmoji Classroom

Teachers are using this app to engage their students in healthy activities with a lot of fun. They are using virtual classes to share educational material class agenda announcements and class exams. It is serving as the best way to connect to distant learning students. You can make instructions and rules simple to understand.

It can create different photos and learning videos to make learning easy and entertaining. Teachers can give various assignments to students on different subjects like a virtual field trip.

Taking feedback from online students is an exciting task through it. You can save lovely memories with students staff and crews by making avatars in different styles. You can make your unique signature for online assignments and tasks.

Send your messages to friends

It can create cartoons and an avatar of your choice. These avatars are customized, and you can use them personally. You can take your selfie and convert it into some fun character. This way, you can share your pics with your relatives and friends.

Sending best wishes with characters is very common these days. Create your message and best wishes in different emojis and send it to your beloved ones. Feeling happy-sad excited or confused, all you can express with a simple photo or video.

Privacy concerns

It needs full access to your device, and it is a matter of concern for many. This means the developer has access to all the information we type record or transmit through our gadget. This can include all our personal and sensitive information like banking details, phone numbers, or passwords. 

Usually, it requires access to our device to create our custom picture or avatar. There is not any full prove evidence that it records all your data apart from necessary information like name date of birth, etc. But still, there is a risk that it can record or leak our sensitive data like pictures or videos. Read the privacy policy before allowing full access to your device.

Inappropriate for kids

This is the most critical concern regarding this app. The privacy policy includes that it is for people above 13 years. So this is not suitable for kids. Some content of it is for mature people, this is the reason many kids wants to hide their laptop from their parents.

There is a risk that its characters are a little bit racy for kids. To avoid this to teach kids in school and restrict this to high school only. When you want to use it for kids, try its version with limited features.

Difficult to integrate with other apps

Although you can use it easily on your gadget, it still has some difficulty in integration with some other tools. You can not open and paste the cartoons on various tools and folders in your gadget.

You have to bear this limitation. Sometimes it some features are not operating correctly. You can enjoy only a few of the characters and cartoons.