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Best Laptop for Business 2022 Reviews

Best Laptop for Business 20 Reviews

Looking for a business laptop? My name is William. I started my online business 5 years back. Now, after years of hard work, it is going at its peak. You all know how the best laptops can enhance the progress of any business.

If you are also a businessman or going to establish it, then definitely you are in search of the best laptop for business.

Best Laptop for Business 2020 Technology Screen Price
Lenovo Thinkpad 2020 Intel 8th generation, Quad-core i5 14 inches Check Price
HP Spectra X360 Intel 8th generation, Quad-core i7 13.3 inches Check Price
HP 2019 Intel Processor i5 15.6 inches Check Price

As a businessman, I can say without any hesitation that a good laptop is a must for doing a successful business. And, it is not only a statement, but I can also even prove it to you with a lot of reasons to especially use a laptop when doing business work. It can directly affect your productivity level at work.

And, no, tablets, iPad, phones, etc. all of them just can’t replace laptops. Even today, the most successful businessman prefers laptops while doing work. And, if you are a businessman yourself, then you would know how convenient it is for the person to use a laptop compared to other devices.

But, if you are new to the business and wondering why use the laptop for work? Then, I can help you out with this answer. Plus, prices of laptops have come down recently and there are many affordable and wonderful laptops easily available in the market, these days.

Best Laptop for Business 2019 Reviews

So, I have listed 3 best laptops for business. Along with their detailed features, I have added a check price section. Just by clicking here, you can visit the Amazon store for details

With hundreds of laptops coming on a daily basis in the market, it is not easy to find the best-suited laptop for your business. I have seen markets filled with so-called quality laptops, huh.

At, we only select quality products, before posting a review, we always try to have a deep research on that very product. In this article, you will find unbiased reviews for the best laptops for businessmen.

Lenovo ThinkPad T480

Lenovo is my personal favorite, I have been using this brand for years now. With Think Pad T480, Lenovo is bringing the best laptop from their brand. With features like full HD display and user-friendly features, you will be in love with this amazing business laptop.

Let me explain a few of the features of this business laptop for 2020

Full HD anti-glare screen

Lenovo ThinkPad T480 business laptop is having a full HD 14-inch screen with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. It is an anti-glare screen. This screen has an LED-backlit, 220 nits with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a contrast ratio of 400:1.

All these features together make an amazing screen view.

Intel processor

It is having the 8th generation Intel Quad-core i5-5250U. This means that its processor is actually having 4 cores and 8 threads.

The speed of this processor is 1.60GHz, along with this it is also having a turbo boost technology by which this speed enhance to 3.40 GHz. A 6MB of smart cache makes it the best laptop for business purposes. I am also using this laptop and I just love it.

It truly delivers high performance and is specially designed to make your product to the new heights.

Professional installation service

You can upgrade and choose from 8GB/ 16GB/ 32GB DDR4 RAM and also from the 500GB/ 1TB HHD or 500GB/ 1TB SSD. Yes, this kind of professional installation service is included with this laptop. This will provide you a lot of ease because of the good features it is having.

This laptop is rich in ports, including the USB type C and Thunderbolt 3. It is just simple, powerful and highly compatible.


Lenovo ThinkPad is having Windows 10 professional operating system 64 bit in it. You can use many of the advanced features of Windows 10. Actually, these windows are a great facility.

You should prefer Windows 10 either you are taking the laptop for business purposes or not. This Windows operating system is the best.

Fingerprint reader

This is the most important feature of a business laptop.  It is a must that every business laptop has such a strong security system. As you know, you have to keep saving a lot of your files, especially in case of a business. The important documents and files are the assets in your business.

In order to keep them safe from others and keep your work private, this laptop has a well responsive fingerprint reader. This will not allow the other people to open your laptop and peep into your important saved files. Ensured security is always excellent.

HD web camera

It has HD web camera 720p of extremely high quality. A good camera is also the basic need for a business laptop. You can do face to face meetings with other people; I mean with your business partners, etc. This web camera has a high pixel that ensures its high quality.

You will be able to see a clear image because of this HD webcam. You will get to know about it more when you will use it.


It is also having the Integrated Intel UHD graphics 620. This will provide you the best to see.

