How to Use BOTIM on a Laptop?

How to Use BOTIM on a Laptop?

Here is a detailed guide about using BOTIM on a laptop. We have explained minimum requirements along with a step-by-step guide.

How to Use BOTIM on a Laptop? You can use BOTIM on your laptop by downloading it, making an account, scan QR code, sign in, and with an emulator.

We are always searching for some convenient way of communicating with our family relatives and friends who are away from us. Technology is helping a lot to bring people closer. A private American technology company Algento developed it.

How to Use BOTIM on a Laptop?

It is such a unique and exciting app by which we not only can text someone but also voice and video call feature is also there.

This app is successfully running in the UAE and other countries. People download this app from the play store of mobile, but it is also possible to use it in your notebook.

Minimum requirements for BOTIM

Every device should fulfill the criteria which an app demands to operate it, in the same way, your device should also have all the features for it. To use this app, you should have a blue stack emulator on your device. These requirements are actually for the emulator.

Features Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
Operating system Windows XP(SP3) version or higher Windows 10
Hard disk drive space 4 GB 8 GB
Graphics driver Latest version Superfast

Scan QR code

It is easy to use this app with this method. But you should install it on your phone to connect it to the gadget. You can go to the play store and get this fantastic app.

After downloading the log into this app through email, you will see this app on the screen of your phone.

There is a plus button in the upper right corner of the screen. Just click it to select the QR code. Point your phone to screen to capture the code.

The display will scan the code, and this app starts operating on your device. All your contacts chats and calls will show on it. Then you can communicate with anyone using it. You can use Blender on your computer.

Install blue stack emulator

It is an android emulator, and it stimulates all the applications of your device. It enables you to play multiple apps and games in the windows operating system. You should install it on your gadget to use it.

To install it, open any browser on your device like chrome or firefox and internet explorer. Go to their website and click on the download to download the latest version of it. It will start downloading on the start page.

When the download is in the process, you can select any custom location or download folder to save the file. When the download is complete, the blue stack installer file appears on the screen.

Click on the file and then press install now to install it. Booting the device will open the login page. Just provide your login information to start playing. It also helps in using Bumble Web on your laptop.

Download BOTIM

When you have previously download the blue stack now, it is straightforward to install it. You should follow these steps to install the BOTIM app.

Open the blue stack and wait for its opening because when you are first opening, it will take time. After finishing setting up the emulator, select the preferred language.

After this, press the play button to start it. Again login the emulator by providing the email address and password.

Open any suggestion and press on the green button to install it and click on accept. Wait for complete installation it will take 5 to 10 minutes.

When the download is complete, this app will appear on the screen. Now you have it on your gadget, just open it and start communicating.

It has multiple features and various advantages which you can entertain in the UAE. If your laptop has a 4K screen, it will give better results.

Security and privacy

The prime benefit of using this app its terms and policy of privacy. It uses various technical and managerial ways to guard and preserve the security of your personal information.

It has a unique children policy in which they intentionally do not collect any information. Children below age thirteen can register at this app as users. 

When they unknowingly save any data or information of kids without their parent’s consent, they immediately delete all the data and information of children.

This feature makes sure that the kids are away from any trouble. This app only asks to access your camera picture and device system just to show you all the features of it. It intentionally never record the data of any user.

Available in UAE

It is one of the rare communication apps in the UAE.UAE does not allow its residents to use various apps because of security reasons.

This country hardly allows any app which can cause a risk to sensitive information. It is the only one through all the Arab residents enjoy for voice and video calls.

Free to use

It is a free app in the UAE, and you can use it without paying a penny. It works both on the wifi and data packages. It consumes very low MBs, and therefore it is affordable.

To use it for free, you should unsubscribe the previous package and subscribe to it again. But it also has some paid features and packages. 

You can enjoy unlimited voice and video calls and send photos and voice notes. It is an ideal choice for group chat. It is the only app that allows more than 500 participants to join a call.

You will not see such a large number of participants in any other app. Different emojis stickers and Bitmojis are also a unique feature of this. This feature makes this app fun to use. You can use it online, if your laptop is asking for a network security key, you can find it on the router.

Encrypted chats and calls

The best feature which provides you the guarantee of security of your sensitive data. Encrypted calls and videos mean they are secure, and no one can read your messages and watch your videos or calls.

It also provides end to end encryption for your calls and videos. That’s how it prohibits itself and others from monitoring your data.

It can be hacked

No such thing as perfect exists in this world. Besides all these benefits, there are certainly some disadvantages to this app. The following are some cons of this app.

As I have already mentioned that it is a video calling app, and such apps are hacked easily. The hackers can easily hack any video by using the IP address of both users.

They tap or record your personal chat and videos. Different hackers who are part of pornography or some other misconduct do such things and exploit the people.

The IP address which this app generates is very easy, and anyone can approach or hack it for any purpose. People using it through open WIFI are easy victims for hackers.

You should be aware of the WIFI you are using and avoid close calls and videos through such apps. Always choose a secure or private connection to use it.

Poor functionality

This is the main problem of this app, which people encounter daily. The programming of it is not very precise. There is a lot of malfunctioning on it.

Due to this reason, people suffer a lot of issues while connecting to other people. First is that the sound in voice calls is not crystal clear, and there is a lot of distortion.

Voice is lagging, and the sound disappears entirely during a call. Sound echoes, and you hear different frequencies during chatting, This distortion annoys us a lot.

The pictures and messages we send also have a lagging issue. The quality of the connection is poor.

Sometimes the message arrives very late, and you have to wait for a long time to reply. The connection quality gets somehow better when you subscribe to a paid package. 

During video calls, sometimes due to poor connectivity, you can only hear the voice but not the video.

Video calling in this app drains our battery within minutes. You have to plug in the charger to continue the call. You cannot open any other tab when you are using it.