Best Laptops for Game Development

Best Laptops for Game Development 2022 Reviews

Best Laptops for Game Development 2020 Reviews

One of the most profitable jobs in this technological world for software developers is game developing. Today millions of professionals across the globe earn millions of dollars in this field.

This article is about laptops that are best for developing games in 2020. Now if you are a developer and wanted a new laptop for your game development, this article is going to help you to make the right choice.

For a programmer, a laptop is an ideal choice rather than an ordinary desktop PC. The reasons are many but pronounce one is portability, now you are not bound to one specific corner of your room. These products offer nice features that are not possible in ordinary desktop PCs.

The latest products are equipped with advanced technologies that aid your performance. They are easy to manage and enhance your productivity in meaningful ways.

They are armed with fabulous technical specifications which are specially designed for developers. A laptop gives you more freedom and yield better results.

Best Laptops for Game Development 2020 Reviews

Here is the comparison chart for laptops for game development. You will find the basic features of laptops along with a check price button.

Laptop for Game Development 2020 Features Screen Price
Apple MacBook Air 1.6 GHz, Intel Core i5, retina display 13″ Check Price
Google Pixelbook 7th generation Intel i5, 8 GB RAM 12.3″ Check Price
Huawei Matebook 8th generation Intel Core i5, 2K touch 13″ Check Price
ASUS Chromebook Intel Core M3 Processor, touchscreen 12.5″ Check Price
Microsoft Surface Book Intel Core i7, 2-in1 laptop 13.5″ Check Price

Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air is going to bewitch you with its elegant burnished look. It lets creativity to surface out. It is important for a game developer. Developing a game is a creative and artistic job that is best for 2020.

This thinner and lighter Notebook also offers you a choice to choose your favorite color. It comes in three different color accents. Of these three colors are Space Grey, Gold and Silver to boost your creativity.

Why the MacBook AirIs brilliant for you is its perfect display. It comes with a spectacular Retina display. One of the fantastic things about this display is that it has four times as many pixels as an HD display. This makes it good for game development.

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It gives you the power to create adventures and high graphics games. It absolutely nails your art. You can add more graphics to your games with its spectacular clarity. It provides so much clarity in reading that you get the same experience as print.

Every time you are at the office with fresh pairs of eyes you will end creating something valuable. This laptop has a 13.3inches high-resolution retina display. It is offered with 48% more colors than the previous generation. The thing that is going to help you with is its razor-sharp text clarity.

I haven’t seen any other brand than Apple which is security conscious. This laptop is full of advanced security. It is ton up with Touch ID to make your fingertips its password. You MaC is just one touch away from you.

With your MacBook Air 2020, you need nothing to memorize. You can make secure online shopping on Apple Pay. Without any passwords, just show it your fingertips.

You can access immediately your lock documents, system settings notes and etc. With Touch ID your privacy will remain secret. Your transaction information and card details never shared. So this is the time to make the right choice.

One of the unique security features this laptop has is the Apple T2 security chip. This silicon made chip is placed in your MacBook Air to make it more secure. Every private work you do on your PC will be safe. Your SSD storage is fully encrypted. Let’s have this end to end encrypted laptop and make a secure move.

Apple always goes deeper to provide uniqueness and comfort in the device. Equipped with an advanced keyboard that features Apple`s butterfly mechanism. Fewer people are familiar with this technology. Another ordinary keyboard has a scissor mechanism.

MacBook Air has a butterfly mechanism that provides 4X more key stability. Now you will type with greater comfort. You will have a rapid response every time you make a keystroke or write a text. It uses an ambient light sensor which helps you to work even in a low light environment.

This keyboard has individual LED backlight keys. With such a wonderful keyboard in your hand, your typing will be more stable along with precision. Now you will have ultimate control over typing.

Programmers spend more time on display and it is fundamentally linked with your laptop performance. MacBook Air has an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor. Now all of your activities will e powered with this fast processor. It places tremendous performance on the fist.

