How to Use Laptop Outside Without Glare

How to Use Laptop Outside Without Glare?

Here are 14 best DIY methods for using a laptop outside in the sun without glare. We have added all the details along with the required tools.

How to Use Laptop Outside Without Glare? You can use your laptop outside without glare by sitting in a shady place, using a cardboard box, anti-glare screen protector, diverging glasses, cleaning screen, and adding a stand.

This is a common issue and after reading this article, you can use the laptop in the sun without any issues. 

How to Use Laptop Outside Without Glare?

There are different methods which help you to use a laptop outside without glare. Below we discuss all the tips and ways.

Sit in a shady place

Try always to use a laptop in a room do not outside. But if you have a compulsion or want to work on the computer outdoors, try to sit in the shady place.

If the midday sunlight interferes with your working and unreadable, you should have to move somewhere with more exposure or coverage.

In the bright sunlight, you feel blind and can not focus on the work properly. It will leave adverse effects on your relevant documents.

So always try to find the shade; it will also prevent your gadget from getting sunburn.

Use a cardboard box

Using a cardboard box is the easiest and cheapest way to use gadgets in a sunny place. Cardboard is most common in offices or at home.

Take an old wooden or plastic box, slant box on its side, and keep it in this container. It seems like a cover.

This carton shades the gadget and keyboard. And you can see the monitor without shine back.

It will work surprisingly when on hot days, you have no option other than to sit outside. This cardboard container also saves it from overheating. 

Use an anti-glare screen protector

You can use an anti-glare screen protector which gives you proper visibility and stop reflection or shine. It is necessary to use in sunny or bright outdoor conditions.

In the market, there are various protectors for different types of devices. These protectors are available in multiple sizes.

It is easy to remove or apply without making scratches or cuts. This protecting shield is durable and also gives you clear visibility in a pool or beach.

With this mask, you do not need an umbrella or shade to hide it for a clear vision. Make sure you are buying this protector shield from a good company or best model. 

Wear a hat or cap

You should wear a cap or hat when you have to work outside. It will help put your eyes in the shade and see the device display without glare.

It is a simple and inexpensive method because everyone already has a cap and do not need to buy it. You can check if your laptop screen is 4k.

Wear diverging glasses

Wear polarized sunglasses not only help to work properly but also give your eyes protection from sunlight.

Diverged glasses save your eyes from diverse effects of the sun that might have on vision while working outdoors.

Wearing sunglasses also give you a pretty awesome look. The glasses with amber lenses help to raise the distinction of your gadget display.

These glasses have a coating of anti-reflective on the back and front of the lens, which will primarily reduce the sun glower. Never use glasses of light colors, always wear dark-colored glasses. If your laptop keyboard is not lighting up, this is normal in the sun.

Increase the monitor brightness

Nowadays, many gadgets come with the light detector for auto screen glare adjustment. While using the device, the high intensity makes it easy to see LCD or make the gadget brighter or brilliant even in direct sunlight.

Most gadgets or keyboards have shortcut keys to increase or decrease brightness. These shortcut keys are f2 and f3, f2 use for decrease, and f3 use to increase the light.

An increase in the display will be equal to the increased consumption power of your device. Which causes a battery low, and you can not finish your work. You can use a laptop as a monitor for a Nintendo Switch.

Place laptop back towards the sun

When you are sitting in an open place, try to face the sun and turn it back. Angle it in the right position, will save you from display blindness.

Move the device in a place or a direction where no direct sunlight passes. Make sure gadget display brightness is high.

When you face or sit in front of the sun, your device will spontaneously cut out the glare. And gadget display can’t catch sunray, will result in giving you a bright look.

You can also purchase sunblocking displays that will help to work continuously without the risk of sun blindness. You can also use the Google Classroom on your laptop.

Use matte screen devices

Always try to buy the right type of gadget coating if you can not see the display in a bright place or see the color is dead or dull.

The issue might be with the coating. The devices have come with a glossy or matte display, their functions, and most similar, but there is a slight difference.

Matte display devices have a coating of anti-glare, which saves from reflection when you are using gadgets. It is easy to see the display in a sunny or bright room then a glossy coating.

Glossy screens make it difficult to see the display in an open area. When you are buying the computer and want to use it outdoor, always buy a matte screen laptop.

They will help to decrease glare in a bright room. If you are unable to find a device with a matte display, you can buy a glossy image. Because they have different phrases such as outside view, indoor view, and have both of them. You can download the Depop app and use it on the laptop.

Use a device hood

Buy a laptop hood to reduce sunshine. You can purchase it from a hiking store or local camping. It is also known as a cap or laptop sunscreen.

It saves your device screen by cutting the sunrays. The gadget hood color from inside is black and white from outside; it builds in a way to prevent reflection and heat retention. It is more expensive than getting a box or other methods which we discussed.

This protecting hood saves your device from different elements. Take care one thing to not cover the air vent of your computer; it may cause overheating.

These are available of different companies and qualities and also in multiple sizes. Always buy an accurate or proper hood, and you should purchase dark colors hood. 

Wear dark colored costumes

While using a notebook in an open area, you should wear dark color clothes such as black, red, blue.

These bright colors dressing can absorb sunshine. But light color costumes do not absorb sunlight; it will reflect sun rays towards it and make the vision blurred.

Cover yourself and laptop with a towel

It is the easiest and quickest way to use it without interference. Towels are available at any home. But if you do not have a towel, you can also use a sheet or any cloth.

Cover your head and face with this sheet. Place it on your lap, make sure the clothing is large enough that covers both your computer and you quickly.

Clean laptop screen

If you are unable to see the computer monitor clearly, the other main reason can be dirt.

Always clean the LCD of your gadget before using it because fingerprints and dust make your screen harder to see. Use a cloth, towel, or wet tissue and clean it regularly.

Get a laptop stand

You should use a laptop stand when using it in a warm or sunny place. Never put it on a mattress or sofa because it gets overheated or warm due to improper air pass.

It is designed to keep your device cool and prevent overheating. It comes with a fan, take care there is enough space between the device and surface to airflow.

To put your device on this stand will make your work easy and make your muscles smooth and you do not get tired.


When you are using any product such as a cardboard box, sunglasses, a hat, or a hood, etc. Make sure you are buying high-quality materials because quality matters most in functionality.

The cost of a high-quality product can be 50$ to 60$. And the low-quality cost can be 20$ to 25$. The price difference is not high, but the difference in the functions of both is too high. So always purchase the right quality products to get satisfaction.