Why is My Laptop Audio Jack Not Working

Why is My Laptop Audio Jack Not Working?

Many people complain that their laptop audio jack is not working. In this article, we have added causes and proven methods to fix the audio jack in a laptop.

Why is My Laptop Audio Jack Not Working? If your laptop audio jack is not working, it can be because of dust and dirt, inappropriate settings, faulty headphones, missing drivers, broken jack, a difference of charges, false software, false jack detection, troubleshooting issues, outdated sound card, expired sound booster, improper insertion of an audio device, and mute settings.

Why is My Laptop Audio Jack Not Working?

Audio jacks are connecting ports in the laptops and other electrical devices which accept external audio source. There is a specific socket for such a connection.

The ports are multiple, and they have a particular design for inserting wires. The connectivity enhances the voice quantity in the external source.

The headphones connection in a laptop is one of the most prominent examples of the whole phenomenon. Speakers and other woofers also connect to the ports and areas of the device.

Dust and dirt

It is one of the specific and common causes of malfunctioning of audio jacks in laptops. The dirt accumulates inside the port of the device. It keeps on collecting itself, and it starts forming lumps.

It is a resistance between the direct connection of wire and jack. The surface always remains detached, and that is why the system becomes slow.

It starts with forceful exertion of pressure sometimes, but mostly the issue becomes technical.

Blowing inside the port resolves the problem, and you should clean the wire. Insert the wire properly, and then recheck the device after proper cleaning. The precautionary measure in such situations is no accumulation of dust.

Inappropriate settings

The audio jack of a laptop has particular proper settings and a pattern. These settings have specific panels that work in a routine.

A slight change in this sequence leads to massive changes like the sudden stopping of audio with external devices. There is a mode in the settings which allows the multi-streaming of the device.

It keeps the external headphones and other surround sound systems to connect with it. This mode turns off, and the jack stops suddenly. This is a common issue in 11-inch laptops.

A tiny change of the settings resolves the problem and before going to expert help find the error in the settings initially. It is a common problem of the laptop audio section and easily resolvable.

Faulty headphones

Sometimes a discording happens between the sound device and the external source. It is a common issue that occurs in the laptop and the audio areas.

It is the following phenomenon with other small problems, all of them sum up, and ultimately the system stops working. You hear less or no sound despite the wire insertion.

The headphone stops working, and the jack remains normal. It is due to the lost connection between both of them. The problem needs technical consultation, and it is not easily solvable.

People change their headphones by hearing them non-working, but this is not the solution. The formation of connectivity changes the settings and resolves the issue. You should open the laptop lid safely to prevent this.

Missing drivers

There are few drivers inside the audio settings of an electronic device. They modify the sounds and enhance the connectivity feature. One of them gets missing in some situations.

The problem is not usual, but it happens in the windows. The false driver leads to the stopping of the audio in the external source from the penetration port.

The system starts losing its settings, and this problem requires professional help. Do not try to resolve the issue by yourself or, you may lose other drivers. 

Broken audio jack

The audio jacks of the laptops are very soft and fragile. The channels of the ports are easy-going, but they can break with a small push. A broken audio jack means there is no connection between the external sound source and the device.

You hear no sound, and this happens all of a sudden. A forceful insertion of the wire inside the port breaks one of its steel channels, and the system loses its sound. Take expert consultation in such a situation. The only solution is the replacement of the port. 

Difference of charges

The battery of the electronic instrument gets hyperactive due to the warmth and heat generated by the system.

The charges change and manipulate the settings within seconds. This difference leads to various changes that include the damage of the audio jack in window 10 laptops.

This problem usually occurs in such tools and easily solvable. Turning off the device and pulling out the battery makes the device cool. You can also run a laptop without a battery.

Click the on and off button at least five times and leave it for a few minutes to an hour. It brings the audio back to the path. 