Now your daily utilities will be facilitated by the performance of your PC. This laptop has up to 16GB of memory you can work with multiple applications at the same time. You will have extra room for your files and photos with 1TB of SSD storage.

It is unbelievable that such a quality packed laptop has such a low weight. It has just 2.75 pounds of weight. You can carry it everywhere. You can manage every minute of the day on your work. With such a lightweight option it offers excellent portability.

This 15.6mm thin laptop uses the latest 802.11ac WiFi for the fast internet connection. This latest WiFi enables you to work with full momentum, communicate with your publisher and discover more fun in your games.

It also has Bluetooth connection for making the connection with other devices for sharing. It lets your files to move between your MacBook and mobile devices. Now without plugging in, you can do anything on your laptop.

It has a long 12 hours of working time. Now you are not restricted. You can work all day and all the time. It will be everywhere. Whether you are creating documents, doing online shopping, etc. long battery life enables you to work more on your program.

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The improved sound system of MacBook Air is excellent in itself. It delivers more volume by its two stereo speakers. Now you will have extra joy when listening to music or watching videos. Siri will guide you through your voice with accurate voice capture.

Facetime HD camera lets you call your families and friends. This laptop is incredible and perfect for a developer. It has excellent durability. With its flawless and lower carbon finish, it is something of uniqueness.

Google Pixelbook

This device is amazing. This high-performance Chromebook offers nice features that fit your developing profession. Offered with 7th generation Core i7 processor, it is built to perform. It has 8GB RAM with a 256GB hard drive. Its powerful processor offers you the fast processing so you are unstoppable.

One of the unique features of this Chromebook is Pixelbook Pen, which is specially designed for your laptop. This smart and rapidly responsive pen helps you to achieve maximum at your work. This pen is offered with Google assistance. Now you can draw and design with full momentum.

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Developing a video game is like to develop software. The difference you create is by adding voice and characters. Game developers specifically work on designing, drawing the architecture of the game and such other things.

Now the problem mounts when you work at ordinary PCs. You will work fluently with Pixelbook Pen and this helps in game development.

Powered with Chrome OS it delivers speed and offers you more flexibility at work. It keeps your every move on this book secure. You will have virus protection up to date. It gets updated automatically. 

It seems this Chromebook hates pretty much with sluggishness, hence provides rapid startup speed. It gets started in less than 10 seconds. This operating system will keep you in the constant flow so your work yields more.

Supported with the latest applications it gives you endless possibilities. Google Drive lets you save cloud data and access it where you need it. Google Docs enables you to draft valuable documents. Photos will let you capture the moment with happy and unforgettable memories. You will have direct access to Google Play where you can download apps and play offline.

Convertibility is in your hands. This laptop offers you four different modes to enhance your productivity. You can add more potential to your work. It works as a laptop when you are dealing with writing. It works as a tablet when you are setting graphics.

You can also switch it to entertainment mode when there is movie time. Tent mode allows you to make creative modes. This super stylish laptop is only 10.3mm thin unibody. Adding more to its side, it has only 2.45lbs weight.

The fast touch display adds something more in its borders. All in all, you will have the ultimate package without any burden to your budget in this sense this is the valuable asset you can have. 

This product offers you to work 10 hours without plug it in. now you work better, harder and longer in order to achieve your target. You have to forget about its power problem. Even then its battery goes down, give it 15 minutes. It will work 2 hours after charging for just 15minutes.

Pixelbook is featured with an aluminum body to give it extra durability. Now you will get a durable masterpiece. It has Gorilla Glass finish to protecting it outer. It provides extra defense line to the display. Your PC will get less scratched even with its flexible usage.

You can use it with your principles. It is there just to be summoned. One of the super stylish components of this laptop that I have like is its keyboard. It is fantastic and comfortable. It has silver backlight keys, when flash, also flashes your brain with more vibrations.

Brilliant keys with perfect key spacing allow you to type with smooth hands. You will have no hurdle once you had put your hand on these comfortable keys. Your fingers dance with an unstoppable wave.

