Best Laptops Under 150 Dollars

Best Laptops Under 150 Dollars

Best Laptops Under $150

Buying a laptop and that too under 150 dollars? Is it possible? Yes, You read it right. When I decided to write on this topic, I thought, it will be difficult to find quality laptops under 150. 

Damn, I ended up finding these 3 Best Laptops Under 150. A few weeks back, I received an email from a regular reader and he was struggling to find a good quality laptop at an affordable price. 

It took me a few weeks to research and access the market for a budget-friendly laptop and my target was to find these budget-friendly laptops.

Comparison Chart for Best Laptops Under $150

Here is the detailed chart that explains the basic features of these budget-friendly laptops along with a check price button. All these belong to laptops under 150 category.

Here we go:

Laptops under $150 Features Screen Price
Acer Flagship Intel dual core Celeron, HD Chromebook 15.6″ Check Price
HP Stream Intel Celeron, with Office 365 11.6″ Check Price
ASUS Chromebook Intel Celeron, water-resistant 11.6″ Check Price

Acer Flagship, Laptop under $150

This laptop is the best example of highly affordable laptops with high quality. This is among the best laptops under 150 and I have used it for a while before adding this review.

Screen clarity

Zero air gaps allow you to enjoy the enhanced screen clarity fully.  Even you can enjoy using this laptop’s screen in sunlight. There will be no issue of sunlight effect just like in other laptops. This laptop is highly featured as you can read its features which clear it all. You can enjoy your content anywhere you go.

Blazing fast processor

Acer Flagship CB3-532 is having a blazing fast Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core processor. You can do multi-tasking with full liberty. You can download anything like software or applications really fast.

This processor is having the blazing speed of 1.60 GHz. This speed actually allows doing things incredibly fast. You can increase your fun to the next level using this laptop. The dual cores show that this processor is having so many advanced features and the old enhanced ones too.

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Display size

This laptop is having the 15.6 inches of amazing display size with the screen resolution 1366 x 768 LCD HD. This screen will keep you captivated all the time. This will ultimately bring results in more productivity.

Easy data transfer  

Now the data transfer and other sharing have become so much easier. With its USB 3.0, you can transfer all the texts and data files. You can even share movies and photos with 10 times fast speed with USB 2.0.

90 days warranty

This product is giving you the 90 days supplier backed warranty. The Amazon qualified supplier will provide you a replacement or refund within the 90 days of the purchasing date. If your product is not working at that level which you were expecting from it than you can return it for sure.

Final words

This is the best cheap laptop which you can ever take. Its features can compete with other laptops in its quality and great features. You can use this laptop for many years without even a single problem.

Even it’s insane that such a cheap but a great quality laptop is providing you a great warranty. You have the option to get it repaired.

HP Stream

It’s a gorgeous looking laptop. Its charm attracts others too. It is having a great blue color which looks just amazing. It looks different from all of the other laptops.


This laptop is actually an 11.6 inch diagonal HD display. It comes with an anti-glare led-backlit. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768.


The processor is one of the main things in a good laptop to consider. It is having the Intel Celeron N3060, a dual-core processor which works incredibly fast. With its turbo boost technology, it has the option to increase the speed up to 1.6 GHz. It is a quite good speed.


The operating system of Windows 10 runs on this laptop very well. This operating system is more productive in bringing new ideas forward and getting things done more easily. Each and every feature is quite simple and user-friendly.

It offers the personal assistant as of its unique features. Your personal digital assistant is Cortana. It becomes more useful every day when helps you in getting this done.

Windows will double down productivity in great ways. Its different ways are to organize, capture ideas, and make things happen quickly.


HP Stream is having the 4 GB DDR3L SD RAM memory. It has 32 GB eMMc and there is no optical drive in it.

Office 365

You can have a full access to Microsoft word; excel PowerPoint, one-note access, and 1 TB One-drive storage for one year. This is all possible because of easy access to office 365.

One drive cloud storage offer is only available with the included office 365 personal subscription. This is a limited-time subscription. You can check out the activation card inside. You should not forget to activate it within the 6 months of windows activation.

Personal edition software in office 365 will let you do so many things with great ease.

Wireless technology

The Improved 2 x 2 WI-FI antennas deliver a stronger and more reliable internet connection than before. By this technology, you can stay connected all the time.

Ultra-portable design

This laptop is thin, lightweight, beautiful, and has a colorful design. Its lightweight makes it ultra-portable. This laptop looks good anyway all the time.

Webcam and card reader

A built-in webcam can increase the level of connectivity. Talk you your friends and family members with great ease. You can do video chats for many hours.

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Powerful built complete security

This laptop is having a powerful built because of its powerful processor, long-lasting batteries, and a high-resolution powerful display.

