Best Laptops for Stock Traders

Best Laptops for Stock Traders 2022

If you are into stock trading, you know the importance of laptops in this business. For this article, our editors have selected 3 of the best laptops in the market that are just awesome for stock trading.

When we decided to write an article on good laptops for stock traders, our team went through a number of laptops and finally came with these top 3 products.

Comparison Chart for Best Laptops for Stock Traders

Here is the detailed chart for laptops for stock traders. You will find features along with a check price button in this comparison chart:

Best Laptops for stock traders Features screen Price
Lenovo Y700 Intel Core i7, latest features Full HD 17.3 check price
HP Premium AMD A6, Dual Core, Bluetooth, HD Webcam 15.6 check price
ASUS VivoBook 8th Generation Intel Core, i5, NanoEdge 15.6 check price

Lenovo Y700 Laptop

Lenovo Y700 is, no doubt, the best laptop for stock traders. It has the following features, which makes it best for its use in the stocks:

The Ideapad gives the unique experience of quad-core power, excellent graphics, and a full multimedia experience with a wonderful HD display. If you are planning to use your laptop for hours and worried about heating, then Lenovo is just for you. As it has the special feature of thermal cooling which prevents the laptop from overheating.


With JBL speakers and Dolby Home Theatre, the Ideapad Y700 makes the audio system realistic for you to enjoy and continue your work. As, I love listening to songs while doing my work, so its high-quality sound has made work more pleasurable for me.

Best performance:

With the features of the latest Intel Core quad-core processors, the Ideapad Y700 makes your performance best by wonderfully increasing the speed of your work. It makes you work incredibly fast while enjoying yourself (which is quite rare while doing work).

Backlit keyboard:

Another wonderful thing about Lenovo Y700 is the backlit keyboard. This unique feature enables you to continue your work even at night and in dark. You can just work on your laptop, and without any worries, you can continue your work with this unique feature. I always prefer to add additional gaming keyboard with my laptop.

Moreover, in the settings of brightness control, you can choose the level of brightness. This laptop is, after all, designed specifically for stock traders, who wish to continue their work, at any hour or time of the day. And, Lenovo Y700 facilitates you in every way possible.

Operating system:

This laptop has the latest window of Windows 10, which increases work productivity without any doubt. Besides, it has the latest security features, which protect your data from any harmful software, both online and offline. And, this has no extra cost.


Moreover, it has the option of automatic updates, which continues the laptop working at its best. It has the option of time setting, in which you can simply choose the time and your window will update with all its new features on its own. No need to waste your time while holding the laptop and waiting for update completion.

Digital assistant:

One of the best things which makes Lenovo Y700 different from other laptops is, its digital assistant; Cortana! Cortana does all the work of an efficient assistant from setting up reminders to reading your emails. An assistant at your call for 24 hours.


Lenovo Y700 is known for the long-lasting battery timing. You can continue your work without any stop unless you want to take a break yourself. With Lenovo Y700 features, you wouldn’t be wasting any time on charging it after every two hours.

HD Display:

Additionally, it has a full HD display, with Anti- Glare and IPS technology, which doesn’t harm your eyesight even after sending hours on it every day. When I watch shows in my free time, I sit for a whole day but I have to say the high-quality visual system of Lenovo Y700, not only makes the experience more enjoyable but it also doesn’t strain the eyes.


It has the storage of 1TB HDD, PLUS 128 GB SSD and 16 GB DDR4 RAM! With this much storage, you can keep as much as data you want in your laptop. And, this is one of the main reasons which makes Lenovo Y700, popular among stock traders.


Lenovo Y700 has a screen size of 17.3 inches and a maximum screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which makes your experience vivid and enjoyable.

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Other details about Lenovo Y700:

The other things you would want to know about Lenovo Y700 is:

It has a RAM of 16 GB and a Graphics Card RAM size of 4 GB. Moreover, it has the Processor Brand of Intel and a Processor Count of 4. And, it has two USB ports, making your work faster by using two flash drives at the same time. Moreover, it won’t make the speed of your laptop any slower.

Item weight:

The weight of the Lenovo Y700 is 5.72 pounds, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. And, makes it a portable device. I get bored easily and loves taking my laptop with me, especially when I go for a hot cup of coffee, I usually take my laptop with me. And, enjoy doing my work in a warm café.

Item dimensions:

  • L = 15.24 inches
  • W = 1.02 inches
  •  H =   10.91 inches


Lenovo Y700 is rank best among the laptops. And as the user of Lenovo Y700, I completely agree with it. I have listed the best features of Lenovo Y700 here and you will agree with me, after using it too. Hope you have a nice experience of using it, as I am having one. This is among the Best Laptops for Stock Traders.

