How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming?

How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming

Here are 4 best methods for properly holding a gaming mouse. We have explained all the details in this step-by-step guide.

How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming? You can hold a mouse for gaming with a claw grip, palm grip, and use your fingers. You should use the thumb and little finger to stabilize it.

You just can’t use the laptop’s mouse pad effectively in order to get the required results if you are a passionate gamer. So gaming mouse is a must factor for any enthusiastic gamer around the world. Reaction time in such shooting games is so less. Now, you can also buy a wireless mouse for gaming, they deliver an awesome gaming experience.

You have to respond extremely fast in certain stages of the games. You cannot perform this action using an ordinary mouse. 

How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming?

In my life, I came across several gaming mouse options. Being my passion, I am very particular about my gaming components whether it is VR headgear for games like Resident Evil, steering and paddles accessories for racing games like Drive Club, Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport, etc.

Similarly, for first-person shooting games, as I mentioned above, I use a special mouse having custom triggers and buttons options. Along with positioning and handling, grip plays a vital role in any gaming mouse.

After multi hours gaming session, your palm and fingers will feel pain and stress in certain areas. That is why nowadays manufacturers pay special attention to the customized mouse for gaming purposes due to the ever-increasing gaming demand in the world. 

Claw Grip for Gaming

 As its name suggests, in this type of grip, your hand will look quite similar to a claw. This is because you place and rest your upper part of your palm onto the lower part of the mouse leaving your fingers on mouse click buttons.

In this method, you just have to click the buttons as required by your index or middle fingers.

Generally, people having larger palms and longer fingers find this claw method more relaxing due to better access to buttons without having much stress on the rest of the palm.

This method also gives you the flexibility to use additional buttons in case you are using a customized gaming mouse having unconventional buttons and triggers range.

Whether you are competing in online multiplayer combat or playing solo, this type of grip will give you the luxury of extra response time for your shooting game.

Moreover, your wrist position and movement also plays a major role in fast-paced and extremely fast responsive games. This method will allow your wrist to move according to the demand of the game quickly and appropriately. This is ideal for live streaming games.

Palm Grip for holding Mouse

The most widely used grip among both gamers and non-gamers alike is Palm Grip. In public places, you will mostly find such type of grip.

The biggest reason for using this type of grip is a comfort factor. Unlike Claw Grip, you just have to place or rest your palm on the mouse thus giving it support so that you won’t face cramps soon. Personally, I love to use a gaming mouse under $50 while I play on my laptop.

As far as the gaming is concerned, such type of holding grip-able you to play longer sessions of gameplay in both multiplayer and solo player games.

Although this type of gaming mouse grip gives you added comfort while holding but everything has a price to pay.

In this case, you will not be able to precisely and quickly responsive in fast responsive games as you were able to play games using Claw Grip.

However, you can combine both these grips in your long gaming sessions in order to get comfort and precision at the same time.

Fingertip Grip for Gaming

Sounds unique? Yes, it is rare to use grip by some passionate gamers who just don’t want to waste any microsecond in shooting games where response time is lightning fast. No one wants to make their team loses a match just because of slower character movement or delay in firing options. You won’t see Fingertip Grip on any mouse having so many custom buttons or triggers.

Usually, this type of grip used in the pretty lightweight and flat form of a mouse that is quite easy to maneuver in any direction during intense gameplay. You will get the quickest response time among all grip options for gaming by using Fingertip Grip. It is because all the extra weight of buttons or triggers shed off in order to make it lightweight to move quickly in any direction.

If you want to utilize this type of grip, one of the best options is Corsair Katar which is extremely efficient to be used for Fingertip Grip.

It is very lightweight weighing only 85 grams. It does not have any extra buttons thus making it hassle-free to use. If you want to purchase this mouse, it is easily available on Amazon, click here to buy now.

Best Grip for Gaming

So which grip is the best one for gaming mouse? It is a million-dollar question but the answer is that no grip is perfect in all aspects of gaming.

In fact, each grip has its own pros and cons. Some people prefer the comfort of the palm, wrist, and forearm.

For such users, palm grip is the best option. However, it might not be considered by first-person shooter gamers at all due to a lack of precision and maneuvering speed.

If you have long fingers, you will find difficulty in handling gaming mouse by palm grip. In this scenario, Fingertip Grip or Claw Grip are the better options. The type of game is also played a vital role in grip selection. FPS games or sniper shooting games require a faster response and mouse handling than other types of games.

You cannot rely on Palm Grip in such conditions otherwise you will delay the actions in the game and it will be disastrous for your gaming team. Fingertip Grip is the best option for FPS and sniper shooting gamers as they find extra response time to target and hit the enemies in the game. However, if you like normal gaming then Palm Grip will serve your cause in most cases.

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