Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard in the World

Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard in the World

Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard in the World

Laptop gaming is being so much popular among teenagers and adults. People have been so good at it and have been making some serious money from it. But to play like a pro, you should have the best gaming equipment for you so that you win each game and nothing could hold you back.

As every part of the gaming computer should be the best one to play like a pro, you must have been deciding everything in your mind that what processor or what cooling system you will use for your gaming computer. But people often make a mistake while buying a gaming keyboard for their setup. The keyboard is as much important as the mouse and other peripherals.

Most Expensive Gaming Keyboards Features Price
SteelSeries Apex Pro Smart display, adjustable per-key sensitivity, Fast response, Durable, Omni point switch. Check Price
Logitech G Pro X Swappable switches, Micro USB support, RGB backlit (programmable), Tenkeyless, Brightness control  Check
Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 RGB Magnetic wrist wrest, RGB illumination, Type C cable support, Cherry MX switches, Check
Alienware Low Profile Low profile keys, RGB backlit, USB passthrough, function keys, award-winning Check
Predator Aethon 500 Default Blue, profile setup, multimedia control, function keys, detachable wrist wrest. Check
OMEN Sequencer Keyboard Responsive, Unique multimedia control, RGB backlit, lightweight. Check

You have to aim with your mouse for every shooting game, you have to move the camera with the help of the mouse, you have to shoot with the help of mouse. But you also understand the importance of the gaming keyboard. If your keyboard is not much responsive and you have to tap the keys with force or you face some other problems with it, your gaming experience will not go fine.

If you want to play like a pro and you are willing to spend good money on a keyboard for your gaming setup, then we have some recommendations with which you can fulfill your requirements.

These are some exciting editions of gaming keyboards that come in the category of most expensive gaming keyboards in the world. Not only expensive, but these keyboards are also well-known for their performance and features.

Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard in the World

Gaming keyboards are a new trend and it is here to stay. if you have just bought a new laptop and want to play multi-player games than buying a good keyboard is a must. 

In this article, we have explained 6 of the best and most expensive gaming keyboards in the world. We have explained their features, specifications and their prices. All these are top-rated brands with their latest models.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Apex pro is one of the best gaming keyboards in the world. Although it is not most expensive in the world but can be categorized in the best expensive gaming keyboards. So, if we did not have mentioned it in our list, then you would have missed out on the best gaming keyboard in the market. So, let us tell you more about SteelSeries Apex Pro.

This keyboard comes with a plastic base and aluminum plate. The keyboard is not only a keyboard, but it is also a smart keyboard that comes with exciting new generation features that are not found in every common keyboard. Sleek design, lightweight and durability of this keyboard make it worth the price.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro comes with RGB backlit in the keys that create an elegant look to give your gaming setup a powerful look. These RGB lights are completely programmable according to your needs.

You can either select a flow of RGB lights or you can select a specific light if multiple colors bother you. All these configurations are programmable on an easy interface provided by SteelSeries for Windows.

This keyboard comes with Omni point switches which are the best mechanical switches in the world. These switches give the keyboard the ability to be the world’s fastest keyboards. The keys are distant from 0.4mm to 0.6mm which is quite the best distance for keyboard keys. These Omni switches can support up to 100 million key presses.

Talking about the display included in this keyboard, you can control the whole keyboard general settings. You can change the backlit color, songs, volume, change keyboard brightness, you can eve adjust Omni point switches through this panel. The SteelSeries has done a great job in the software development of the keyboard. There is also a menu button to migrate between settings and other stuff.

The keyboard comes with a USB passthrough which is a great addition to this keyboard. It makes it handy and provides mobility to you so that you can easily put it in your backpack and take it with you. It also has some internal memory that gives your keyboard the ability to store its configurations. It also comes with a detachable wrist rest which gives comfort to your hands when you are gaming for a longer time.

Logitech G Pro X, Most Expensive gaming Keyboard

The Logitech Pro X is an upgrade to an older model of Logitech Pro. This keyboard is 14 inches wide keyboard. There is a specific reason for its small size, it comes with a tenkeyless design to give you a more gaming and less work function in your keyboard. It is specially designed for gamers.

Logitech concludes that they have specially designed this keyboard after researching and interviewing many pro gamers to build this keyboard. They have asked what is important for them in their gaming experience and implemented those changes in this keyboard. It is a programmable mechanical keyboard that comes with a special detachable micro USB cable. You can even use this with small laptops.

This USB cable is durable and has rubber on its sides for a good grip in the micro USB port. Beneath the keyboard, there are 3 rubbers and two stands for good grip during intense gaming. It also has RGB backlit in keys which are completely programmable in the provided software by Logitech.

Another amazing feature that Logitech has provided in this keyboard, which is an upgrade to the 2017 Logitech Pro. That is, you can remove the keys of your Logitech G pro X and plugin whichever keys you like. The Logitech G Pro X provides you 3 options to choose the favorite keys for your keyboard.

GXClicky, GX Linear, andGX Tactile are the three different key types that Logitech offers you to choose for your keyboard according to your taste and liking. The keyboard looks just fine in its appearance but when you use it with your gaming accessories, you will feel the comfort and improvement in your gaming as never before.

Logitech comes with a key removal tool and it also enables you to purchase more keys so that you can swap whenever and wherever you want. Swapping the keys in G Pro X is very easy, you can just pull out the keys and put the key back to the normal place with the help of key puller. If you do not want to use their switches you can also buy any other aftermarket mechanical switches.

