How to Hack a Laptop Camera Remotely?

How to Hack a Laptop Camera Remotely? by

How to Hack a Laptop Camera Remotely?

Hi, my name is Phil Anderson, and I am IT Head in a Multinational company. My job is to keep all IT related problems solved and keep the systems in the most perfect condition, so the workflow in the company never gets interrupted because of technical errors.

Also, my other main task is to maintain the IT security of my team all around the clock. And IT security is the term about which we are familiar yet not very concerned. Personally and even as a company,

I saw negligence and ignorance in people regarding their security over the internet and the IT world. Lack of knowledge on such topics is the cause of many mishaps happening all over the world. We are living in the 21st century and everything, literally everything is connected with the internet now.

From mobile phones to televisions to fridges and maybe even oxygen ventilators in the future, are and will be getting attached with internet and networking to enhance the performance and experience.

People have no idea how their privacy is under danger with such modification that can be easily hacked by anyone who has minimal information about the basics of networking.

How to Hack a Laptop Camera Remotely?

Yes, our laptops, cellphones, and anything connected to the internet is on the risk of getting hacked. Either you are individual or a company, you are on target of such unethical people who just want to invade your privacy and wanted to use your personal data, like pictures, video streams, credit card data and anything personal to blackmail you, manipulate you and to sell it in the open black market.

Around the world individual persons and especially companies got caught into such attacks, costing them a huge loss in millions of dollars.

These all came under the tag of Cyber Crimes and if you look around these days you can find these happening all around and lack of knowledge on these issues are making things worse.

And things will keep getting worse if we don’t understand how to protect our privacy. One of the most common hacking incidents we are facing today is the hacking of laptop cams with a technique without you even getting noticed about it.

So, today I will explain to you what is hacking, how your cam gets hacked by elaborating the steps to perform that on a laptop and what are the solutions to avoid any mishap of this type?

What is Hacking? And who is a Hacker?

Hacking in simple words is analyzing and identifying the weakness of a network or computer and then get into that to use it for gaining unauthorized access and advantage. Hackers expose your identity and personal data to the outside world.

The person who commits such type of activities is a hacker. They are mostly skilled programmers who tend to use their valuable knowledge for a wrong cause. Now they are classified in different categories as follow:

Ethical Hacker:

Now it’s a legal type of hacking. It is performed by agreement of the individual or company to explore the weaknesses of the system and how to make it safe. Such hackers are the right ones and classified as White Hat. They make your system and network safe to avoid any attempt on you and make sure that there will be no data breach at all.


Crackers are coming under the classification of Black Hat ones. Totally opposite to the White Hat ones, they crack and try to gain unauthorized access to your system for their personal gain and to exploit your privacy. They also make you suffer financial losses by transferring your bank or fund data and then transferring them out of your accounts.

Grey Hat:

This type of hackers plays between both lines, ethical and unethical. They hack or try to gain unauthorized access to your system and then reveal the weaknesses to you. But again it is done with permission and not comes in totally legal one.


These are kind of weird type of hackers. They take this as a social war and hijacks the whole websites and leave their own kind of religious, political or personal messages over them. They usually target popular and government websites.

So as we have discussed the usual type of hackers, now we will take a look at the Cyber Crimes they commit as follows:

  • The hacking of computer systems to gain access over their control and let them work against the will of the owner, for personal agenda.
  • Stealing personal information of a person and using them to portray as that person in a fake way. Also invading someone’s privacy and theft their data.
  • It also includes the laundering of money digitally and also involves illegal fund transfers without the consent of owners.
  • ATMs are also under constant threat as hackers tend a lot to steal PIN and account numbers and with such details, it is been easy to withdraw money from intercepted accounts.
  • Denial of Service Attacks is the type where hacking is been used as an attack on servers to shut down them and affect the whole string of computers attached via networking alongside.
  • Spam is the most common type of cybercrime. Unauthorized emails and advertisement on a website are the cause of such crimes.

Now we will discuss the other most typical and common hacking attach we can or may face, the hack of laptop camera using an IP address.

I will first demonstrate to you how it is done and then we will look into the steps to avoid or prevail such conditions.

Let me tell you one thing first, it is not a child’s play to hack the camera of anyone laptop. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard or even impossible to do. It depends on several conditions.

Hacking a network camera

It is comparatively easy to hack a network camera as they are designed to broadcast their projections, meanwhile, regular cams don’t do that. It is easy to insert Trojan and keep yourself behind the firewalls and explore the closing ports easily as the whole system doesn’t have measurements to take on against such attacks.

Hackers can use malicious email or can use advertisements on websites so you just make a click on them and they get a chance to install Trojan in your system. Once if the Trojan is inside your laptop, your whole privacy is no privacy anymore.

Hacking laptop camera with IP address

The main thing hackers require is the IP Address, to begin with. They require the target’s last address to get into the process. So we can assume that it is about hacking and manipulating Web Server’s computer, rather than hacking the main administrator computer.

Remember, this type of hacking is only possible if the target is online over the internet. If the target is not online or not connected to the internet, definitely there will be no IP. And without IP you cannot do remote IP hacking at all.

So, the first thing the hacker essentially requires is an IP of the target. After that, they will verify its online status and then scanning to open ports and then invade through by using the bruising force technique.

Brute force technique is basically a huge string of algorithmic possibilities or guesses to obtain a user password or PIN (Personal Identification Number). It generates a larger number of guesses around the desired data to crack the code without consent.

Tools available to crack passwords of laptop camera

  • John the Ripper

The best till now for serving the purpose. It works as it says and the simplest interface to handle. It is designed for UNIX only but now runs of various other operating systems as well.

  • Crowbar

It is designed to work for Linux systems and its theme of work let you set a baseline to search and crack around that crackling.

  • Air Crack

It is for advanced users and it provides great depth of working. It is not available for Windows.

  • Medusa

A typical brute force tool with excellent powers to perform and execute. Designed for Linux and Mac, it is free like all other mentioned software.

  • Lophtcrack

It’s more like a password recovery software and it can be used only on Windows.

Now finding an IP address is a bit difficult because if the user is having a dynamic IP address which changes constantly. So, you need to acquire the IP by some mean.

After you get the IP, you will check the online status of target by pinging the IP address, if it replies, it means it’s online.

After this, you will scan for Open Ports by using an Advanced Port Scanner to get all those ports which can be compromised to perform the hack.

You will require to install Telnet to access the data properly. So, now open the command prompt and use Telnet command alongside the IP address in this sequence

C :/> telnet 23_

And press Enter Key.

You will be asked for Admin Password and login details and as we mentioned above by using Brute Force technique or other tools. And then you can have the access.

Safety Measures:

You should install the latest security updates so they protect you against hacking. Plus do not click on any advertisements over the internet sites and nor open the suspicious emails, so your privacy never gets compromised.


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