How to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen with HDMI?

How to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen with HDMI

Connection of PS4 to a monitor is a very easy task to do and you can easily connect a monitor to your PS4 but in some cases when you have an old monitor then it is done with the help of an adapter. This is the way you can connect the PS4 easily to your computer but you cannot take your computer with you anywhere.

But you cannot bring your computer monitor with you everywhere you want and it is not a handy thing to do. It is a great thing to perform that you can connect your laptop with your PS4 easily. Sometimes it is a tough job to do and gets tricky too.

You do not need to get yourself indulged into huge trouble but you can say that the connection of your laptop with a PS4 is a technical task to be performed.

The PS4 is equipped with an HMDI port but you cannot think that you just need to connect the game with the laptop. The HMDI port on the laptop is an output port while the HMDI port on the laptop is also an output port.

So you can say that it is quite a tough job for a few but with this guide, you can do this easily.  You just need to gather a few things and then you are quite fine to do your task easily.

How to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen with HDMI?

First of all, for this purpose, you will need a PS4 firstly and then you will need a laptop. Then the most important thing you need for this purpose is the availability of HMDI with dual functioning which means you can use it as output and input too. We also need a micro USB cable in this regard as it is also very necessary.

You also needed good internet connectivity for this purpose. A good internet connection is very much necessary for this purpose and it will provide you with maximum linkage to the connectivity to give you ultimate working capabilities.

Check USB ports in the laptop

It is important that the USB ports and it is widely used in a laptop. Its utility is great in giving the full-time connectivity to the device for the laptop. It is generally considered important the USB ports are the ultimate available options for connectivity.

HMDI is audio and visual connectivity for transferring data and this data is in uncompressed form. HMDI is composed of a Video graphics array commonly known as VGA and it is also equipped with Digital Visual Interface also abbreviated as DVI connectors.

This feature is already present on the laptop and already installed properly for the decoding of the audio and visual signals easily.

The complete and fuller sound quality and best quality of the picture of gaming and getting the ultimate gaming experience and thus you know your laptop is a handy device and people feels comfortable while watching the gaming characters on a laptop.

It is a good idea to connect the input of these devices to the laptop and output should be connected to the gaming consoles.

Connecting HDMI Cable with PS4

Laptops are equipped with the dedicated input port for the connection of HMDI cable. You need to plug the cable into the port at the backside of the PS4 console when it is off.

Connect the input cable of the laptop to the output port of the console and this is the way you can use the screen of your laptop as a gaming apparatus. This is an important step if you want to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen with HDMI

You cannot directly connect the Liquid crystal screen of the laptop with the help of an adapter. You are unable to connect it directly or easily. You can do the connections easily by using the inverter with old fashioned LCD and a backlight.

You can also apply the HMDI to LVDS converter and use this converter for creating the best quality of visuals. Of course, LVDS is one of the most common interfaces for LCD connections, it is an option you can use for the complete connection of the screen.

A USB sort of HMDI port is also present in the laptops and has no issue with it. You can watch videos on the laptop easily. You can also a helpful method to give you optimum viewership to the videos. You can also watch live streaming and live videos with the help of this connectivity and you can enjoy the viewership completely.

You can also connect the PS4 with the HMDI output port and with the help of this port you can get the video signals on the screen of the laptop. The HMDI cord which is simple is not used for this purpose. This HMDI cord gives great signals to the screen of the laptop and thus the great visual availability is present. You can even connect 3 monitors with your laptop.

We can use the step by step connection of the PS4 with the laptops. And follow the steps like this as I am going to explain. To enable file-sharing or data transfer you can go to the connections, Then connect the internet router to the PS4.

Connecting PS4 with the Internet

It is important to connect the PS4 with the internet connection the same as the laptop. If you do not have a wireless connection then you can also connect it with an Ethernet cable.

Without the internet it is not possible to play PS4 on Laptop Screen with HDMI, simply follow this guide.

For this purpose, you also need a Video Capture Card to connect the PS4 to the laptop for getting an ultimate gaming experience. Go for the best graphics card for your laptop to get the best gaming experience.

Then you will connect the capture card to the laptop with the USB port easily. This will be a cause of the connection of the capture card easily and then you will install the software so that the video card functions correctly.

Connect PS4 with your laptop screen

You have a PS4 console with a Video capture card. You can connect the HDMI input to the capture card and then HDMI output to the PS4.

Then you should open the application software that came with the capture card and turn on the PS4. This software provides the visual signals from the PS4 to your laptop screen and if you want to view the full signals then you should open the full-screen mode thus to watch the full resolution display.

So I guess it is an easy task to connect the laptop with the PS4 but It requires little effort in doing so. If you know your work completely then you can easily perform this task without any effort and thus your working will be great.

If you are going to connect your PS4 with your laptop screen. It will increase your mobility for sure and portability too. You can also view the full-on view on the laptop to get a great video and audio experience which is without any trouble and you will get great gameplay.

It is important that you have an idea of HMDI input and output completely.

This is up to your skill and knowledge of the gaming and connecting ports to get the best visual and audio signals during gaming. If you are a game lover it will comfort you definitely to use your laptop as your TV screen. Hope this article helped.


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