How to Check What DPI My Mouse is On?

How to Check What DPI My Mouse is On?

DPI of the mouse stands for dots per inches. The dots of the mouse determine the sensitivity of this small device. The more of these dots per inches, the more will be the speed of the mouse. 

How to Check What DPI My Mouse is On? You can check your mouse DPI by using software, MS paint, online DPI calculator, check specifications, and from the instructions manual.

How to Check What DPI My Mouse is On?

A mouse with a higher number of DPI is much more efficient than a mouse with a lower amount of numbers. A more sensitive mouse is the preference of many buyers for their laptops and computers.

This quality of the mouse is not right in all possible scenarios. Some users of games find it annoying sometimes because a small movement can lead to a significant change. 

Dots per inches of a regular mouse

It directly affects the movements, you can estimate the values for your mouse simply and instantly. If your mouse is on sixteen hundred DPI and you move your mouse to one inch, then the cursor can move to sixteen hundred pixels. The higher the rate of DPI, the more will be the sensitivity.

Name of mouse Dots per inches (DPI)
MARVO 12000
Cooler master mm711 16000
Razor basilisk 6400
Redragon M711 cobra 10,000
Razer mamba 16,000

Highest DPI of mouse

The mouse with twelve thousand dots per inches is very efficient. Although the number seems meaningless, the mouse with this type of sensitivity moves at a fantastic speed. The cursor can move up to three hundred inches. The movement occurs every second. Logitech mice have this ability in them.

By having this type of sensitivity, you can move your mouse to an unrealistic speed. Many people prefer high speed and better responsiveness. The only gamer does not like this type of products because of its sensitivity. One-touch can lead to drastic changes for them.  

 Adjustable dots per inches

If you want to adjust the specs of your product, then make sure your windows settings are correct. For adjustment, follow this procedure step by step. First, go to the control panel of your mouse.

Now click the pointer options tab. Apply the settings which are listed in the tab. Now find out on which DPI your mouse is working right now. You can change or adjust the value between four hundred and five hundred. You can use a gaming mouse with your laptop.

Difference between DPI and CPI

These are essentially the same things. Some analyzers use the CPI calculations and few using the CPI method.

It is dots per inches CPI is count per inches
It is the sensitivity and speed. CPI is the number of virtual pixels
The calculation can be carried out by an online calculator and ruler Calculation of pixels can be carried out onboard sensor

Ways of checking DPI of a mouse

If you are using a product that is branded and high in quality, then you can check all the information about this mouse.

You can check and calculate the values by using the instructions. These instructions are usually present in the manuals of the mouse. There is some expensive mouse which exists in the market. The most expensive gaming mouse has better features.

If you have a non-branded mouse and you want to check the values, then you have to follow these methods.

Use software

A non-branded product and its features are usually dependent on the driver of the windows and its stock. For finding out and check the specs, you can download the software. This software might be available on the website of the company. You can go to the website of your product’s company and can download the software with a simple click.

The software is multi-tasking and provides you various options. You can calculate and check the sensitivity and can utilize other options as well. The website gives you the opportunity of changing the buttons options. There is a specific setting on the website, which is known as dots per inches set.   

The settings can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The difference in settings means the whole method can be different when you try to calculate and check the features of the product. There are various apps available in the settings of the website.

These apps contain the parameters of movements and installing drivers. You can choose and install an app of your choice in the form of installing drivers. By using this app, you can check the sensitivity and movement rates. This can also fix your laptop if it is playing random music.

Use MS paint

If you are looking for the easiest method to check your mouse, then this method is for you. The technique is related to the usage of two subsections of Microsoft office. These two sections are Microsoft paint or a program of a paintbrush. For the utilization of this method, you need to follow a few steps.

You should disable the settings of mouse acceleration before you start the checking method. For the disabling of the mouse, you should go to the mouse settings. Open the control panel, and click the option of disabling in the settings.

After the completion of disabling, make sure that it is not working. Now you should open the Microsoft paint in your device. There is no specification associated with the Microsoft paint. You can use any of the settings in your operating system. 

Now you need to make sure that the positive edges and the negative edges are at the hundred percent. These edges are present at the bottom side. You should move the cursor now to the most left corner. You can see the pixels there, the area of the pixel shows that there are zero pixels. These pixels are not zero; there are five in number.

You must have a ruler in this step. Spot the ruler from the starting point. You should move the cursor to one inch, which is approximately two point fifty-four centimeters.

The direction of the movement should be horizontal. This calculation is not the same as the features of your product, but it is closest to the exact value. 

For proper calculation, you can three or more readings. After getting the readings, take the average of this value. You can sum up all the readings and can divide these with the number of readings. As a result, you can get an estimated number of values. The method is reliable and efficient. You should perform it according to the instructions given.

Online DPI calculator

Some people do not find their calculations accurate. If you are one of those people you do not trust their methods, then this method is an excellent approach for you. You can use an online calculator, which can help you to calculate the specs of your product. The online calculator gives you an approximate value. The method of checking the sensitivity by the online calculator is provided below.  

First of all, go to the settings, click on the pointer tab of options in the settings. Now the most important step is rendering the option of enhancing pointer precision.

The acceleration can stop the measurement, and ultimately, all the calculations can become meaningless. If you are using a  drive software in your device, then disable the acceleration in the first step.  

You can search for an online dot per inches analyzer. The analyzer is also known as an online calculator for checking the sensitivity. Find out the requirements of the online calculator as well. You can move it from left to right direction of your computer or other electronic device’s screen.

In this way, you can measure the distance of both sides. You also require a ruler in this measuring method. This ruler must be virtual. You can measure and calculate the distance covered by your pointer. 

You can add this calculation in the distance box after each cycle. If you do not know the values, you cannot put this value in the configured box. There is a Red Crosshair available at the end of the page.

Click the Red arrow and drag it to the right side. Move the Red Curouser with a specific distance, and this distance must be your entry. If you do not move the Red Crosshair at the immense speed, you can get the accurate values.

You should be very careful if you are checking the sensitivity of your mouse online. Your pointer should not exceed the screen of the monitor or LED. If you move the pointer out of the screen, then your results will be incorrect. In the end, when you can leave the button, then an image appears on the screen. This image shows the actual numbers.

The value in the picture is an approximate value that your mouse is on. This method is convenient for everyone who does not believe their methods of calculation. Online dots per inches analyzer are available for everyone. You should be careful while using this method.

Analyze specifications

If you want to calculate the numbers accurately, then this method is excellent for you. Checking and reading the manufacturer’s specifications on the website and other manuals are one of the best ways.

These specifications are available in the documents of your product. For checking the specs, first of all, go to the website of your gadget model. Check the site of the manufacturer and read it in detail. Now find the section where all information is stored and recorded for the customer information. You should carefully use the cursor, otherwise, one wrong click and your laptop screen will be zoomed in.

Checking product box

Some specifications are associated with the branded devices and few with unbranded. This method applies to both branded and unbranded devices.

When you buy a device, it comes in a box. You can read the features on this box. The manufacturing companies write the values on the packaging. 

The value remains constant in such cases. You can also learn the specifications written on the box and search the website of the company. This method is very reliable. The procedure saves time and effort. There is the least chance of error, and comprehension is box reading. 

Logitech mouse DPI

It depends on the model of your Logitech mouse that you get different settings on display. 

For estimating the values in the case of Logitech look for the options of automatic game detection. These detection options are present on the home screen. Once you find out, these settings click on the ‘ON’ option.

Enable these settings and then click on the pointer gear icon. This icon is present on the below section of the home screen page. This clicking will result in the opening of a new window.