Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good time. I am a regular and passionate gamer and like most of the other gamers; I am also quite particular regarding the selection of gaming accessories like a compatible keyboard, headset, gaming mouse, etc. in order to enhance the pleasure of gameplay.

A few years ago, such things did not matter a lot as games were not so much sophisticated and challenging. However, in today’s era, PC games have become more advanced and need more precision thanks to the technological advances in computer software and hardware.

In this article, our editors have selected 5 of these Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World. Although you can play most of the latest games in today’s era new computers, in order to play the more sophisticated games and to get the best possible gaming experience.

It’s much better to have relevant computer devices like an effective gaming mouse, supportive keyboard, headset, etc. to give yourself or your team a winning chance.

Usually, mouse and keyboard are designed to be more functional and effective rather than having complex buttons or trigger positions on it for the home and work usage.

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World

Mostly, people use these accessories with PC for emailing, browsing, shopping or watching videos. All such activities require just a few clicks on the mouse and few alphabets typing from your conventional keyboard and nothing else. 

On the other hand, if you are a true gamer, you can not satisfy your passion without having a modern age gaming mouse in your hand. Before going into the details for Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World, let me explain a few gaming mouse features. A gaming mouse can serve you in multiple ways and have several key features which are as follows:

Precision Optics: There must be lots of people who will describe to you how important is the feature of DPI (Dots per inch) in any mouse. As a matter of fact, the correct term is CPI (Counts per inch) but DPI is already so much commonly used term and is more famous so both these terms are used.

This particular feature defines how often the mouse reads a relative area of the position. If the DPI rate is higher, it refers to more (Reads per second), resulting in more frequent changes in position. In simpler words, a higher rate of DPI makes the mouse move faster without having a sacrifice on mouse precision while shooting or hitting any figure or object in the game. You can calculate the DPI of your mouse with this method.

Extra Buttons: Another great feature of a gaming mouse is a variety of additional buttons. Along with traditional mouse click buttons and a mouse scroll wheel, gaming mouse usually equipped with about 12 extra buttons that can perform appropriate functions. Moreover, you also get a better position of buttons for shooting games as well.

Dynamic Ergonomics: In order to play a few hours longer gaming sessions, it’s necessary that the mouse fits your hand more comfortably. Fortunately, a good gaming mouse often fit into one of three grip designs i.e. Palm grip, Claw grip or Fingertip grip.

The companies related to gaming industries spend a lot of amount on relevant research and development. So, such companies know better what makes a gaming mouse more comfortable that should be more effective for longer playing sessions.

Steel Series Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

You will definitely witness an incredibly accurate tracking amount from 100 to 12,000 CPI without any stability issues what so ever, no tracking issues, and no delay in response time. Movement of a specific distance on a mouse pad results in the same accurate distance on-screen actually.

You can easily manage your lift-off distance adjustment like never before. The secondary sensor allows for the optimized customization of when the sensor stops and starts tracking when you lift the mouse up. No further need to just pick up and drop your mouse unnecessarily.

Furthermore, you can also adjust and manage your center of gravity with mighty 256 different weight combinations to get the required perfect balance of any hold or specific gameplay style. The adjustable sides allow simple and secure allocation of the eight included 4g weights for balancing. This is one of the Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World.

It is for an ideal setup for Esports gaming as left and right buttons feature a revolutionary reinforced split-trigger system that provides the best possible clicks in gaming. The all-new 60-million click mechanical switches make sure that every kind of click must be executed with perfect precision and it really works.

In addition to its working capabilities, Rival 600 ergonomic design achieves all demands of passionate gamers pertinent to comfort. No matter which type of grip you are using, it will definitely provide you extra comfort for longer gaming sessions for sure.

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Some of its other key features are 7 buttons allocation for all types of grips, 8 RGB zones (independently handled), fiber reinforced plastic build, 0.5-2mm lift off distance (adjustable), detachable cable type, works on all major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This Steel Series Rival 600 gaming mouse is a great choice for any passionate gamer in the world due to its amazing new features besides the fact that its price is on the higher side but it totally justifies its price.

SSSLG RGB Wired, Most Expensive Gaming Mouse

The next option in my list would be none other than SSSLG RGB Wired gaming mouse because of its mind-blowing features and capabilities. It has got an amazing 10000 DPI that can achieve the needs of any game. 

Furthermore, the astonishing 6 adjustable gear positions are totally customizable and can be adjusted according to anyone’s own needs or preferences. Along with a four-way scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse, it also has a macro-programmable wheel placed on the side in order to operate more conveniently. 

As far as the length of its cable is concerned, the length of the mouse cable can be increased or decreased by just turning the knob placed at the center of the mouse, which is definitely a better ergonomic. Moreover, it supports 16 million colors for increased and better lighting frequency that surely enhances the player’s game environment and highlights the game overall ambiance.

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It’s one of its kind appearances is unique from the appearance any usual mouse. If you require a specially customized mouse, you can definitely have to try this out. Overall mouse size is usual i.e. 100-200mm having 8 buttons on it. It is laser based having a USB interface. This is among the Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World.

It is one of the most expensive gaming mouse available on the Amazon website, yet it worth every cent due to its state of the art mechanism and modern ergonomic support. Highly recommended to any gamer who wants to maximize the gaming pleasure with precision.

SSSLG Professional Gaming Mouse A 9800

Next one is another brilliant gaming mouse manufactured by SSSLG, A 9800. It has got brilliant features in which first is that the length of its tail can be adjusted according to use. It suits all kind of users and the length of the mouse tail can be further adjusted according to the difference in the size of the palm of different kind of users.

