How Do I Fix my Cursor from Jumping Around?

How do I Fix my Cursor from Jumping Around

Oh my God, what happened to my cursor? Why my cursor dancing? Why my cursor playing hide and seek with me? What I have done wrong with it? What should I do now? Such questions arise when someone gets into this issue. Relax, fixing the jumping cursor is not that difficult as it looks.

There are various options to fix this issue in window 7, window 8 and window 10. The cursor may get freeze and sometimes disappear but the most common issue is the cursor jumping around. We have some good solutions for you.

Some of the easiest solutions are listed below:

How Do I Fix my Cursor from Jumping Around?

Let us get into the details:

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m a student of law.

As a part of my studies I need to create my various assignments and projects on my laptop, also I need to search for a lot of references over the internet. So, I have a Dell laptop and recently installed Window 10 in it to experience a better and smooth new interface.

But currently, I have seen a very weird issue after the latest update of Windows 10, in which my cursor has all of sudden started to act very strange, like really very strange.

One night while scrolling, searching, and working on a document in MS OFFICE, my cursor disappears all of sudden and reappeared a bit later before I could figure out what happened.

I initially ignored this, considering it a display error or may be due to my blurriness in my eyes as I was awake since the night in order to complete my presentation. But it kept on creating a problem even after. Initially, I was scared like hell because I do believe in ghosts but ghosts on a laptop is a bit less convincing but who knows? So I was quite nervous and scared like hell. Meanwhile, the cursor kept on appearing and disappearing and also jerked a lot while making a selection, making unrequired screen switches while working alongside two interfaces or documents simultaneously. 

The things went worse when I started to witness the same lag or error in other Non-Office interfaces.

The cursor remained hidden or jumped away from the point I wanted to choose or click, creating a lot of mess while using the internet. Making menu selections is impossible to do. I’m a gaming addict too and mostly I play 3rd person shooting games, and with such a suspicious and haunted mouse, it is impossible for me to score any shot in any game. The cursor kept on jerking, freezing, and disappearing. Making it really frustrating for me to use the computer in any sense.

Initially, I checked my mouse wire, its USB plug, and every possible solution regarding general settings even but I must admit that my knowledge is very basic in regard to troubleshooting such problems. I changed my mouse even, which was definitely the easiest solution at that time, but still, the glitches kept on increasing without any sense.

I was really frustrated because it puzzled me what was the main problem? Either it’s a hardware problem, or a glitch in a new update of Windows 10 or MS office needed required maintenance. But unless I knew the root cause, I was unable to solve the problem and unless I solved it, I could not use my laptop at all and without using it, how am I supposed to work on my law thesis and assignments and also there is no chicken dinner in PUBG without making right shots via using my mouse.

So that was the story of how I came across various solutions faced by users who were experiencing similar sort of issues in which I was stuck a few days ago. How Do I Fix my Cursor from Jumping Around

10 Ways to Fix My Cursor from Jumping Around

Let me explain today’s question, How Do I Fix my Cursor from Jumping Around? I have added 10 best ways to fix your cursor from jumping around. If you are using a laptop, click here to read a detailed guide for adjustment of the sensitivity of the touchpad.

Firstly, ensure that the DEVICE DRIVERS of the mouse, Keyboard and touchpad is up-to-date.

Option 1

  • In Window 8
  • Then click on PC AND DEVICES
  • Go to TOUCHPAD settings

It will help you…..

Option 2

  • In window 10
  • Then click on DEVICES
  • Now click on TOUCHPAD
  • Change touchpad sensitivity into Low sensitivity

Option 3

  • Click on MOUSE
  • Then go on POINTER OPTIONS
  • Uncheck the option HIDE POINTER WHILE TYPING

It will resolve your problem

Option 4

If your cursor is freezing, jumping or disappearing, you can easily solve such issues by simply disabling Enhance pointer recession feature. It can be done by using the following steps:

  • Open Control Panel and go to Mouse category
  • Go to the Pointer Options menu and disable Enhance pointer precision feature. Then click on Apply and OK to save the changes you have done.

After disabling this feature, problems with your cursor should disappear.

Option 5

If your cursor is making you annoyed due to jumping, freezing or disappearing, your issue might have a connection with HP Control Zone. Numerous users shared their experiences that they got rid to mouse cursor issues by disabling HP Control Zone. How to fix this issue using this method, well, perhaps it is the easiest of methods in the solutions category. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get it fixed instantly:

  1. Go to Control Panel and then on Mouse category
  2. There is an optional tab there labeling HP Control Zone. Disable the tab HP Control Zone. After doing this activity, click on Apply and to complete your action.


This solution is dedicated to HP computer systems whether they are laptops, desktops or tablets. HP Control Zone feature will not show in other brand computers. However, for HP users, hopefully, this solution will work appropriately. This is the answer to today’s question, How Do I Fix my Cursor from Jumping Around.

Option 6

Cursor issues may also appear due to recently upgraded new drivers. As per advised by users, this problem can arise if you recently updated your mouse driver. If your cursor suddenly behaves abnormally, you need to get back to the previously installed driver. You can resolve the issues by following these steps:

  • Open Device Manager and find the device that is causing a problem. You can double click on the device to open its properties
  • After opening Properties window, go to Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver option
  • After getting back to the older version of the Driver, you might be able to get rid of the problem you were facing due to abnormal functionality of mouse cursor.

Option 7

Sometimes it happens that Realtek HD Audio Manager becomes responsible for malfunctioning mouse cursor working. Many users share this particular reason for the abnormal working of the mouse cursor. To avoid this problem, you need to prevent the Realtek HD Audio Manager from initializing automatically with your computer system. In order to fix this issue, you have to follow the below-mentioned method step by step:

  • Press Ctrl Alt Delete. A new window will pop up in which you will see the option of the Task manager. Open it by clicking.
  • After opening Task Manager, go to the Startup tab, find Realtek HD Audio Manager. After finding it, right click on it and make it disable

After doing this above-mentioned solution, restart your PC and check whether the problem still prevails or not? If the problem still remains, you can also fix it by going to C: ProgramFilesRealtekAudioHDA and renaming FMAPP.exe. After doing that, you will get rid of the automatic start of Realtek HD Audio Manager with the start of your PC.

Option 8

If you are using a laptop and getting problems regarding mouse cursor, you need to make sure whether your mouse device is enabled or not. Just follow these simple steps to avoid cursor relevant issues:

  • Open Control panel and then go to Mouse section
  • Locate the last tab on the right side and make sure that if the device is enabled or not? If it is disabled, make it enable

After performing the above-mentioned steps, everything regarding mouse cursor will come to the normal position and you will work without any issue. Although, you just have to keep it in mind that you might have to perform some commands by using your keyboard.

Option 9

In many cases, it has been seen that the installation of third-party software effects mouse properties. Users reported that their cursor freezes jump or disappear due to AdAware. This is a strong anti-spyware application but it also brings various technical software issues. Many users shared that they got rid of cursor jumping issues after uninstalling the AdAware application. So you can also perform this action without any ambiguity and surely you will be shocked to see

Option 10

If your cursor jumps, freezes or disappears, you can easily fix the problem by disabling the feature of Enhance Pointer Precision. If you want to fix your issue with this method, just follow the steps below:

  • Open Control Panel and go to Mouse category
  • Locate the Pointer Options tab and disable Pointer Precision function. Click on Apply and Ok to keep the new settings.

After disabling this feature, you will get rid of cursor related issues and it will perform normally again.

Best of luck.

Team- What Laptops

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