Why is my laptop just showing a black screen?

Why is my laptop just showing a black screen?

If your laptop screen is just showing black, you should find the main cause of this problem. The screen of the laptop displays so many colors according to the command of the server. But a laptop also displays the black color of the screen. The black screen of this gadget is due to some problems with the monitor. 

Why is my laptop just showing a black screen? The black color of the laptop screen can be due to false plugging of wires, low power, improper booting, poor necessary connection, overheating, low brightness issues, internal breakage of the screen, scratches or damage of the screen, low quality of LCD and issue in an operating system.

Why is my laptop just showing a black screen?

These are the primary issue that becomes the reason for the black screen. If you try to resolve these issues, your screen will able to perform well. Following is a brief description of these issues.

Due to false plugging of wires

Wires and cables play the leading role in the whole display system. Because due to proper plugging and connection of wires, you can get the right functioning of the screen. Wires that are present in this smart device made of copper that can solder with different parts. These copper wires are used to contact the screen of this super lap computer with the power supply. The screen illuminates with the help of the wire. 

If the screen becomes black, the false plugging of wire could also be the main reason behind it. Due to the false connection of wires, the exact connection could not obtain so the screen is unable to present color.

Low power

The other major issue due to which the color of the screen is black is lack of power. Power gives energy to the laptop due to which it works efficiently, and its screen displays well. But if it has no power then the display will compromise.

So, you should use the fluctuation free supply charge to the laptop. For supplying charger, connect it with the power supply and recharge it. When it gets enough energy, then its screen will illuminate upon your command. When the power of the laptop is critically low, then it takes a few minutes to charge and start.

So plug the charger and let it charge for 5 to 10 minutes. After 5 to 10 minutes of charge turn on your device, you notice that its screen will illuminate. This can cause your laptop to shut down automatically.

Improper booting

Booting is the start of this smart electric gadget with the help of hardware and software. You press the power button that is the command to this device through the hardware system, and this button sends the command to turn on the device. This is a software command. This whole phenomenon is known as booting.

Improper booting occurs due to old or ruptured hard disks. The old or rupture hard disk is disabled to transfer messages. As the messages do not transfer quickly, this device is not able to get accurate command due to which the display shows error. You should properly wake up your laptop from hibernation.

Poor necessary connection

This electric gadget is a complex system of wires having a lot of connections. As the required connections lost or connected devices are unable to perform accordingly, then it is tough for the screen to perform well. Poor connections include improper fitting of internal wires that connect the screen with the hard drive or with the power on and off button. 

Poor connection occurs when your smart gadget has nickel wiring instead of copper. Nickel wiring ruins soon and disturbs the whole functioning of the device because they cause a spark. This spark will ruin the whole circuit and damage the display.


When any electric gadget use more than its capacity or limit will heat up, and this heating up is natural in some devices. But if just after few minutes of use your smart device heats up a lot and you can feel its heat from some distance then this phenomenon is known as overheating of the laptop. This can make your laptop adaptor so hot.

The heating and overheating occur due to the improper functioning of the fan. The main purpose of the fan is to expel the heat out and keep other parts cool. The fan of the laptop works like an exhaust fan, but if this fan is unable to perform well, then the heating occurs. This can result in a zoomed-in laptop screen.

Low brightness issues

Brightness introduces an ideal and amazing look to the screen and makes it attractive. But the low light makes the screen dull and dark. Brightness will automatically decrease due to low power and by turning on the power-saving mode. Sometimes the display of the screen will be like that the brightness looks low. The picture you notice on the screen is a combination of various color contrasts. 

Due to low brightness, the dull part of the screen looks dark. When your device has low power, its brightness automatically decreased. 

It also appears due to improper adjustment of screen angle to vision. When you do not adjust the screen according to your head, and that time the brightness of the display is low.

Poor power supply to the display screen

Screens of the gadgets require energy to turn on and off, and the screen gets this energy from the power supply system. This is the most crucial cause in those gadgets in which the screen becomes separate from the lower part. This type of screen gets energy by connecting with the lower part when it becomes a complete laptop. 

The part of the device form where screen detached and attached there is a strong bond between both of them. If, due to some improper fitting or other connectivity issues, the lower part of the device becomes unable to supply energy to the upper screen. 

Internal breakage of the screen

Although the screen looks good externally when you turn on your device, you notice that your gadget is turning on the light of power on and off is flashing and it has current, but the screen has no light. It will like the same when the gadget was power off. Then it is obvious that the screen has some internal breakage issues. 

This issue occurs due to the falling of your gadget from your hand or some few inches height. Due to falling externally, the screen will have no scratch, but internally the connections of wire are very sensitive that can break even due to tiny jerk. 

The other reason is the spark of wires that supply connection to the screen to illuminate. This spark occurs most commonly when you plugged your device to recharge it, and there is a severe break down in voltage of electric current.

This random up and down in the voltage can destroy the wires of the charger and also the gadget that plugged in with it. This occurs only when the wires of the gadget are of poor quality.  

So the screen is unable to illuminate and show black color when it does not get proper supply to on due to some of its internal issues while whole gadget parts are well. 

Scratches or damage

This reason occurs most commonly in the touch screen gadgets. A person touches the screen again, and again, this so much touching to the screen directly can enhance the scratches over the screen, and these scratches reduce the brightness.

Because on the screen behind the illuminated, a layer of rough and tough marks appear that damage its quality and play the leading role in enhancing this issue.

Due to falling from a few meters even from 2 to 3 feet, the screen of the gadget will break down. This breakdown cuts the connection of devices from every hardware and software due to which the screen is unable to accept any type of command.

The only solution to this problem is to replace this screen with the new one because it is impossible for it to repair. You can notice the cracks immediately that it get after break down due to its falling. 

Sometimes if you touch these cracks, they have a small voltage of current in it that is due to connecting of sharp glass pieces with wires. These pieces rupture the wire due to which it is producing current. So replace it as early as possible. This can also cause your laptop fan loud within minutes.

Low quality of LCD

LCD that is low in quality will not be able to show a good display because, in low-quality LCD, the glass used is of low and cheap quality due to which when any small issue in the software of the device occurs, it starts showing black.

When there is low light, and even if the power is gradually decreasing, the color of LCD is also starting fainting and even in first warning the low power it turns the screen black. It also has very negative on the eye-sight. 

Low-quality LCD takes much more time to turn on, and even if you make the journey with this low-quality screen device, it turns dark immediately even after a little jump and jerk. The low-quality screen also performs some abnormal functions like it opens the tabs and closes the tabs by itself without any command, and even if it has to perform a little heavy work, it turns black and restarts according to its own. So it is no so reliable to do some important. 

An issue in the operating system

The operating system of the device also has a vital role in performing the work accordingly. If there is any issue or there is any defect in the operating system, it is not able to send the accurate command to the screen due to which it turns black automatically. 

The only solution to this issue is up-gradation of the window. When you update your window, if the screen of your sharp gadget turns black due to the presence of this issue of the operating system will resolve, and the screen illuminates. If after up-gradation, it remains black, then find some other issue because when the system will able to perform the functions, it runs will also start performing well.