Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart

Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart

Hi everyone today I am going to discuss the heart of any computer system. Have you guessed? Yes, you are right it is none other than the Hard Disk.

As we keep a huge amount of memories and secrets in our heart, similarly a hard disk drive can also store huge data collection of your assignments, projects, pictures, movies, etc.

Without a hard disk, you will be unable to run any operating system and thus PC would be useless for you.

In this article, our editors have explained in detail about the Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart. Hard Disk has got several names like Fixed Disk, Hard Drive, Fixed Drive or C Drive.

Although C Drive is not a correct term technically due to the fact that Microsoft Windows allocate C Drive as a primary partition for Windows installation on the internal hard disk in a computer.

Most of the people termed it as C Drive as well. HDD is its abbreviation that is Hard Disk Drive. There are some big brand names in the industry e.g. Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, etc.

Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart

Often it happens that when you install a new hard disk of 1TB, you will not get complete 1TB space on it. Why does it happen? To understand this factor, first, we have to know the basics of the hard disk drive itself.

A hard disk drive is a sealed container having one or more magnetic discs inside of it. Any side can be called side or head because for each side or head there is a magnetic head available for the purpose of reading and writing data.

Each side is further divided into several tracks and then tracks further divided into sectors. Each sector holds information bytes separately. The amount of bytes inside any sector is fixed that is 512 bytes. However, the number of sectors or tracks may vary according to different models. Overall, this combination of the mechanism is called geometry.

The problem pertinent to hard disk capacity arises when the manufacturers got the assumption that kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), and terabytes (TB) are completely different things from what they actually are in reality and making you purchase less capacity hard drive than the advertised one.

If this also happens with you, then you are not the only one as this term is famously known as “Rounding” or “format VS un-format capacity”. Some innocent people start to blame their PC as a culprit of vanishing space from a hard disk. However, that’s not right.

Actually, manufacturers are to be blamed because they advertised a higher capacity of hard disk storage than the reality just to compete well in the market.

Hard Disk Storage Comparison

In order to get the idea regarding hard disk capacity, the following Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart will be helpful for you.

HD Videos Hard Disk Capacity Digital Videos (DV) DVD Videos
1 16GB 1 6
3 32GB 2 12
7 64GB 4 24
15 128GB 9 49
30 256GB 19 98
60 500GB 38 190
120 1TB 76 360
180 1.5TB 110 570
240 2TB 150 770
480 4TB 300 1540
720 6TB 460 2300
960 8TB 610 3080
1440 12TB 920 4620

How can you check your available space in hard disk?

It is quite a simple process. If you are a user of the Windows 10 operating system, go to the start button and select “This PC” or “My Computer” just in case if you don’t have a desktop icon of it.

In case of using Windows 8, drag your mouse to the top right corner of your screen and go to the search option, and type “My Computer” or “This PC” in the search bar.

For Windows 7 or Windows Vista users go to Start button and then select My Computer. Same is the process while using Windows XP. You will see all your drives there along with their total capacity and amount of occupied data in them.

Check laptop storage

Just right-click on the drive in which the window is stored. Most probably it will be C drive.

Now go to Properties option to open a new window having more detailed information pertinent to the storage situation of your hard disk. However, laptops are now obsolete and people prefer to use gadgets with memory cards.

How to fix the error, “scratch disks are full”

If you are frequently getting the error message “scratch disks are full” while using or saving any task or project, first of all, delete unnecessary files and apps from your C drive and Desktop.

Do not save your pictures, movies, or projects on the Desktop area of your PC because it will not only linger the boot time of Windows but will also lower the overall speed of your processor. You can refer to the Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart mentioned above. Click here to read about, How to Replace Laptop Hard Drive and Reinstall Operating System?

When we use any software or do anything on PC, cache files are stored in temporary files folder that put a load on your hard disk and decreases the software efficiency.

Remove useless files and folders

So, whenever you use your laptop or desktop PC, go to (My Computer-C Drive-Windows-Temp). Select all files in this Temp folder and delete these files from not only this folder but from Recycle Bin also.

Another easy method to keep your hard drive clean from the un-necessary burden of files is that type Windows + r or go to Search menu and type %temp%. A new window will open having multiple files in it.

Select all files manually or type Ctrl+ato select all and delete them from both this folder and the Recycle Bin folder. You will get rid of all unwanted material and it will boost your system especially create more space in your hard disk for more data.

Now let’s discuss some of the best hard disk drives available nowadays.

Barracuda Internal Hard Drive

The first one in my list is Barracuda 2TB internal hard drive by Seagate. Basically, it is 3.5 inches SATA hard disc drive HDD. It is equipped with some mind-blowing features like 6GB/s data transfer rate, 256MB cache, and 7200 RPM rate. It is quite thin and fits well in your CPU. It is ideal for graphic studded modern gaming and high-end graphics involving tasks.

Red NAS Hard Disk

Another brilliant option is Red 2TB NAS Hard Disk Drive manufactured by Western Digital brand. It is specially designed to be used in NAS systems with up to 8 days. It can easily handle 180TB/year workload rate depending upon the configuration of your software and hardware.

It enables you to create your own NAS system for either home or office work. Furthermore, 3 years manufacturer’s warranty is the icing on the cake. Indeed it is a great choice for the relevant potential users. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Well, after all that content, I hope now you know your hard drive better than a few minutes ago. 

Best of luck.

Team- Whatlaptops.com

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