Best Laptops for Internet Browsing

Best Laptops for Internet Browsing 2022

Internet browsing mainly depends on the quality and power of your laptop. With a good processor and RAM, you can enjoy hassle-free internet browsing with ease. Whenever you plan to buy a laptop for internet browsing, always focus on good memory, having a minimum of 2 GB RAM is a must.

We mostly spend a lot of time online browsing and surfing the internet, having a fast processor will give your laptop the desired speed. If your main work is internet-related, you should go for high-speed internet. Without high-speed internet, your laptop will not work efficiently for internet surfing.

You can play games, stream online, and even communicate with your friends and family. In this article, our editors have explained these top-rated laptops that are just perfect for Internet Browsing. 

Best Laptops for Internet Browsing 2020 Reviews

Laptops for Internet Browsing 2020 Features Screen Price
ASUS Zenbook 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, full HD 13.3″ Check Price
LG Gram Laptop 8th generation Intel Core i7, super fast processor 17″ Check Price
ASUS Vivobook Pro 7th generation Intel Core i7, full HD 15.6″ Check Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 8th generation Intel Processor i5, latest design 10″ Check Price

ASUS ZenBook

It is a great device with an extremely lightweight and thin body structure. Its body has a very robust and powerful component and this thing makes an extremely great laptop. It is a great feeling to have a laptop in your pocket that is awesome in its functionality and you know how to use it with your optimum energy.

The lid of Zenbook is just as reflective as a mirror and you can view your face in its lid easily without any trouble.  You can even touch up your make up with this laptop easily. This is one of the best laptops for internet browsing and surfing in 2020.

It’s every color model is great and very reflective it is a beautiful machine I must say. As I have said earlier that it is a very thin sleek and smart device. Its handling is also very easy and is a highly portable device with too many benefits.

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Its connectivity is also great and has a huge number of ports available like on the right-hand side it has a micro SD card reader available and also it has a 3.5mm headphone jack also possesses a USB port of version 3.0.

It also has a USB type C port and it also carries a USB port on the opposite side and there is a full-sized  HMDI port to available.

It is a smart and handy small sized laptop that has a lot of benefits like easy and convenient portability and the ready to go mean of its preparation. Its connectivity is also diverse and the addition of an HMDI port in this device is a great option for video lovers too and this thing has created magic for its user.

Its keyboard can be referred to as a standard keyboard. This keyboard also possesses a backlit which is also of white color and the intensity of the backlit is adjustable and can easily be increased or decreased.

Its keyboard is very beautiful and you will surely love to type on this keyboard. ASUS has maintained a great level of convenience in its laptop keyboards. Its keys are very easy to press and overall it is a smooth device on which you can do the typing and typing on this keyboard is a quite efficient and comfortable experience.

It has a display of approximately 13.3 inches and the bezels of this laptop have the ASUS’s Nano edge technology.

Its display is quite very much sensitive to the touch and also the sensors of this laptop are very abrupt. Fingers can dance on this laptop easily and it is an enjoyable experience to touch this system and have fun working on it.

Its touch system is great and the hinge of this laptop is very supportive as it cannot go to flat and thus you will come to know that you are working on a touch screen that has a great display and the screen shows a high level of resolution.

Its resolution is approximately 1920×1080 pixels and the quality of the image is very sharp and clear that if you want to watch a small video on the laptop screen then you can do it easily without any trouble. And if you like to watch videos on the larger screen then the HMDI port will become your mate in this process.

It has a battery life of approximately more than 6 hours and it is good enough for a machine like the Asus Zen book because of its great working capabilities. This is perfect for a laptop for internet browsing.

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The speaker of this laptop is great and you can listen to music on good considerable volume at this laptop. You can also connect the external speakers or the headphones to it to get a great quality of music on this laptop. This laptop has great feasibility features that give you great music quality.

I personally love this laptop as it is full of great features and displays at the same. It is quite a thin laptop which is easy to carry and take away with you at any place you want to go. This laptop is your true companion as far as watching videos and typing is concerned. You can also use a laptop as a router.