Intel wireless connections

Intel is leading in the laptop technology world. Lenovo ThinkPad has T480 has an Intel 8265ac (2×2) Wireless connection and Bluetooth v4.1 in it. This strong Intel wireless technology will let to share or send your files from your laptop to any other device.

This will also help you to share the files from any other device to your laptop, but make sure that those files have not any kind of security risk for your laptop.

 Highly reliable

The ThinkPad T480 makes much easier maintenance. It has extremely high reliability. As it has passed through a number of rigorous testing. Like it has undergone against the shocks, drops and the other extremes too.

This business laptop has gained the MIL-STD-810G military certification. So, what else could be better than this amazing thing? You can use this laptop according to your style.


It uses the 3 cell 24 WHr, a Li-ion battery in it that enhances its battery usage timings further.

It has a built-in power bridge technology. This remarkable new technology is actually the sign of a low battery warning. It means that if you are not at your home and there is no power outlet nearby.

Then, it will allow you to swap out a battery and replace it with the fully charged one without turning off your laptop.


Its lightweight of 3.63 lb or 1.65 kg makes it ultraportable. You will be able to take this laptop anywhere you want like in office and other places etc.

Media reader

It also has some of the additional features like a multi-format digital media reader. It is actually the 4 in 1 (MMC, SD, SDHC, and SDXC) media reader.


Lenovo ThinkPad T480 is present at a quite affordable price to everyone. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Best security fingerprint reader
  • Highly reliable
  • Fast and smooth performance
  • Intel Quad-core processor
  • Professional installation service included
  • Having power bridge technology


  • non-backlit keyboard

Lenovo ThinkPad T480 is the perfect laptop for business purposes.  I am having the having this laptop since I started my business. I am very grateful for this laptop for being with me for such a long time. Click here to buy from Amazon.

2019 Premium HP Spectra X360 13

It’s the 2019 version of the HP laptop. I am going to tell you about the uncommon features of this laptop. Well as we know that it is the latest version so it is full of new features and specifications. I will tell you some of its features.

Its important features are as follow:

Supreme screen display:

Its screen is very much superior in its feature as its ideal 13.3 inches size. Its available with the super workable gorilla screen is such a wonderful feature to work on. It is highly protected from almost many kinds of shocks. Its screen is movable in flip flop style and moves at the angle of360˚.

Its screen is touchable and its touch is super fine. Its screen also comes with an LED-backlit view. So watching presentations on it is a wonderful experience.


Its processor is very much fast. Its processor is powered by the Intel. It has a quad-core technology which is a source of enhancement of its performance.  Its speed can be up rage up to 4 GHz. It has a processor of the 8th generation. Well, computing by this sort of processor has enhanced the activity of the laptop to a very high scale.

Super-Ports Availability:

I must say it’s a future machine. It has lots of port in it. These ports include Thunderbolt 3 and any port other than that like USB 3.0 ports and HMDI ports are also present in this laptop.

You can also use it thunderbolt 3 ports for multiple purposes. Like you can use it for charging, transferring data and also used for lighting purposes.

Windows Hello:

It is a highly secured device and you can manage your security in this laptop as it comes with the fingerprint scanner and also the face scanner. These are the features that have made it distinguish one from other versions in the market. You can personalize this laptop as much as possible.


Its metallic keys are very much comfortable to touch and you can type on it easily. It’s such a user-friendly device to work on. Its keyboard has a backlit feature and it works very much nicely and easily. So the typing on its laptop is quite smooth and hustles free.


It has an amazing battery time which is more than 16 hours. It comes with three cell Li-ion batteries on which working is quite easy and without the hurdle of long paining charging.

It is a battery life that makes it a standing out version of the laptop and this feature has enhanced its worth.

Tilt pen:

You can add a tilt pen while buying a laptop as it is chargeable from one of its USB ports. The pens from the previous versions were not chargeable you have to put batteries in it which makes it difficult to charge.


It comes with the stereo system built-in speakers thus it provides the cutting edge sound experience. It is a good choice for listening to music and the listening experience is quite wonderful.

Click here to check price at Amazon.


It is a wonderful machine consider as a high notch. It is a stylish one and considers a decent and fashionable one because it’s the latest version. You can view high-resolution imaging on it.

The sound quality is also very good. Most importantly its battery life is super cool and long and makes working easy on it as it’s free from the headache of charging.


  • Its volume buttons are quite very stiff.
  • Viewing angles are narrow on it.