HP Premium Laptop

HP Laptop is considered best among the laptops used for business. It is the laptop I have used, till I started my business as a stock trader, 5 years ago and I have been using it till now. And, it’s the quality of HP that has made me prefer it over the other laptops.

The best thing about HP laptop is that it has great quality and its value is really budget-friendly. It is not like other new laptops, which ends up upsetting your whole budget. Moreover, it is stylish and dashing black, with the features of upgrading, available.

Also, I have listed some of the splendid features of HP below:


The amazing thing about HP is its 15.6 inch HD LED backlight, with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. Making it wonderful for watching movies and your favorite TV shows, in leisure time.

Additionally, it has an AMD Radeon R4 graphics coprocessor, making the laptop produce images with stunning and high quality. Undoubtedly, making your experience more enjoyable as compared to watching on other laptops.


It has a RAM of about 4 GB, which can be upgraded to 8 GB or 16 GB, according to your choice. Personally, 8 GB has always been good enough for me, as I only keep important data on my laptop. But if you have the habit of downloading movies and your favorite TV shows, then I would advise you to upgrade it to 16 GB.


It has the option of WIFI with 802.11b/g/and Bluetooth connection, which is a must, in new laptops these days. And, I have to agree that without these options it will be useless to have a laptop in the 21st century, after all.

Webcam and Microphone available:

It has the built-in webcam and microphone feature available, which I have to say, is really rare to find on a laptop these days. I have always preferred using things the same way, it made me comfortable to know that I have a command over them. And, HP has all the best new and old features available in it.


HP has the AMD A6-9255 2.6 GHz accelerated processor, making its function incredibly fast and efficient in use. Having a processor count of two keeps the speed of the laptop at its peak. Undoubtedly, leading to higher work productivity and capacity than other laptops. This is the best choice for live streaming.

Operating system:

It has the operating system of Windows 10 Home 64 bit. And, as you know, Windows 10 has all the new technologies and software available in it. Moreover, it is often updated to keep its features up to date. Making your laptop available with all the modern and incredible features out there.

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It has 3 cell Li-Polymer battery, which can run for quite a long duration, as compared to other laptops. Before choosing HP, I have tried other brands and I was quite disappointed. And, one of the major common problems I found, in other laptops, was that they had a really low running battery time. And, it is one of the reasons, which has made me stuck with HP.

DVD Drive:

It is really hard to find laptops with DVD or CD drives these days. And, HP Laptops are one of the rare laptops, which still have these built-in drives in the laptops. As most of the record and data is still available in CD’s to me, so it’s really convenient to use the laptop, with these rare options.

Budget-friendly laptop:

Another wonderful thing about HP Laptop is their affordable price. It is really budget-friendly, which make it really easy even for an average person to buy it. Moreover, it has every wonderful feature available, which makes a good laptop. So, it’s a Plus!


I have loved using HP Laptop and I have always preferred it over others when buying for my family. It is a brand which I can recommend to others without any hesitation and worry. Because as a user, I really have a high satisfaction level and trust in its use. Click here to buy from Amazon.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and longtime laptop, then I would highly recommend using HP. As its best known for both of these qualities and I can give you a guarantee on that.

ASUS Vivobook

ASUS Vivobook, I have to say, is my dream laptop. My best friend has it and I use it every chance I get. It has everything from best performance to NanoEdge display technology. But the best thing is its style and class, which makes it stand out in front of other laptops. I remember all of its features on my fingertips and I will get this free. If you are also looking to get a free laptop, read this.

Also, I am going to explain the best features of ASUS Vivobook, below:

Nanoedge display:

The most wonderful thing about ASUS Vivobook is its high-quality display on the 15.6-inch screen. It has the best visual quality and gives a real-time experience to the person watching it. Also, it’s wonderful for having a movie night with friends.

Outstanding performance:

With Intel Core i5-8250U processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and Intel UHD 620 graphics, it makes your work faster than any other average laptop. Moreover, it has the highest quality visuals and speed, which undoubtedly increase your work efficiency while using it.

Thin and Light, with style:

The most stylish and classy thing about ASUS Vivobook is its star grey color and sleek design. It weighs just 3.7 lb and has a stunning thin 0.8 profile. It makes you want to carry it everywhere you go, as you can easily put it into your bag and take it anywhere you go.


Fingerprint! ASUS Vivobook has the incredible feature of a fingerprint. You don’t have to go on and on for writing your password, every time you have to use your laptop. you can simply add your fingerprint in your laptop and it will recognize it through fingerprint sensors in an instant.

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The keyboard of ASUS Vivobook has soft and comfortable keys, which makes your typing experience faster, without much noise. I always love typing on ASUS Vivobook as it lets me concentrate more on my work, without any noisy distraction.