Bad software

The software of the system also contributes to the damages of the sound jack of the instrument. The drivers and soft wares get out dates, and they need a fresh start.

They do not start working until you do not reinstall them in a new form. Find the soft wares and uninstall them by using the setting. Install new and upgraded sound soft wares and run them on your device.

It diminishes the port and jack issues immediately. The sound appears in good quality and quantity. The problem emerges any time, and that is why, as a laptop owner, keep an eye on the update notifications. 

False jack detection

False jack detection means the person who uses the jack shows negligence in insertion. There are multiple ports available in the laptop, and the key is to insert the right wire in a selective port.

The person pushes the cable in the non-jack port and ultimately hears no sound. This issue is not concerning to the electronic device; it is related to human error.

A close observation helps identify the problem, bring out the wire from the wrong area, and push it in the voice port. 

Troubleshooting issues

Some troubleshooting errors lead to improper or damaged sound quality. Few people do not consider trouble issues as essential as it is, and they stop it during its working.

The sudden stopping causes the loss of some necessary information and data. The system loses some sound ports, and you hear no sound on connecting the external device.

Allow complete troubleshooting to solve the problem, and it protects the soundbox from damages. 

Outdated sound card

Sound cards have a direct impact on the sound quality and clarity. They are one of the most advanced features of such electronic devices, and expired cards give an unusual effect on sound production.

The audio port fails to create sound quality, and it does not provide the requirement. You can remove the expired card and replace it with a new one and if it has an updating facility, ensure to update it.

Expired sound booster

A failing sound jack means you are getting less or no sound from the laptop. There is a booster inside such equipment that is known as a sound driver booster.

It helps in the prevention of misleading sound cards and other voice corruption. It helps download the software and other data from websites that are official and have virus-free data.

It ensures the compliance and authenticity of the data by selecting it according to the format. This sound booster expires after a certain period, and if you do not upgrade it at the proper occasion and it causes an issue.

It is a booster for sound, so its failure directly affects voice quality. The jack starts failing, and then it stops until you do not upgrade it.

The information gets undifferentiated, and it brings various viruses. The only solution is to upgrade the sound booster before or right after its expiry date.  

Damaged audio port

The insertion of cables inside the audio ports in negligence and frustration leads to irreversible damages in the audio jack of the laptop.

One of the common disasters is the breaking of the audio jack itself. The sound loses all the connection with the surround devices.

Precaution is more helpful in such situations but in case of extreme conditions, go for expert consultation.

Mute settings

Sometimes it is not about the device or the external audio; it’s all about the mute settings. The connection produces no sound because the sound option is silent.

It happens many times by just touching the sound feature. Check this portion before taking any stress regarding your laptop. 

Enhancement features

Certain enhancement features intrude in the functioning of vocal ability. It occurs due to a lack of knowledge about sound settings. Take the device to the professional and sort your problem in a few clicks. 

How to fix headphone jack in laptop?

  • Keep an eye on the proper insertion of the wires inside the laptop’s port. Make sure the headphones are in place. The green light indicates that the insertion is correct, and the red light indicates the error. 
  • Check the volume range, and it must be in the pattern of audibility. The volume icon on the right side must be in turn ON condition.
  • Update the drive of your audio system every now and often. Never wait for the expiry date, and perform it immediately to make the sound system secure. 
  • Adjust the headphones as a set of default for your electronic instrument. It should not produce sound without it. 
  • Upgrade and check the settings of the sound quality and quantity. 
  • Uninstall the sound devices and purchase brand new for the security and authenticity of your equipment. 
  • Always clean the laptop audio jack and external sources by using modified brushes and lint-free cloths. 


  • Identifying the problem in such cases is difficult, and most people try to force it, which leads to disaster. There is no immediate sign for confirmation of the issue.
  • The repairing of the laptop is quite heavy on the budget.
  • The replacement of original sound cards and drivers with new ones decreases the sound quality and, it remains in uncertain condition.