Google assistance is ready to enhance your productivity. Now by simply pressing the Google assistance keys, you will be facilitated with full protocol. It also gets started when you say OK Google. Now all the time it is ready to help you.

It helps you a lot in your work especially when you are working on developing. It gives you all kinds of help at your summons. Pixelbook is everything about Google. Your work needs nothing but positive feedback and there is none other than Google who can understand your work agenda.

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Through this laptop, you will be connected all the time with the latest Google applications. This technology giant will be on your side, what else you need. Your profession with this Ultrathin book is definitely going to bloom.

Without any hesitation in mind, if you seriously want a profitable help and need assistance, there is none other than Pixelbook. It is designed for performance, the performance you need for your work. With everything in it, this is a handsome package.


Notebook 13 comes at the surface with its powerful 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor. It truly suits and boosts your work. When your works require more applications to run at the same time, this laptop will facilitate you.

Now your power will be unrestricted. Power inside this laptop delivers everything at fast speed giving you ease at work.

With integrated graphics, this device is the perfect combination of power and possibilities for your work. Two things especially matter in game developing, that is, processor and graphics.

How fast your processor is, determines your work speed: How good graphics does it provides underlines your gaming quality and its graphics. So the combination of both the above said features in your laptop yields something worthy for you.

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This product has a full view display that brings excellent visual experience to your senses. Matebook 13

 The display has an 88% screen to body ratio. It provides a larger and showy display that enhances your experience and gives you delighted insight.

Now your work gets an overall advantage over style and with this feature. It also adds beauty to the overall style and design of the laptop. So it pumps something extra and something more amazing with its bezel thin 4.4mm slender design.

It really ignites your imagination with a full spike. Now your ideas get reflected in your work. It simply boosts your level of proficiency. This full view border display will benefit you in other significant ways. You will have in your hand a perfect machine to settle your ideas into their physical counterparts.

To orchestrate this full view display with its portability, it comes with a low weight signature. This laptop weighs only 2.86 pounds. It measures 11.26” wide X 8.31” deep X 59” high. Now productivity is in your reach with excellent comprehensiveness.

Magnificence in this department certainly helps you to manage your work with less effort and more production. Delicacy is not the single potent specification of this laptop is loaded with. It comes more advanced when things like auxiliary parts are also leveled with better technology.

I am talking about its cooling system which is not just efficient but also excellent in working and yield. It cools down perfectly to your Matebook 13 whenever your workload heats it up. To add something extra this laptop has innovative cooling. It is different from other ordinary laptops.

Its shark fin design and 2.0 cooling solution work differently from others. It reaches up to 8,000 revelations per minute which increases more airflow. With such an excellent technology this laptop remains cool in any situation.

Provided with Dolby Atmos, the Matebook 13 is your entertainment theater. It delivers an unforgettable entertainment experience to you when you are watching movies. It pushes a clear and powerful moving cinematic experience. With its perfect sound effect, this laptop is now your home theater.

This PC is very user-friendly. With its One-touch power button, it starts up so quickly letting you log in a few seconds. With its optimized BIOS, it is fast and safe. Now it is the thing of the past and you will not be on the wait.  You will get instant access in no time.

The above-explained striking feature is very beneficial. It saves your time on power on your PC. You will be easily in with a one-touch power button.

This device offers you fast charging. It comes with an advanced multifunctional pocket charger. It quickly charges your laptop and smartphone at the same time. With its multifunctional connectors, you can also charge other devices.

In just 15 minutes of charging it gives you 2.5hours of battery life. With its powerful and long battery life, you are free to settle your problems. Your work will be more productive and you will have better command at game development. These features make this product one of the Best Laptops for Game Development in 2020.

This laptop is offered with a multi-touch precision screen. It lets you experience amazing touch. It responds to every touch with delicate accuracy. This laptop has 10 point touch screen technology. It completes your work in a more precise way. It is tuned for high-level sensitivity.

Now with a slight touch, you will have what you want. Adding more to its safety, anti-fingerprint coating keeps the screen smudge-free. For more functionality, this device includes Mate dock 2.0. it gives you an extra portability option.