The distance of the mouse tail can also be adjusted according to personal preference pertinent to relaxation. It is aluminum alloy oxidation plate make this mouse smoother and more maneuverable while moving and it fits near to the mouse pad as well

Furthermore, it has got some key features like having Stainless steel parts, aluminum alloy SR, horizontal length adjustment structure, easy for gripping, adequate click feedback, to remove excessive tiredness during longer gaming sessionsAmazingly, it can reach as far as 8200 PDI to meet the requirements of gamers as well as most of the contemporary games.

There are four PDIs to choose and you can utilize them easily when you are at your work scroll wheel is quite easy for scrolling purpose. It has got a 2-way roller. There are 7 buttons present on it with photoelectric as working mode. It supports ergonomics and USB interface. The creatively well-designed surface allows you to utilize it better without slipping because of sweating in the palm.

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It is indeed another super option to choose as your next professional gaming mouse for sure. It is best for especially longer gaming sessions with sweaty palm as it has got the anti-slip texture and supports better ergonomics. This is one of the Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

Next option is G 903 LIGHTSPEED gaming mouse manufactured by Logitech. Latency is its major quality that can create a decisive difference between winning and losing a game. LIGHTSPEED wireless technology features just a 1 ms response rate for intense gaming competition especially shooting games.

So it is a perfect choice for FPS and sniper game lovers. It is equipped with the modern and betterPMW3366 digital optical sensor with better acceleration rate across the entire DPI range i.e. 200-12,000 DPI at speeds over even 400 IPS.

About its look, it delivers a magnificently clean and sharp button feel, response, and frequency rate. It has got a better battery life as well. Moreover, it is the world’s first and only wireless gaming mouse charging system ever to keep G903 mouse charged while at play and at rest that is a revolution in the gaming sector. Maximum acceleration level is >40G3.

It has got adjustable buttons layout and design that allow for left or right-handed use without any hassle pertinent to any mouse grip style like palm, claw, and fingertip grips, etc. So, brilliant choice as far as the grip and handling are concerned while gaming. It is a battery operated mouse and 1 CR2 battery is required for this purpose.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

It operates on the Microsoft Windows operating system which I think makes it extremely limited as far as the operating systems are concerned.

Logitech often manufactures highly effective gaming accessories and this mouse is just another great product by the manufacturer that definitely deserves its worth.

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Mouse

Another great hit from Logitech and that is MX Ergo wireless mouse. It has got several mind-blowing features like Bluetooth Connectivity with 2.4 GHz speed, 440 DPI Digital Optical Sensor, 8 buttons mouse, 4-way scrolling wheel, a 500mAhbuilt-in battery that can live up to even 4 months depending on the type of usage, both Windows and Mac compatibility, etc.

The cherry on the top is its all-new MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse by Logitech is modernly designed ergonomic mouse featuring one of its kind adjustable hinge that adjusts up to even 20°, so you can find a more realistic and more relaxed hand position that better suits your style. This product is among the Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World.

You can easily connect this mouse to your computer wirelessly using the Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, this mouse can also be paired and utilize with two systems together due to its latest FLOW technology. Its weight is about 5.8 ounces.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

So, folks, all above-mentioned gaming mice are just a few of the most expensive yet best-featured mice available on world’s famous online shopping website You can find other relevant latest gaming mouse options as well on the website and without wasting any time.

Is it Worth Buying an Expensive Gaming Mouse?

An expensive gaming mouse is, actually, built in the way that they have more durable components and materials. Moreover, they are usually from a renowned brand, which can be contacted in any case of damage or trouble.

High-quality manufacturing

In fact, these brands become renowned because of their good quality of products, longevity and the wonderful overall experience by the customers. And for the awesome gaming experience, you especially need an expensive and good mouse.

Because a ten dollar mouse won’t be able to give you that experience simply because it doesn’t have that quality of sensors and the polling rates. Plus, the quality of the material, which is used in making the mouse won’t be the same.

Comfortable and User-friendly

Moreover, in many cases, it has been reported that many repetitive strain injuries because of the continuous and long usage of cheap mice. And, for gaming, you have to use mouse continually for hours and it is really important to use while playing.

It’s really important to know what kind of product you are using and whether it is comfortable to use it or not.

I am saying expensive because according to the survey, an expensive gaming mouse is better in using as compared to the cheap mouse, which is available. But still, you should be careful in choosing your gaming mouse. Make sure that you know its reviews and the company name, and the experience people had while using it.

Expensive Gaming Mouse is perfect for gamers

Like the way a special model works, feels and can be used in daily life is what tells you whether it is for you or not. Because this gaming mouse literally determines for you whether you are going to win the game or lose the game.

You don’t want to lose all the points just because of a single mistake. As a gamer, I can fully understand how losing a single level feels and destroy your whole game and the experience.

So, to make sure that your gaming experience is really immersive and smooth, go for the best gaming mouse. Give your time and money both while choosing your gaming mouse. Because it will determine your game. As choosing your gaming mouse is, no doubt, the vital part for your gaming experience.

Everything you use for your game should be of the top quality. That’s the trick which will be leading to make you the top gamer.

Unique features of expensive gaming mouse

Choose the ones with unique features and which has excellent quality. As a passionate gamer, you must know that for the awesome gaming mouse, you should be looking for the balance and performance, along with unique features.

Plus, the sensor in the gaming mouse is one of the most important things for your gaming experience, so be extra careful about it. And, if you have already search on the Amazon and other online websites, you must know that the best features and the good sensor come only in the pricey ones.

As a gamer, I will give you the advice to not to hesitate and go for the expensive one, but with the good features. So, you can enjoy and top your game, without any hindrance. Good luck and always choose the best!

Thank You.

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