How to Check if My Laptop Screen is 4K

How to Check if My Laptop Screen is 4K?

Here are 9 best DIY methods to check the 4K screen of your laptop. We have added top-rated laptops with a 4K screen for 2020.

How to Check if My Laptop Screen is 4K? You can check if your laptop screen is 4K by checking the display settings, graphics card, control panel, command prompt, and with different video players.

Minimum and recommended requirements for a 4K screen laptop

Hardware components

Minimum requirements

Recommended requirements


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 T

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super


Intel core i5

Intel core i7


8 GB

16 GB

Hard disk

10 GB

19 GB

Operating system

Windows 7,8.1, 10 (64 bits)

Windows 10 (64GB)

How to Check if My Laptop Screen is 4K?

In this article, we have explained fantastic techniques to check the resolution of your laptop. Along with this, we have added the minimum requirements for a 4K laptop screen.

Laptops with 4K screen

  • 2020 HP Pavilion Pro with 15″ 4K Screen
  • 2019 Apple MacBook Pro with 16” 4K Screen
  • 2020 Dell XPS 15 with 15” 4K Screen
  • 2020 Asus 15 X509 MA with 15.6” 4K Screen
  • 2020 Acer Aspire with 15.60” 4K Screen
  • 2020 Lenovo ideal pad slim 3 with 14” 4K Screen

What is the screen resolution?

Screen resolution is the ability of the device to produce a sharper image on it. You have to look for different options that may help you to increase the quality of the picture.

The number of pixels will decide the quality of the image. Different types of resolutions are available in the market that you have to choose as you want to get output from it. It is one of the essential things when you use your system for video streaming.

Is my laptop screen 4k?

Different parameters will decide the resolution of the screen. You can check the resolution from the settings of your computer.

You have to meet all the requirements of all the hardware in the system. This may include the speed of the processor, hard disk, RAM, and all other hardware components. You can check the resolution of your notebook by following some techniques:

Check display settings

First of all, you have to approach your system’s settings then you will see stings of all types. The display settings will pop up on your display when clicking it.

You have to look for all specifications of your screen there. Check the options to change the brightness or add any modes to the light. You can turn on the night mode there.

You will get the size of the display, display resolution, and orientation of the screen. You can increase or decrease the resolution from that toggle.

It is recommended that you must use it in the default settings to get a better life of your display without any problems.

You must change the settings after getting complete knowledge of the consequences of these changes.

You may get irritated when you see that the video quality is continuously decreasing after changing the settings.

It may cost too much when any problem occurs on the image. There are many changes in the display that you have to replace the entire panel that is too costly and cannot afford it in a limited budget.

If you purchase a low-quality panel due to a limited budget, it will suffer much with bad image quality. It helps to use a laptop outside with glare.

Try different video players

Different types of video players are working in our system, or you can operate a few of them online. YouTube is one of the major applications that play a video at all resolutions.

If you are watching some video in it, if you are getting all resolution options, then it means that you are operating with the ultra-high-definition display.

You may try to develop a system that is fulfilling all your requirements without any problem.

Other players specify the option of resolution for the understanding of the user. You can confirm the number of pixels by trying on different players.

You have to keep a continuous check on the video quality to note the working of the graphics card and other hardware components. Many people use it as a monitor for Nintendo Switch.

Check graphics card

It plays a significant role in the quality of the image that you are watching on your 4K screen.

You have to note that your graphic card is right, and the changing of the frame will depend on that graphic card.

You have to make sure that a better graphic card installs in the system that gives you better image quality.

Frames per second and refresh rate of display largely depend on the quality of products present in the system.

Nvidia is one of the top brands claiming a significant market share in the sales of these cards.

You have to note the specifications of these cards while installing it in your system. They will translate the instruction of the CPU to the images and videos.

If you are using the reliable graphic card in your device, it will communicate the signals faster, and your image quality will improve.

Visit control panel

You can also access the control panel to note the display of your computer. You have to search the control panel in the start menu of your PC and then try to look for display settings.

You will get all types of toggles there to note the settings of your display. You can improve your video quality by changing different things there.

You have to keep an eye on working on all the hardware components because if anything damages; then it will suffer a lot.

 You have to get complete information from different electronic websites about working on all parts to get a better idea.

You can visit different stores that will do the entire work of giving you graphics card and installing in your system. They will also provide a warranty for their installation that it will not suffer a lot. This will also fix if your laptop keyboard is not lighting up.

Check the hardware features

You can also go through the features of your hardware components. This is the simple approach that you can note without any problem.

You will no need to memorize a lot of steps and settings process. You have to turn your system on and leave it for some seconds to properly open all the functions.

When the operating system starts working, and all services are ready, then you have to right-click on the main menu.

You will see a white popup with multiple options, and you have to click on the properties.

You can note the size and its image quality from that bar. It is a simple approach by which you can get all the properties of hardware and software with one click.

You can get the features with this process when you are working on the windows operating system. You can get insurance for your laptop.

If you want to get them on MAC, you will get the information in the same way, but the name of the different products will vary.  

By installing applications

There are different applications in the APK or play store of google and APPLE that can be used to note the system’s audio and video specifications.

You have to install these applications from any store in your device and follow the steps to guide you. You should try to add the apps of good software developers.

Many applications are fake in these stores, and that should be timely reported on these stores.

You will get a complete overview when you open it in the play store that whether you will get all the things from it or these things are fake.

You have to uninstall all these applications after noting the specifications because these applications may become the reason for causing the virus in your system.

Check through command prompt

You have to install the application of the command prompt in your computer if it does not fit in your system. Many brands provide it as we purchase new products.

You have to search this command prompt in the search bar. After opening it, you will get a see a black image that is waiting for your command. You have to give the relevant command that information you want from it.

It is one of the reliable information that you are directly getting from the CPU and GPU of your system.

It will not give the bookish figure, but it will provide you with the exact figure you have. You must use this way to get reliable information rather than using other methods.

It will also take less time to operate as compared to other applications.

You can get these commands from various websites of the brands from where you have bought this product.