For me, it’s a quite wonderful machine with lots of features and obviously it is quite handy for business purposes also. Its looks are its biggest plus point which gives a very much rich appearance. Along with its looks, its features are also worthy and helpful.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

I hope, I have explained all the prominent features and this article is worth reading. You can ask whatever you want regarding this laptop as your questions will be highly welcomed.

HP 2019 15.6 inches, Laptop for Business Students 2020

I am going to tell you the features of this beautiful machine which is available with lots of positive features which is the biggest reason for buying it. I will explain to you its indigenous features and its impact on our working

Some of its important features are as follow;

 Design and display:

It a laptop which is a highly stylish and decent looking one. It has a screen with high definition means you can watch movies on it or view a presentation in a much clear form. 

Its display is quite very much up to date and color resolution is very much good. It has an LED-backlit view. It has a screen resolution of 1366×768. Its screen comes with a ten-finger multi-touch screen.


Its processor is quite fast in its working. It is quite well in its performance. Its processor is powered by Intel. It is available in a dual-core processor. Its speed can be enhanced as much as possible.

As its memory is very much customizable according to the use of the customer. Its working is quite high and good in its working.


It has a wifi network of 802.11 .ac communication. It provides good internet access. Browsing on it is also a very good and enhancing experience.

You can use a hurdle free internet on this device. You can work on the internet easily with this internet connection and thus you can surf email and use social media tension free.


It comes with a webcam powered with true vision and microphone. It is a laptop that has improved the communication of the people by providing a high level of communication among the people who can communicate on this device.

You can also do long distance video conferences easily on it.


It comes with a bundle of ports to connect with as it is available with one  USB port 2.0 and two USB port 3.1 thus you can transfer data easily.  It has also come with an Ethernet port so that it provides good internet connectivity.

You can also connect your device with a TV with HMDI port and thus it provides a wide range of connections.


It comes with the three cell lithium battery. It provides a battery life of 7 hours and provides ultimate connectivity for its working. It is quite easy to work on this device without charging for long hours. You do not have to take the trouble of charging after every while.

Storage device:

Its storage device does not come in the movable parts thus computing is quite fast quick and easy on it. It is free from the noise and as a wonderful working on it as its storage disk is customizable according to the usage.

buy now from Amazon.


Well, there are many merits to this device. It is a device with many things that are the need of every person associated with any business. You are able to work on it without any trouble and problem as optimum working speed,  good battery life.

This laptop has good storage and multi-touch screen so this is a worthy machine to buy. Its display is quite well and provides a very nice view to look at thus this is the complete package at a very affordable price and most importantly it does not create noise and you can work calmly on it.


  • It has no backlit keyboard.

This is a laptop that is available in multiple features as you can work on it according to your needs and customize it according to your usage. 

Check this at Amazon.

Any question regarding this is more than welcome and highly obliged. Waiting for your queries regarding this machine.

Benefits of laptops for business

Here, I have explained all the amazing benefits of laptops for business.

  1. Marketing and presentation:

First of all, the laptop has made it really easy to do marketing and presentation. And, there is no business running without them.

Even as a salesperson, where you have to travel continuously, you need a laptop, where you can have all the important files and documents with you, which can be presented to the clients, anytime.

  1. Resolution and graphics:

This is the most important and useful feature while preparing any kind of presentation and is present in the best form, in laptops. And, this is one of the reasons, why I use laptops

  1. Flexibility:

The laptop is the reason why work has become so easy. Now, you can go home early and can do your work from home easily. Even important files can be sent to work from any location. That’s why we see laptops in every office and now homes.

  1. Storage capacity:

Laptops have the largest storing capacity, in comparison to all other devices available in the market. And, can hold a lot of important information related to official business in there.

Plus, you can download all the important software, company database, and graphics or anything you need on work.

In this way, all the important information is in your grasp all the time, no need to fret over losing or misplacing important information. With just a click, you can transfer the files to anyone you want.

  1. Small storage place:

You don’t need a large desk for your keyboard, mouse, monitor and all the computer devices. You can just place your laptop in a small place while placing other necessities, your files, stationery and even a family picture at your work desk. And, enjoy your day.

Moreover, two in one device are available these days, which are really popular and give you the benefit of both the laptop and the tablet. You can buy one device and enjoy the benefits of both devices. Many of my friends have bought this and they are happy with the results.


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