LG Gram 2020

LG gram is a 17-inch laptop which is obviously a widescreen laptop despite. Its widescreen is magically thin and lightweight and this feature has added beauty to this laptop. It is a lightweight machine and this has enhanced the beauty of the laptop without any trouble.

Its biggest advantage is that it is a lightweight and easy to handle laptop and if you a width lover then this laptop must be your choice and thus the selection of this laptop has created magic for you.

Its display is also very fine and gives you an IPS display at the resolution level of 2560×1600 pixels. This gives an awesome result when you are surfing on the internet.

I mean it is a video lover delight like you are going to enjoy each and every aspect of this laptop as it has great picture quality with ultimate sharpness and also the resolution is concerned. Its color differentiation is also very great. I think you love to take a viewer experience on this laptop.

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The battery life of this laptop is great as far as its timing is concerned. I mean it has a battery life of approximately more than 19 hours like I am serious it has the maximum as far as battery life is concerned. What else you want from your computer. A great battery time indeed. This is the only way by which you can work without any trouble care free from the headache of charging. This makes it the best laptop for internet browsing.

It is a great laptop as far as the performance of the laptop is concerned it is meant for multitasking and can endure the high working pressure without struggling.

Its processor is fast and great as far as its working is concerned. Its processing power is high as it can carry a lot of tasks easily without any trouble.

The left side of the laptop has a USB 3.0 port and it is the way by which it shows maximum connectivity. It has Thunderbolt 3 and USB type C type of port available and the availability of the Thunderbolt 3 has added the class in its beauty.

It is also equipped with a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot. I mean like this laptop possesses every feature in it which requires providing it complete connectivity for optimum working.

Its fingerprint sensors are very good and highly sensitive and give you the chance with which you can identify the owner. The use of this laptop is easy and you are going to enjoy a great user-ship on this laptop.

Its keyboard is good but It will take time that you guys become fully used to it as it sometimes becomes problematic for the user and also you can get stuck to a problem as the setting of the keys of the laptop is not too great and it is just ordinary.

It has good audio quality. You cannot say that it is the best but it is quite great in its formation and gives you the optimum working capabilities as far as the audio signals are concerned. If you are not a complete audiophile then the sound produced by this laptop is optimum.

Due to the large size of this laptop, you cannot put it in your lap but it has a good cooling system and does not get hot too soon which is a great feature of this laptop and it can control its temperature at the stages of multitasking.

It webcam results can be improved, however many users find it great, I personally add some background light when I am using this laptop for live streaming

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I personally use this laptop and recommend this as this weight is impossible to get with this laptop size of the screen. You enjoy great portability with this laptop as it is easy to carry.

It helped me a lot in viewing the optimum quality of material and this is one of the best sleek and thin large-sized laptops and the display of this laptop is also very fine and nice and you are going to enjoy it if you select this great machine.

Asus Vivobook Pro

The Asus Vivo book has a broad compilation of laptops that are used by a wide number of users. It has a slim and sleek body which is quite affordable in price. It is a portable laptop with a great build and unique design.

It is a strong laptop with great feature and the ASUS has given it the name of a pro to it.

It is a properly finished light gold color laptop that has a considerably wide display and it provides you optimum viewing experience as the screen size and quality are too high in this laptop. This laptop has a combination of metal and plastic holdings and this thing has become a strong one to work with.

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The vivobook pro 15 is easy for great portability and the difference between  Mac book and vivobook is just a minimum one. It is a pro version which means it helps a lot in providing help to its user with full guidance.

It has an Ethernet port of version  RJ 45 and this port provides maximum connectivity to the laptop. It has a charging port available on the left. It has a USB 3.1 and it also carries a USB port of 3.1 type C. It has two USB ports of version 2.0.

It also carries an SD card reader which helps the decoding of storage information. It has a 3.5mm headphone or microphone jack for the catching of audio signals. It also carries two indicator lights.

Its keyboard is a very nice looking chiclet-style keyboard. Its keys are full-sized and help to do typing easily without any trouble and the great feature of this laptop is that its keys are very sleek and smart. Its keys are very much responsive and thus pressing and typing of this keyboard is very nice.

Its keyboard also has an FHD indicator light to show the build of the laptop thus the design of this laptop is full of great design and easy-going features to show the ultimate response of the laptop.