Another remarkable thing about ASUS Vivobook is its storage system. It has the REM memory of 8 GB DDRA. That means you can download your favorite videos, without any worry, along with your work. And, can enjoy it in your free time or whenever you feel like taking a break.

Stunning Visuals:

It has stunning visual optimizing technology and features four awesome display modes: Normal, Vivid, Eyecare, and Manual, which you can easily access in just a single click. ASUS Vivobook Tru2life Video Technology makes your visual experience extraordinary.

It maximizes the sharpness and contrast of every pixel up to 100%, making your experience unique and enjoyable, no matter what the source and quality of the original video are.


It has a battery life maximum of five hours, which means you can continue your work once you have sat. Unless you get hungry like me every hour, you won’t have to get up once you have started working on ASUS Vivoboo.


The processor is the most important part of any electrical device and determines the speed of the running system. ASUS Vivobook has a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5. And the amazing thing is, it has a processor count of four.


ASUS Vivobook has a fast speed for connecting to any network including internet connection, WIFI, and Bluetooth. Moreover, it has two USB ports; USB type – A and USB Type – C, saving a lot of time and increasing your work efficiency incredibly.

Operating system:

ASUS Vivobook has the Windows 10 Home, with the latest features and technology available. It has an automatic update system, which can be turned manual or you can just simply put a timer to adjust it according to your time.

Full package:

It is the full package for entertainment and an enjoyable working style. With outstanding performance and stunning visual features, it makes your online experience memorable and pleasing for you.


My friend has been using it for over a year now and he has no complaints. And, I have a plan to buy it on my next paycheck. If you are looking for a laptop With Quality, then I would say you are in the right place. ASUS Vivobook has all the highest quality features and the design you need in an outstanding laptop.

My Story, Laptops for Stock Traders

Today, I want to talk about the importance of a laptop for a stock trader. The idea I got to write this article was when I recently met an old friend and he told me his story of struggles, he had to do without a laptop in his business. It made me realize that there are still people who want to stay in old and traditional methods for business.

 But, they need to know that in today’s world of technology, it’s impossible. They need to use today’s technology if they want to succeed. After all, it’s a world of competition and race and if you don’t prepare yourself well enough, you can’t win this race.

That’s what happened to my friend, Benjamin. As Benjamin told me, he had always preferred doing business the way his elders had done. They had succeeded it till now and he believed that he could do the same. But he suddenly started having too many losses, which made him questioned his way of working.

For a while, Benjamin was stuck. He couldn’t understand at all, where he was making a mistake. After thinking a lot, he decided to meet his other business fellows. According to Benjamin, when he visited, he observed that all of them were using technology.

They had laptops and were using them not only for keeping their files and records. But, also for reaching out to others and keeping contacts and emails. Moreover, all of their proposals had graphs, charts, etc which increased their work productivity as compared to him.

Benjamin was conflicted, to continue using his old methods and adopting a new one. After consulting around and thinking a lot, he decided he would try at first. He will see for himself whether it is true that he will get more profit from using laptops and technology or is it just a coincidence.

So, Benjamin decided to buy a laptop and that’s where he asked me for help. He wanted to know a good laptop suitable for his business. And as he knows I have a craze for laptops and a lot of knowledge on the matter. So, he asked me to help him choose a laptop.

I did a lot of research myself and after making sure, I had chosen one for Benjamin. I, myself, am a believer in the use of technology. And I believe one must adapt with time. These technologies are made for us anyway, why not use it and get our work done faster?! So, after much thought, I chose a laptop for Benjamin and even helped him order it from Amazon.

And, after learning basic functions from me, Benjamin started using it on his own. He had always been a fast learner anyway. Moreover, he is a headstrong guy, who do something till the end and gives it his all after he has decided on doing it.

So, without a doubt, his business started booming, in just two months. He was making more profit than before. He was using a laptop to keep his knowledge up to date. Moreover, he was increasing his contacts and was continuously keeping in contact with them through emails.

When he had invited me to lunch as a thank you, he told me all the details about how much use of a laptop has facilitated him during his work and has helped him increase his work efficiency. He kind of regret not using it this long.

Benjamin told me that he could keep the record of all of his data which has truly increased the accuracy and reliability of his work. Using laptops has made his job much easier and more relaxed as compared to before too.

As the pressure of work has increased so it is not humanly possible to do everything manually. It is best to let the machinery do the work. As the machinery can handle a lot of pressure and work in comparison to humans, it doesn’t need rest, after all.

It also helps the traders to continue their work at any time and anywhere they want. You can easily carry your laptop with you and sit somewhere and continue your work where you have left off. It is no doubt, using laptops in business can increase your efficiency and work productivity.

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