Can a Laptop Function Without a Battery

Can a Laptop Function Without a Battery?

Here are 8 proven methods to use a laptop without a battery. If your laptop battery is not working, you can follow this step-by-step guide to make your laptop work.

Can a Laptop Function Without a Battery? Yes, a laptop can function without a battery, but you have to take care of a few things. The battery is providing an electrical supply to the system. You can provide an electrical connection in different ways that include a direct connection with a power cord.

Can a Laptop Function Without a Battery?

There are a few simple steps that you can follow to get better results without using it on the battery. You must have an active alternating current supply that is free from all fluctuations. Few simple steps are as follows:

Connect laptop with AC supply

You have to find a plug of alternating current where you can get a non-fluctuated voltage supply. You may install a regulator or power conditioner at one point in your household that will tell you to remove all the fluctuations.

You will start getting proper input voltage. You have to take an electric wire that can transfer the current from one end to another. It must have insulation over it.

You cannot start using the wire of the charger for connecting with the direct supply. It will ruin the components of the computer.

You will start seeing a lot of problems with it. The laptop charger has an adapter that converts the electricity according to the needs of the battery.

It will not fulfill the system’s requirements, and the system may stop responding to it. You can still turn on a laptop without the power button.

There are different other techniques that you can use to improve the behavior of the electrical supply.

Attach the adapter to a laptop

When you have connected it with the electrical supply, then you can connect it with the adapter. Its adapter will remove all types of fluctuations of the current and voltage; you can use it directly.

You can manage it by providing interruption-free supply. Any small glitches will completely disturb the device, and you cannot retrieve it back to back to its original position.

The adapter will return the electricity as needed by the laptop. You may change the system if it is not fulfilling your requirement.

Direct electricity supply will be too harmful to any electrical gadget, and they cannot bear it without any protection device. You can add different protection devices like fuses, circuit breakers, and transformers.

You should not start adding anything in your system that does not have any purpose.

Adjust voltage settings

After doing all the adjustments in your home’s electrical system, you have to manage the laptop’s internal settings. You can control the battery settings and allow the device to work at a suitable electrical voltage.

All the settings are working on the battery in it. You have to change them. You can take an expert’s opinion in this case that it will be better for your system or not.

There are different problems that you will start facing in case of any negligence. You can restrain all these problems by adopting a complete focus on the issue.

You can install a voltmeter near the laptop that will help you to tell the number of voltages. You will start getting the number of voltages running on the screen.

You must switch off the device urgently when the voltage shoots up from 240 or goes down to 180 in the case of a single-phase electrical system. You have to maintain the voltage from 400V to 460V in case of a three-phase electrical supply.

Many electrical systems in these voltage settings are available in the market. They can perform well by keeping them within these limits.

Their useful life will increase many times if we consider all these issues in our mind. It is too dangerous if we do not take any care of the level of the voltage.

You cannot run this laptop without a direct connection because the charging device is not present in it.

Use the better quality power cable

The power cable should be proper that you will use to get an electrical supply from the power cord.

You must install the power cord that must have the capability of more than five amperes. You can use the optical cable if it has better transmitting nature.

It should not start creating a loss of electrons that will be critical for them. If it does not have any insulation there, you must insulate the cable with some scotch tape.

By following all these steps, you will run a laptop without a battery.

Why use a laptop without a battery?

Different reasons compel the user to run the devices without a battery. Failure of the battery is the reason that allows the user to thick for some permanent source of electricity that must have some reliability.

Other reasons may include less timing of the battery that may urge the user to start looking for alternative use.

These two are the reasons that will lead you to choose this option. If your laptop’s battery is removable, you can switch to this mode whenever you want.

If it is present inside the system, you have to open the casing and start looking for the best options.

You can avail of this option when all other options are not possible. You cannot go with this option without having any severe problems.

Disadvantages of using a laptop without a battery

There are different severe problems that we may face while adopting this option. It includes the complete failure of the system due to the glitches in the electrical supply that may arise at any time.

You may improve the nature of the current and voltage with some protection devices. You can install it from where you are getting input.

There is no regulation of the voltage and current if we start using it directly, which will result in a cause of sudden failure of the whole system.

Inappropriate voltage is one of the causes of a short circuit in laptops. You will start getting jerks of the current while touching any part of the system.

It can create great trouble for the children and the persons who do not know about this problem.

It will not give heavy shock that leads to death, but it may create some heavy jerks that are not possible for weaker peoples.

One of the main issues is that it will not remain portable, that you cannot use it without any electrical supply. It is one of the significant disadvantages that the user will face while using it.

Will a laptop work without a battery if plugged in?

Yes, it will work and do all the functions, but you must take some precautions. You can add some regulators that may regulate the currents or voltages. You can fix them by proposing a simple solution to them.

If you keep the plug inside the socket all the time without taking any prevention, then its functions will start disturbing the laptop. It can also cause problems in the laptop audio jack.

You will face multiple problems like the burning of essential parts of the system. You can decide by taking care of all these things.  


There are few advantages also to use a laptop without a battery. Firstly, the cost of the battery reduces many times.

You will no need to change it after some time. Some users feel irritant to always checking the battery percentage rather than focusing on their work.

It will distract their attention. This problem solves by using it without a battery.