The windows deliver comprehensive security. It has built-in security features, security authentications and most if all the ongoing updates. It will protect your laptop from the latest and later threat. All things are mainly delivered at no extra cost.

So, what about this amazing laptop? These all products are available to you at low prices. You can see this is a beautiful looking laptop with extra features. You can do so many official things on this laptop and also stay productive and connected all the time. I have found it to best among laptops under $150.

Its blue color body, white-colored keys, and 11-inch size is just elegant and graceful for use in the home and at a public place. You will just love using this great laptop. Access to Microsoft Office and other things will surely make your work easier.

ASUS Chromebook

This 180-degree flip designed laptop is just amazing. Its rugged and water-resistant design makes it the most demanding product in the market. If you place other things on your table, along with a laptop and there are chances of fluid spills, then you should take this laptop at its surface would slip the water.

Otherwise, laptops cannot bear the water spills and get damaged their inner when there is an issue of water spills. It has got its features like;


The display of this laptop screen is 11.6 inches HD 1366 X 768. It is an anti-glare display to relieve your eyes while working on the laptop. It has easy viewing because of its design and great angles.


This laptop is actually powered by the Intel Celeron N3060. It is having 2 M of the cache. It is having fast and snappy performance. It is a powerful processor with a max speed of 2.48 GHz.

This processor keeps the system cool all the time. I have used this laptop for live streaming and it is just awesome.

Special design and easy grips

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 is just ready for drops and spills. Its rugged construction allows this laptop to repel water from its body and makes it dry soon.  Along with this, its design is reinforced with the rubber guards. These rubber guards protect it and allow it to bear falls without getting damaged.

It is also having an easy-grip handle. Its keyboard is spill-resistant too. This is such a great feature on a good laptop. The robust rubber wraps the overall edges of this laptop and ultimately gives great protection. It comes with the nano molding technology on allows its 4 exterior edges.


Only 2.65 pounds of lightweight makes this laptop ultra-portable. You can now carry it with great ease and everything will be perfectly fine. It will not let your shoulders to feel the burden.

Chrome OS

ASUS Chromebook runs Chrome operating system in it. It is an operating system offered by Google. It already comes with built-in virus protection. It updated the applications, programs, and windows itself when there is an update available. It boots up in a second and continues to run fast as the time passes by.

Keyboard features

Its keyboard is spill-resistant. It has 15 percent of the larger printed keys. It is also having the 2-millimeter key travel for easy, quick, and accurate typing.

It offers accident and waterproof typing all the time. Its typing area and keys are just smooth to tap. The touchpad is also just amazing by its high responsiveness and smooth work.

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Seamless learning

Manufacturers have designed this laptop for seamless learning. Its 10 hours of great battery timings allow you to remain productive all the time. It can handle all your daily computing needs up to non-stop 10 hours.

But this battery life can also vary depending upon the usage type and different conditions.

Such great battery timings are determined by looping local video playback. You can save your laptop’s battery by its default display brightness levels.

Compatible with Google apps and play store

You can have access to all of your favorite Google apps. It comes standard in every Chromebook actually. You can do editing and download in your laptop by using these apps. You can also convert Microsoft Office files into Google docs and sheets and other platforms too.

While in the Google Play Store you will be familiarized with the rich library of apps certified by Google play protect. You can also download games, movies, TV, books, magazine and many more. You can download their related apps too.

Built-in storage

Offline access to the most important files and applications is now become much easier by the built-in storage of this laptop. It has an additional 100 GB of Google Drive space too. It ensures the automatic backup of your files too.

Less downtime

The chromebook is featuring a 180-degree hinge. It combines with the best of durability, ruggedness, and serviceability. All these things minimize downtime and create more learning time.

Easy grip and falls approved

Chromebook C202SA-YS02 gives an easy grip and better holding tractions. It helps to reduce slipping incidents. Along with this, the laptop has passed through many tests and is falls and hits approved.

It has also approved through the built-in-class drop test. Drop it from a height of 3.9 feet and everything will be alright. It ensures to maintain all of its functions without any disruption even when falls from 3.9 feet in height.

Extreme twist force and high-pressure testing ensure that it can bear all the physical stress. It has also gone through various shock trials and multiple frequency vibration testing. It ensures its solid and sturdy construction.

Final words, Laptops Under 150

I am damn sure that all of you people are impressed by such great features of these laptops. Not only they are the best laptops under 150 but also the best laptops with excellent features. You are definitely going to appreciate their performance when you use any of them.

Read it fully and select on for you or for your beloved ones. In fact, you can buy multiple because of their low prices and high features. You will not find such laptops with such great prices anywhere. When you will select your laptop from here, later on, you will be proud of making such a great choice.

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