Now you can connect more peripherals to enhance your productivity. This product has a USB Type-A port, USB Type-C port and an HDMI port for better connectivity. You will also find a VGA port. It has a microphone/headphone jack to give you a superb listening experience.

The keyboard of this product is very elegant. The backlight jet black keys are much softer. The key spacing between the keys is wide and gives you better typing. You will find a comfortable and smooth keyboard that lets you type with ease.

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It is also offered with many short keys to enhance its functionality. Matebook 13 is powered with the latest Windows 10 Home operating system. It is offered with free Office 365 to give you professional assistance.

Many other great features of Windows 10 allow you to enhance your creativity. This laptop also has the latest 802.11ac WiFi. This latest WiFi option takes you to a higher level of wireless connectivity. You will have fast internet connectivity and your work will get better results.

ASUS Chromebook

With its lightweight design Chromebook is the best choice for professional developers. It has only 2.65 pounds of weight. The sleek and thin design of this product adds more to its style and beauty. With its professional-grade metal body, this device is nice in terms of its durability.

Featured with gorilla glass for display protection, it protects the screen from scratches and makes it smudge-free. You will have a clear display with full protective measures. Its super clean design adds something more to your curiosity. Now you will have a better device that is best in your interest.

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In developing games one thing that should be on your priority list is the connectivity of your device. Chromebook 302 offers the latest connectivity and by that, it ensures the productivity of your work. You will find this device profitable online and offline.

It is featured with powerful and efficient 4.0 Bluetooth. It offers fast and very convenient connectivity with other devices all the time. It offers you a wide sharing option with its fast 802.11ac WiFi you will get fast internet connectivity.

You might be well familiar with its functionality and yield if you are a publisher. You can watch and play videos online and offline. Wherever you go you will have entertainment box in your device. It does not matter you have a WiFi connection or not, now you can download and play offline videos.

This device is also offered with built-in security features. The Chrome OS gives you endless protection with its brilliant features. It frees your mind from any danger of being attacked by viruses as it offers the latest virus protection.

With automatic updates, it frees your mind from losing anything which is worthy of you. Your documents will be in safer hands.

It offers personal Google account free rock-solid security. You will have a better security option to select and secure your device. Your emails, documents, photos and important files will be kept safe all the time. The latest antivirus protection keeps your PC secure and safe from viruses.

Now you will face no hacks to your laptop. Chrome OS will take care of your laptop. Chromebook 302 offers next-generation port configuration. It is equipped with a type-C connection with built-in security.

The USB 3 type-C offers you everything you need in a single connection. It has many functions to perform; now you can charge your laptop. It ensures fast data transfer and gives you an easy and effective sharing possibility.

This PC has other unique features and characteristics ports. It has reversible plug orientation; the purpose of this feature is to connect your favorite devices with your laptop. This PC is also equipped with a standard audio jack letting you emerge your hand free. These features make this product ideal for Game Development.

It is also slotted with an SD card reader port. It enables you to save more data and makes it available when you need it. This offers a Full HD display. Now enjoy your entertainment library in full HD. It delivers full HD viewing experience, letting you move with great joy.

With a spectacular color display, it provides a brighter and clearer watching experience. You can read books and other documents very clearly on this display. You will have clear text with full pixel resolution power.

Wide view panel of this device enables you to share screen contents with other peoples. It also plays a key role in developing. You will have a clear and brighter display for developing games. 

Loaded with an anti-glare panel and light sensor it reduces reflection and glare in the brighter environments. This technology also benefits your vision. It reduces fatigue and eye strain.

This laptop comes along a redefined keyboard. It is a better solution for hectic typing and brings the best result. It has one piece full-sized chiclet keyboard. This keyboard is offered with splendid features. Built with improved back assembly this keyboard provides minimal key floats and 1.4mm of key travel.

Now you will get a more awesome and defined typing feel. The Palm rejection feature is best for differentiating between actual fingertips and palm contact. The benefit it provides is to counter unintentional cursor movements. The wide key spacing between the keys delivers best for you.

