Why is my Laptop Asking for a Network Security Key

Why is my Laptop Asking for a Network Security Key?

Here are the 7 main reasons that can make your laptop to ask for a network security key. We have also added methods to find and keep the security key secure.

Why is my Laptop Asking for a Network Security Key? Your laptop can ask for a network security key because of a new operating system, virus, malware, damaged hard disk, faulty router, and password is not saved in your system.

There are different reasons for asking this password from the user. The user has set different security levels in it. These levels will ask different keys while using various applications in your device.

Many users set these security keys for their security to restrain the access of other people to essential documents of their device. 

Why is my Laptop Asking for a Network Security Key?

There are many chances that the system asks for an internet modem key when the administrator has not set any other key in its network.

There are different limits can set by admin that will take them to this end when other peoples are using. There are manifold benefits of using it if the user can remember it for a longer time because it saves his device form intruders. 

New laptop

If you have just bought a new computer, it will ask for all types of passwords, you have to store the data once. Add all the essential codes in the gadget and click on the Save button. This way there is no need to enter the code every time you log in to your device.

Faulty router

If your router is not working correctly, it will keep restarting. This may result in bad signals or even your gadget may ask for passwords again and again. Check it properly and if there is any damage, fix it.

Damaged hard drive

This is the most common cause, if your hard drive is not saving the data correctly then you will need to enter all the data every time. You should check the hard disk and if it is damaged, get a new one to prevent these issues.

Virus or malware

This is one of the main reasons that can make your device look for the codes. You should keep your notebook clean and secure from these dangerous files. It is better to scan for harmful files on a weekly basis to maintain all the files.

Laptop keeps restarting

If your notebook is restarting repeatedly, it will damage the gadget and its files, and your gadget will delete all the saved settings. You must restart the computer when required and with proper methods.

Some are powerful that they cannot be solved when you forget them. You must keep its backup at some safe place that will help you when you forget it. When you secure your system with it, you have to use the password that is easy for you and difficult to understand for others. 

These are the electronic signatures that they will allow any guest user to enter in a particular folder or not. It is better to use these at a relevant folder rather than using at startup of the device.

Types of network security keys

There are different codes that you can install on your system by depending on the importance of data present. Their various types are as following:


It is the wired equivalent privacy that is the old method of putting a code at its device. You have to make sure that the system that you are using should be consisting of a 40-bit password.

It can help a lot to create encryption of data between the modem and the personal setup. These are more exposed to hackers and can break in a few minutes. 

Different new methods are used these days. There are various ways to protect electronic appliances from hackers and data thieves by using these things.


It is the Wi-Fi protected access that is safer than WEP and the latest technique free from all types of hacking problems.

This type uses the temporary key internet protocol that will be changing with every packet of data you have. You have to develop the system more secure by using the latest techniques. 


It is one of the latest techniques of Wi-Fi protected passwords. It has developed by bringing innovations in the previous system, and it is safer than simple WPA.

It uses the latest algorithm for security purposes. The businesses that need to be highly confidential can use this system or WPA 3 to get better results. 

How to find the network security key?

Different appliances have different types of passwords, and they are present in different places. It varies from system to system that you cannot note while reading its description at its user manual.

It should be your priority to use a word that cannot easily access. You have to get a complete report from different software websites to get an idea of how to develop it. 

Check sticker of router

The sticker of the router may be available at its lower side. You have to look for the name because you will it under that name.

You must check that the system that you have may contain different colors of that sticker. Some are larger, and some are too small to be available when you look for them with complete focus. 

If your device connects with the internet, then there is no need to find that sticker.

Search from settings

You can get it in your appliances’ settings if it is correctly connected with the internet router. You have to follow some steps to reach it without facing any problem.

There are different procedures for using a different operating system. If you are using the Windows computer, then you have click on the start menu of your device. 

For windows operating system

It will pop up all the data in front of you, and you have to look for valid connections. You can look at it concerning alphabets because they will write in alphabets there.

If you are not getting it at its alphabets sequence, you can search it from the search bar. You will get all the results in front of you of your search. You can also use BOTIM on your laptop.

You have to select the correct tabs from the settings, and then the number of dots instead of characters will be showing on your screen.

You have to keep it secure from other users if you want to keep it confidential. It can be easily accessible to guest users if you do not follow the focus on it. 

For the Mac operating system

Mac is an operating system that is developed by Apple Inc. You have to follow some easy steps to get passwords in it.

You have to look for the search icon at the top right corner of your device to search for different fields.

You have to search for keychain access in the search bar to get relevant data there. When you search this keyword, you will see the pop-up screen with the name of internet devices. If you have a VR ready laptop, adjust the settings, and then use it.

These are the few simple steps that you have to follow to gain appropriate access. 

How to keep network security key secure?

You have to develop a strong password that should not be accessed by anyone. It should be a proper combination of alphabets and numeric.

It should be WPA that is present in various kinds of advanced products. You have to develop a proper mechanism to keep your data secure, for that, you can save it on a sticky note, spreadsheet of excel, or notes application of mobile phone.

It will give you the chance to read it when you require rather than resetting the whole device when you forget it. 

It is better to change it after every five to seven months to keep it away from the hackers.

The hackers can hack your devices when you hold it open in your appliance or not changing for a longer time.

You will also get a reminder from the system to change it when there are chances of hacker’s attacks. 

You should make it tough, which may become difficult to hack or access. You can use the term of the passphrase to get better results.