The F keys are programmable according to your needs. There is also a brightness key on your keyboard, which enables you to lower or increase the brightness during your game on the go. This keyboard also comes with a 2-year brand warranty and is also available on the Logitech website. This keyboard also has a detachable palm rest which does not let your hands get tired.

Cooler Master Keyboard

Cooler Master has been very popular among PC gamers for their peripherals. They take user feedback very seriously and improve their product according to the needs in their new releases. The construction and design of the Cooler Master MK750 is up to the mark. It has an exposed switched design.

The entire keys are mounted over a metal plate that contains a plastic base. This built makes the keyboard light in weight and when you press harder on it, it becomes flexible and goes down from that side.

This type of built may annoy some people because they may think that the quality is not that good. After all, it is bending. But for us, the ability to bend with force gives this keyboard more durability. You should use a wireless mouse with this keyboard.

It has a nice minimalistic design and does not take much space on your desk. The backplate has a mat finish which means you will not have to worry about any type of fingerprint on the keyboard. The MK750 RGB uses Cherry MX RGB switches. These switches give you a beautiful glow and pattern of RGB lightening.

Cooler Master comes with a full-fledged programmed software that allows you to select the desired RGB lightening. The new software is clear and has an intuitive interface for the user to understand easily. You can save up to four custom profiles for the keyboard glow. You can edit keymapping, record macros, and select nice looking presets.

The keyboard also comes with a wrist rest with cooler master branding on it in the center. The keyboard also has 3 straight lights on three sides that also glow according to other lights on the keyboard. It also comes with multimedia controls and other function keys that give it an edge to all other features. The keycaps that are used in this keyboard are PBT keycaps.

These keycaps are durable and give a nice finish to the keyboard. It also has a cable routing system so that the cable is not stretched when you move your keyboard. It comes with a type c cable which is detachable.

Predator Aethon 500 Gaming Keyboard

The Predator Aethon 500 is the best gaming keyboard offered by Acer. The keyboard comes with dedicated multimedia keys that serve a specific purpose. The traditional volume button that revolves to increase and decrease the volume of your computer.

With the volume button,5 more dedicated keys are used to pause, play, fast forward or backward, and mute button. All these multimedia keys are used to control media options and have the best build quality. This expensive gaming keyboard is equipped with RGB lighting which gives the gaming look to the keyboard.

You can also increase or decrease the glow of your Aethon keyboard. This keyboard provides you the ability to customize different profiles for key mapping and RGB lights. The keyboard looks so elegant with a blue backlit and is liked by people because of this look.

But you can customize five different profiles and these profiles are synced in keyboard memory. The keyboard profiles can be changed on just one tap because it has five dedicated keys for profiles. The silver and black contrast of the build makes it an amazing keyboard.

The keyboard comes with abs keycaps which are not very good quality as compared to PBT keycaps, but they give a standard look to your keyboard. You can replace the keycaps according to your choice. Acer claims that the keyboard can bear up to 70 million keystrokes per key.

Omen sequencer keyboard

Hp has been one of the best on the computing market. It has also been the best in manufacturing the best gaming laptops in the world. Being one of the best in the world, Hp has released a series named Omen which is well-known for gaming peripherals.

Omen sequencer is one of the most expensive and best gaming keyboards in the world, it offers the fastest key response and comes with the best mechanical switches of all time. The keys enable you to get a 0.2mm response time. It is the fastest keyboard of all time.

It also comes with RGB lighting which is very elegant and provides the best theme to your keyboard. It has five macro keys that are completely customizable for different profiles. The space button is up to the mark, it is thick and it looks very attractive. The keyboard comes with blue cherry keys. The dark grey metal plate and unique fonts on the keys make the keyboard special in its way.

It also has a stylish volume button that rolls on its place and enables you to control every pitch of sound on your computer. A mute button is also present near the volume control. The keyboard is completely mechanical and customizable. The keyboard offers a utility software that is called as an Omen command center, where you can easily customize and program your keyboard.

It comes with a USB option, gives you mobility. The keyboard is 10 times faster than all other mechanical keyboards in the market and has proved to be the most premium keyboards of all time. Gamers have loved it because of its premium look and quality. The Omen sequencer is more than 18 inches in width which concludes that the keyboard has all the keys that you may require in a premium keyboard.

Alienware low profile 

Alienware’s low profile mechanical RGB gaming keyboard is also one of the most expensive and best gaming keyboards in the market. Low profile gaming keyboards are not very common in the market, but Alienware has done a great job in making the best one in the market. The keyboard height is low as it is a low-profile keyboard.

The keyboard comes is available in two colors; light and dark. Both keyboards come with RGB backlights with more than 16 million colors. The keyboard has the latest generation cherry MX low profile red switches which is a very big change as compared to standard keyboards. The other gaming keyboards mostly used cherry MX blue switches.

Whereas, the Alienware AW510K comes with cherry MX red which is soft and cushy. These keys are way quieter than the other keys in the market. The key travel is 1.2mm which significantly gives your palm rest even if you are not using any pal rest. They are easy to use and will not get your fingers tired so easily.

The keyboard also has an anti-ghosting feature which enables you to press as many keys as you want and it will not block any input. The keyboard also has a backlit brightness control feature in the keyboard itself so that you do not get all the lights in your eyes while you are typing.

There is also an Alienware command center provided by Alienware which enables you to customize your keys and RGB lights in your keyboard. It also contains some pre-configured sample which you can choose for your keyboard.

It also comes with a USB passthrough so you do not have to stick your USB devices to your computer. You can also use your wireless or wired mouse by plugging into your keyboard. There is a unique addition to the keyboard, which is a volume roller. This volume roller is smooth and you can set the volume of your computer as you require from it.

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