It ensures comfort in typing and speed. Jet black keys with backlight add something extra to its beauty.  This extremely low weight at 2.65 pounds device is offered with a sleek aluminum body which means extra durability.

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The outer matches well with its interior Intel Core processor and 64GB storage and 4GB RAM for fast and efficient performance. This product has long battery life. It lasts all day with you. You will have up to 10 hour’s on a single charge.

It has a fast booting of just 3.5 seconds of startup time. With all these and many other great features, this is fully packaged with nice specifications.

Microsoft Surface Book

This ultra-thin 2 in 1 laptop by Microsoft is loaded with many qualities features. It could be the ideal choice for developing games. Featured with the latest Intel Core i7 processor it matches your profession. It is built to deliver fast performance.

According to the infinity of your development skills, this processor powers this laptop with a tremendous amount of performance. Combined with 8GB RAM, it offers something special at a performance. With such a huge random access memory it processes things in a matter of seconds.

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The ultimate and final result of both these features will be the reduction in obstacles and boost up of your performance. It also offers 265GB of a hard drive. Now you can save more valuable data in your device.

Apart from its performance, this features a powerful battery life. It uses two Lithium polymers batteries. Now the problem of battery in your device has vanished from the way. This PC has up to 16 hours of playback time.

Game developing demands more graphics. The influence would be then, how much and how good your laptop comes to fill that requirement. Surface Book has integrated the GeForce GTX 965M graphic card to solve this problem. It gives better support for your graphics demanding games.

Adding more to its side this laptop has 2GB of DDR5 memory. Now you will have better and quality graphics and best display in your side. You will get more momentum and accelerate your confidence in a meaningful way.

This 2 in 1 laptop has a magnificent 13.5 inches Pixel Sense display. It is perfect with touch and pen. It has offered everything you need just touch on things and make them yours. The most amazing thing you will have is its 3000×2000 resolution power display.

Now see everything whether it is about entertainment on crystal clear display. It defines everything once it has been displayed on its screen, in full detail. You will enjoy crystal clear image quality.

Every move you made on this laptop will be amazing. You can enjoy movies, dramas and other videos on this crystal clear display. You will have the experience you have never before.  You can read books and other PDF documents in a fully bright and colorful display.

Adding more to its curiosity, Surface Book is offered with Surface Pen to enhance your developing skills. You will be more productive with this pen. Now you can easily make 3D models. You can do more creative moves with this beneficial tool.

Now you can things on more things in better ways, you will show better advancement. This Surface Book is powered with Windows 10 operating systems. This operating system as you are already familiar makes every move that has been done more productive.

It has the latest applications and manages easy settings. You will feel amazing and experience something new. Among other great and advanced features, this operating system has offered are the best you need.

Window Hello, the latest application Window 10 has offered, allows you to make free moves. With this application, you will get more secure and fast access to your device. Now the past time problem of typing long and confusing passwords is the thing of the past, Window Hello offers password-free sign in. you will have more time to spend developing games and less time to spend on typing strong level passwords.

Another excellent and profitable feature this operating system offers is Window ink. It is the best way to capture notes at the speed of thought. It gives you access to many Windows 10 applications without being logged in. it displays anything on your desktop and makes it easy for you to reach.

This application is also productive for game developing. The good thing about this device is that: it is 2 in 1 laptop. You can detach the screen and make it your tablet.

When you need typing simply attach the keyboard and restore it as a laptop. You can also benefit yourself from this feature in other ways. You can enjoy watching movies and playing games without having the weight of its pad.

Why this device can be a good choice for game developers? You might wonder your mind for a significant period of time to find the answer. Let me clear your obstacle and explain to you why this device is the perfect choice for developing games.

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Surface Book is a performance-based device and there is zero doubt. Along with performance, this device is offered with intensive professional software. It comes with much professional software, like Auto CAD, Revit, Solid, etc.

This software is missing on many brands or they are not supported. Now you can get more advantages of this software. One of the best things I have found is Adobe premium.

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