Can You Use Houseparty App on a Laptop

Can You Use Houseparty App on a Laptop?

Here are 9 best methods to use the Houseparty app on your laptop. We have explained all the required emulators for running this app on your computer.

Can You Use Houseparty App on a Laptop? You can use the Houseparty app on your laptop with a Google Chrome extension, Android Emulator, BlueStacks Emulator, login to the app, and start a video call. 

You can lock a room in the app when talking with your close family and friends.

Can You Use Houseparty App on a Laptop?

It is an app that allows you to connect with others on video chat and play games. It is available at the play store of android and ios devices. Let me explain all the methods here.

Use Google Chrome Extension

By installing this, you can use this app. First, you should have a Google chrome browser on your gadget.

Then either visit the chrome web store or the Houseparty website to get it from the web store.

Now, in the top right corner of the screen, Add to chrome is present. Just click on it to add the extension to your device.

You can download it from the chrome web store or their website. You can make changes to products by clicking on more tools>extensions.

Then click on the Details button to make the changes that you want. You can also turn the extensions off and on accordingly.

Create an account

When you have this in your device, click on the icon to open it. After opening, the home screen will pop up before you.

When you are already a user of this, you just put your email ID and password to log in to the software.

The newcomers are required to create an ID, provide your username number and other belongings data.

Then create an email address and password to open it. Click on confirm to log in.

The smiley face button present on the top left corner gives you a view about friends and notification. You can invite friends to chat or play games.

Use Android Emulator

Android emulator is an easy way to install this on your gadget. You can use an emulator to download the software.

Android emulators are software that we use to download different Android app on our device.

It is the most commonly used emulator for this purpose.MacBook users can directly install this from the play store on it. Then press the F4 key to launch it in your gadget.

Install Bluestacks emulator

You should download the latest version of the emulator. Bluetack 4 is the fastest version of it. Installing this product will require 2 to 4 GB RAM and Windows 10 OS.

When the downloading is finished, the emulator will automatically launch in your device. The first opening requires some patience as it is loading data in the background.

When it is an open search, click on the suggestion to download, you can also use Borrowbox on your laptop.

Log in to the Houseparty App

Open it by clicking on the icon of it. Sign in to the account by putting User ID and password in the appropriate section.

In case you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on the forgot password. You can also use different privacy filters for your account. You can use Google Duo on your notebook.

Start video call

Open the system, and it will bring you to the home screen to start operating. When you are new to this and don’t have any friends, it automatically connects you to the people using your device’s contact list. You can use a gaming mouse with your laptop.

You can invite them as a friend by clicking on the add friend. Whenever you want to start a call with friends, press the + sign on the screen’s top right corner.

You can invite one or many friends for a group call. For video calls, it will ask access to your microphone and webcam.

You can also find some new suggestions for friends by tapping on the + sign. You can also send a notification to the friend to join them when they are offline. It will send you information about who wants to join you or invite you.

Play Games

You can also play games with your friends through this program. When you are in a conversation with a friend, invite them to join you.

You can do this by clicking on the dice icon present on the screen’s top-right section.
After clicking it, four options will pop up before you.

Trivia Heads up Guac chips and quick draw. Enjoy gaming with friends, and it will last for just one round.

When you want to quit or finish the game, press the X sign on the screen’s top-right section. It will disconnect you with the games.

Lock a room in Houseparty app

When you want to connect to only your close friend and relatives, It offers you a unique feature.

You can lock the room in your account and can join or invite your selected contact. To do this, click on the padlock present at the bottom of the screen. This feature also prevents harassment to women.

It will make a private room for you where no one can enter without your permission. When people enter, you can reject them by clicking on ignore.

You can change your setting by unlocking the padlock. Now again, people can freely join you for a chat or playing games. You can also make designs by using Canva on your device.


It has played an essential role in making our life easy. Here are some f the benefits of it.

Use from anywhere

It allows you to connect with many people at a time, and it gives you an impression of a party at your place.

You need not go out for parties with friends. There is no need to arrange a high budget party or get together at your home.

It allows at least 8 people to join the group at a time. You can enter your friends and relatives with one click.

Invite them to games you invite them to your home for a fun time. It has made the concept of a party a lot easier.

Enjoy with friends without worrying about all arrangements you made for a get-together.

Have a lot of fun

It also allows you to send a voice note to your friends when they are not around. It will enable you to have an instant hang out with friends.

In comparison to other social networks, you need not prepare in advance. You can interact with different people and get to know other things about them and the places.


It has many drawbacks, and many people suffer from a different issue with it.
Privacy concerns

It is not as safe as other social apps. It has many privacy concerns. It is unable to provide full proof security to our data.

People can quickly contact you or join your group chat unless you block them. You never know who is recording your voice calls or video chats.

Anybody can easily hack your account by tracking IP addresses and can misuse your account.

You need to read the full privacy and policies to avoid any mishap. Always lock your account and try to switch off webcam during the conversation.

This app does not use any age verification methods. People of any age group can easily access it. This feature puts our teens into a significant security risk.

Always beware to whom your kids are talking and playing. Educate them about the privacy filters.

Limited features

Another issue is when you use it on your device, it offers you a limited number of features.

Too many ads are also making so much trouble in our chats and games. Marketing is always a part of such apps, but it makes us annoyed when these disturb you during the conversation.