How to connect a laptop with TV without HDMI?

How to connect a laptop with TV without HDMI?

Here are 9 best DIY methods to connect your laptop with the TV without HDMI cable. You should always check the compatibility between the devices before making the connection.

How to connect a laptop with TV without HDMI? You can connect a Laptop with the TV without HDMI by using Windows 10, Airplay mirroring, Chromecast screen, Wireless HDMI, USB cord, installing Plex software, Bluetooth, coaxial cable, and VGA.

It will keep you from the complication of wires. If your family wants to watch a movie at home, you may connect the laptop with TV.

How to connect a laptop with TV without HDMI?

In this article, we have explained various methods for connecting a laptop with the TV. We have explained methods for both Windows and MAC. Let me explain in detail:

Use Google Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast, you can connect a laptop with a TV. Chromecast is the red-hot technology appliance. It is a perfect match to connect both devices. You must have a proper WI-FI connection to join them. You should update the latest version of Chrome on your computer.

You can connect more than one screen to a notebook using Google Chromecast.

If you have not used Google Chromecast before, you should know connecting devices using Google Chromecast. First of all, you should connect Chromecast to the respective port on display. Now you have to visit the Chromecast setup page to download the Google home application.

You will see some instructions on the screen. Follow these instructions to connect the devices. After completing the setup, you have to open the Google Chrome on your computer. Click on the three dots appearing on the right top of the screen. Select the option Cast and connect it with the available Chromecast device. 

You have to choose which media file you want to stream on display. There are options to select the streaming media on Chromesuch as cast tab, cast desktop, and cast file. When you have selected the file, you can watch the content on the screen. For this, you should place the devices within the range.

Windows 10

You can connect your laptop with other gadgets if you have installed Windows 10 in your device. Windows 10 can join the tools with my favorite MiracastTM standard technology. You should make sure the availability of Wi-Fi connections so that devices can receiveMiracast signals.

Before connecting the devices, you have to check the driver and software. You must update these if they are out of date. Your display must support Miracast features. You should read the guide book to avoid any complications. Turn on your TV and connect it to Wi-Fi. 

If you have Android TV, press the home button. You have to select the screen mirroring in the list of apps. Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen to complete the process. Now start your gadget and enable the Wi-Fi connection. Press the Windows button on the keyboard and open the settings. There you select devices option.

You will see the option Bluetooth and other devices, select it, and choose to add a device screen option to add the TV ID in the list. After pairing both devices, your gadget content will display on the screen. Sometimes there is a problem in Windows to take Miracast features. You should verify the settings; you can use an adapter if its system does not support Miracast.

Using the USB cord

You can hook up your gadget with TV using USB to watch videos, pictures, and presentations on screen. You have to put USB in the USB cord of both devices. Your display should have advanced technology to receive signals from using USB. You can watch the files on the screen which you have to allow on the computer. You can replace the broken USB port for better results.

Before connecting them, you have to turn off both devices. Port the USB in the respective port of both devices. You can find a USB port on the back part of the equipment. You should follow the arrow’s label on the port while plugging in the USB.

If you have wrongly put the USB, there will be chances of cracks. After connecting USB on both devices, you have to turn on the devices. A confirmation popup notice hardware detection will appear on the screen. You should always clean the HDMI port on your laptop for better results.

Use VGA Cable

VGA is a cable connection method to output the video content from the host device. You can find a VGA port having a blue color on the gadget. If your screen has a VGA port, you can easily connect it with a computer. You must know VGA can only send video output. To send audio data, you will join the additional audio cable on both devices.

For pairing both devices, you have to plug in VGA cable in the respective port of both gadgets. You must have fixed the connecting pieces of wire in the port to improve the video result. For an audio connection, you have to fix RCA cable in the audio output jack of the device. Adjust another end of the wire in the audio input jack of the display.

Now you have to turn on your devices to check the result. You have to click on the source button of remote until the input source changes into VGA. After this, you have to change the display settings. Press the Windows button to open the Control Panel.

In the control panel, you will select option appearance and Personalization. Further, new display detected notice will appear on the screen. There you have to choose the Mirrored option. You will see the duplicate video content on both screens of devices. Now click on Ok option to store the settings. You should properly adjust the settings; otherwise, it can make your laptop adaptor very hot.

Installing Plex Software

You can install this software on your gadget to enjoy the quality of the stream on the screen. This software makes it possible to access media files on any device. You can save media files in the library of software. This software will automatically save your data in their respective category. You must have the reliable internet speed to avoid buffering.

You have to install the software Plex Media Server. You will need to create an account on this software. After the Wizard setup is completed, you have to open the software. This Wizard setup will help to store your account information. The software will ask to save files in the library. You can connect both devices using the cable and enjoy the videos.

Wireless HDMI

You can use wireless HDMI to connect both devices. Wireless connections will give the best streaming on screen. You can join them between the ranges of 15-30 meters. You can mount the display on the wall without connecting wire. You can move your tools anywhere in the room.

You have to plug the transmitter in the gadget for the signals. The receiver is plug in the TV to receive the incoming signals. After connecting, you have to turn on both devices. You will need to pair the devices. It has an independent setup to work. 

Airplay Mirroring

If your display is 32 inches, you can enjoy the movies using Airplay mirroring. You should make sure if your devices support airplay mirroring. There is no need to plug in a wire. It is a quick and easy method to pair both devices. You have to download AirParrot apps on both devices. It will give seven days of free trial to enjoy.

You have to purchase the app if you want to continue the service. Adjust your devices using Wi-Fi and pair them. Open the control system and select screen mirroring. Select your TV on the list. You can see the videos or pictures on TV which you have to allow on your equipment.

Coaxial Cable

You can use coaxial cable to pair both devices. It can transmit video content from your gadget to the display. When you have connected both gadgets, you will install the software on the computer.

If this software does not appear, then you should download it. The system will ask to follow the installation instruction. After this, you can watch movies and seasons on the external screen. You should buy a good quality coaxial cable for better results.


You can exchange data wirelessly at a short distance using Bluetooth. Modern devices’ Bluetooth can work better between distances of 30 meters. If it supports Bluetooth, you can share files and presentations on its screen.

Turn on your devices and enable their Bluetooth. You need to discover TV on the devices list. You have to allow it to receive data from your computer. If you do not have Bluetooth features, you have to buy a 3.5mm transmitter.

You have to change the setting of both devices. On TV, you may need to change the audio configuration. Go to setting and select the sound option. There you have to change the audio source; now, your audio data will exchange from notebook to TV.