How to hide a laptop from parents?

How to hide a laptop from parents?

Here are 22 best ideas to hide your laptop from your parents. If you buy a laptop without the consent of your parents, then the article is for you.

How to hide a laptop from parents? You can hide a laptop from your parents by placing it in the basement, secret room, cabinet, hollow book, under the blanket, locker room, at a friend’s place, guest room, and behind the TV.

Perhaps you are searching for possible ways to hide it from your parents. Although it’s not a good idea to hide things from your parents, it requires a little effort to hide a laptop in your home. 

How to hide a laptop from parents?

Make sure your parents won’t hear the sound of your gadget. Keep the volume as low as you can so that no one can listen to it the sound of your laptop. You can use the following ways to make your room soundproof. 

Find strange places in your home

Try to find strange places in your home where no one can reach. Keep your products in a place where your parents don’t usually go. First of all, take all the pieces of evidence of your purchase like the box and all the packing so no one can see. Search for a secret place in your home so that you can use it.

Make sure your elders don’t usually visit that place. In this way, your family will be less likely to see your gadgets. 

Find a place in the basement area

The basement is one of the best places to hide the personal computer as the basement is an area of a house which is visited rarely. You can put it in the basement safely. You can simply go to the basement, close the door, and enjoy using your computer without the fear of being caught.

Hide it in your room

If you have a private bedroom, then you should use it in your bedroom. The most significant benefit of keeping the computer in your bedroom is that you can use your gadget any time you want. 

Hide under the bed

You can also place it easily under your bed. Ensure that you are protecting the gadget away from anyone’s sight so that no one can see your personal computer. Keep your device in a position that can be accessed easily.

You can also cover it with some paper or a piece of cloth so that no one can see it. You should be careful not to damage the keyboard while doing this procedure. Otherwise, your laptop keyboard will type the wrong letters.

Keep it in the cupboard

If there is a massive cupboard in your room, you can use it. Fix it under the clothes in your closet. Cover it with the clothes and other stuff so that no one can see your personal computer. There can a lot of dirt there, so you must clean the HDMI ports regularly.

Keep it in the blanket

You can also place your device under your rug. You can place it on the side table of your bed and camouflage it with some decoration pieces.

Put it on the higher shelf

If you have an extended shelf in your house or apartment, you can conceal your device on that shelf. Place it on the rack and cover it with various books. You can place it easily under or behind the books as the notebook is a very slim object, and it can easily be hidden.           

Hide in the guest house

A guest room is the best secret place because it is the place in the home where no one usually goes until the arrival of guests. You will get a peaceful place to protect your computer in the guest room. You can also use the computer in privacy in the guest room.

Hide laptop in a hollow book

If you have a large book that can accommodate your computer quickly, then you should go for this option without wasting any time. This is a new method to hide your computer. But don’t forget to keep the original copy of that book. Your siblings might ever want that book.

A lot of websites provide services to hollow out different types of books; they cut the paper and make a storage area in that book according to customer specifications. 

But if you can’t afford to shop for that type of book, then you can do it by yourself. Take a sharp-edged blade and cut out the extra pages from the book. Carefully discard all the trimmed pages so that no one will accuse you.

Place your gadget in that book heedfully. You can keep that book on the bookshelf between the other books no one will ever catch you and you use the Bitmoji on your laptop without any problem.

Hide it in your locker

There are certain places in your home where you definitely conceal your products like on the top of the closet, drawer, cabinet, etc. if you have a personal locker and it is big enough to protect your computer then yes it is the best place for you for your personal computer. Probably others also have tried these places in their youth for their stuff. Find more complicated and strange places for great success.

Utilize your sibling room

In case if you became suspicious in front of your family, don’t try to it in your bedroom as this is a prominent place to search for your belongings. Instead, you can store your gadget in the room of your siblings as this is less obvious, and your family will never search for your possession in your sibling’s room. But keep that in your mind that this trick will only work if your siblings have a separate room.

Use an old bag

Having an old school bag can be a blessing for you if you have purchased a personal notebook without the consent of your family. Cover the computer with some clothes and place them in that old bag. Keep the bag in the storeroom, under the bed, in the cupboard, or wherever you want. We bet your family will never suspect anything.

Apply different kinds of shields 

You can also wrap your device in a big tissue roll and then place it in a big shopping bag. You can keep that shopping bag in the cupboard. You can also use that shopping bag in the basement with the device under the old clothes.

Camouflage the shopping bag with the things around it so that it may not look suspicious. Keep that in your mind that you should use the things that your elders don’t usually move, use, or throw away.

Place it behind the TV

DVD players, televisions, and a console of a video game have different built-in flaps and compartments in it. But make sure that your elders won’t use these things. Also, make sure while protecting a computer, you may not harm the appliances as these are the sensitive parts.

Hiding a laptop in a garbage bag

Place the computer in the garbage and cover it with old clothes. No one will be able to suspect what is inside the garbage bag. But this is quite risky to keep the gadget in the garbage bag. If your family sees the garbage bag in your cupboard and try to throw it out, it will be a significant loss for you.

Use labeling technique 

If you label the bag, it will also help you to disguise your gadget. You can keep the device in the shopping bag or a plastic file and tag it with a ‘decoration for Christmas’ or ‘ birthday decorations’; in this way, no one will examine that file or bag until the specific time.

Use any secret area of a storeroom

The storeroom is the best place for this, choose the area of the storeroom where no one usually goes. You can slide the computer in the drawer of your old furniture. 

There are a lot of spare boxes in the storeroom. You can use any of these boxes, place your gadget safely in the box, and fix the box behind some old clothes. You can also place the box on the higher shelves so that no one can reach it. 

Use the cupboard of your bathroom

If you have an attached bathroom with your bedroom and it has some cabinets in it, then you are so fortunate. You can add your products in these cupboards, and no one will suspect it. Make sure to cover it with a plastic bag so that no moisture will damage your device.

You can easily use your device in your room whenever you want without any fear. Make sure no one will see you while taking out your computer from that cupboard. 

Hide it behind the sliding mirror

A sliding mirror is another best place for personal things. If you have one at your home, you can protect your gadget behind that mirror. Put your computer in a box or a bag, keep it on the higher shelf of the sliding mirror. 

Ensure that no one else uses the cupboards behind the sliding mirror. If someone’s else belongings are also there, don’t try to fix it behind that sliding mirror, or else you will get in trouble. 

Utilize the house of your friend 

If your guardians don’t agree with you, you can keep your stuff in your friend’s house. Seek help from your close friend in that matter and request him to keep your computer in his house. Advise him to take care of your device. 

You can use your computer freely and without any fear when your elders are not at home. You can play games, enjoy music and do your work on your personal computer fearlessly. You can also it early in the morning or late at night when your family is sleeping.

Use cork boards and foam squares

To reduce the sound of the devices, use cork boards and foam squares. These items are readily available in any craft store. These items will help you to decorate your bedroom, and this will also not make you doubtful. Place the rug beneath the door; it will block the maximum sound coming out of the room.

Practice your backup plan

It’s okay if your plan of hiding a gadget is going well, and you are successful in protecting the device. But also prepare a backup plan as you cannot hide your computer for so long. Try to convince your elders and talk to them but you should have a backup plan in case if your parents don’t agree with you.