It has a fingerprint sensor available near its touchpad. This feature is used to unlock the computer and unlocking the laptop by your fingerprints and gives you the great quality of touch sensor thus your computer got saved easily.

Its touchpad is highly sensible and helps you to do the moving and touching quite easy thus your hands are easily identified by the touchpad just like your fingers are dancing on the touchpad without any trouble and problem.

Its battery life is quite great that it will provide you good battery life. It has a battery life of more than three hours and thus this is the feature by which it is quite fine and provides you with awesome displays and working capabilities.

The speakers of this laptop are also very good that they give a great quality of sound. It has a muffled sound due to speakers are present at the bottom of the laptop and the sound is unstoppable if you slightly hold up the bottom.

Its performance level is too high as it can be used as a gaming laptop. Its graphics are very much fine and dedicated. The picture quality is very good and optimum thus it will help you a lot in improving the quality of sound too much.

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This laptop is full of awesome features that are too high and great. This model of Asus is pro which means that it is a user-friendly laptop with this laptop you can do multitasking with ease on this laptop.

This laptop has the ultimate features as far as the looks are concerned. This laptop is of great user feasibility and the best feature of this laptop is that it is very slim and lightweight. This laptop is wonderful and great as far as working is considered also the graphics of this laptop are very up to the mark.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

It is a two in one laptop which can be changed to tablet easily basically the purpose of this laptop is to provide you with the availability of the laptop for the people who want to use the tablet and laptop at the same time. It will provide you with the availability of battery strength to the user and also provide a high-level performance level.

It is a very lightweight laptop as you know that this laptop is full of great working capabilities like a two in one built and these two in one facility are available in a thin and lightweight form. It is a sleek laptop with a lot of features.

It has a great feature that it comes with a stylus pen also. You can use this pen for drawing sketches and also taking notes. This laptop has a lot of other features too. But it is also a great feature that this has a stylus pen available with it too. I love to browse the internet with the stylus, this just awesome.

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It is a two in one laptop which is very beautifully made and has the keyboard with strong strength carrying hinges which keep the keyboard at the place. Its design is comfortable too you can work on it without any trouble.

This laptop has a USB Type-A port of version 3.0 and it also carries a mini display port with which a monitor can join. It has a micro SD card reader too. It also carries a 3.5mm headphone jack and this laptop has a power supply too.

It is a pro device which means it’s a user-friendly laptop and it also carries an HDMI port too which provides attachment to the  TV screen. It has a USB  type C port available which enhances the diversity of ports of this laptop.

It has a type C adapter for charging too. It is helpful for charging and data transferring too. It can also be connected to a proprietary charging too. Its USB Type-A port can also be used for charging telephones too.

The port available on this device is full of great working capabilities for transferring data and voltages easily from one device to another.

This port diversity enhances the choice factor for this laptop and you will enjoy great and optimum viewership. These features are awesome and make it one of the best laptops for internet browsing.

It has a body made up of a variety of colors and these colors are a very bright and smooth grey plastic body. It is made up of matte black color. 

It is a laptop that is composed of a QWERTY keypad and also carries a trackpad. The typing on this laptop is very easy and convenient and the keys are very sensitive to touch on this laptop.

This laptop keys are very good to type on and smooth in touch. This laptop has a keyboard very fine in creating the typing masterpiece.

The trackpad of this laptop is very precise and responsive in its action. It can scroll with convenience and efficiency to move the cursor easily with the help of three fingers. It can do right and left clicks easily. I am a blogger and I am loving all of its features, this is a perfect choice for internet surfing.

The display of this laptop is 12.3 inches in size and the resolution of this laptop is 2736×1824 which is kind of high resolution and provides 267 pixels per inch. The display of this laptop has a ratio of 3:2 and provide great display features.

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It has a battery life of more than 13 hours and it can work without charging for hours. It also protects you from the trouble of charging again and again. For me, this is the feature due to which it is different from all the competitors of this laptop.

I am an old Microsoft user and love its technology that’s the fact and this laptop is a wonderful combination of comfort and efficiency.

Thank you

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