How to get rid of cigarette smell from laptop

How to get rid of cigarette smell from laptop?

Here are 9 best DIY methods to remove the cigarette smell from your laptop. We have also added the required tools with this step-by-step guide.

How to get rid of cigarette smell from laptop? You can get rid of cigarette smell from your laptop by using deodorant, cleaning it regularly, using vinegar solution, newspaper, and by sitting in the open air.

All these methods are easy and do not cost a lot of money. It is a must to maintain your electrical devices to prevent any damage. You should never use water for cleaning the notebook, there are many customized tools for this.

How to get rid of cigarette smell from laptop?

There are many harmful effects of the foul smell of cigarettes while using the laptop. In this article, we will explain proven techniques to remove this bad odor from your notebook.

Materials required

  • Wet wipes
  • Cotton swabs
  • Large bag
  • Newspaper sheet
  • Cotton balls
  • Vanilla extract
  • Vinegar solution

Turn off the laptop

You have to turn off the laptop and remove all the charger ports and input/output. You have to close the computer and try to remove all its pouches and accessories.

Clean the outer side of the laptop

You have to buy the wet wipes that are used for removing the smoke from the hard surfaces.

You have to look for all brands producing these products and choose the wipe wisely that may provide you better odor from hard surfaces. You can check the purposes of wipes from its wrapper or box.

When you have bought the proper wipe, you have to clean its outer side. You have to clean the dust from the outer side with a clean cloth or soft tissue paper.

You must change the fabric when you see that it is dirty. When the dust from all the sides removes, you have to use the wipes to remove this odor by cleaning the particles of nicotine present on its surface.

Clean keypad and front screen

You have to treat the keypad and front screen in the same way as you have to clean the outer side.

The inner side requires excellent care that you should not add any chemical to it that can damage your screen’s colors.

The wipes that you will use on the screen should choose by checking the guidelines for cleaning the laptop touch screen.

You can use the same wipe on the keyboard and touchpad that you have used outside. There may be any tar particles stuck between the keys that create a bad atmosphere for the user. You cannot work on that device from which you are getting the bad odor.

You can use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the holes of speakers because they also expose to this.

You have to look for this process when you see that the spots are open, and there are chances that the particles of tar and nicotine are also there that are creating problems. You can connect AirPods on the laptop and enjoy the process.

Cover it with newspaper and put in a close bag

When you have cleaned all the corners and surfaces of your device with a clean cloth and wet wipes, then you have to cover it with the newspaper adequately.

You should use the newspaper’s double cover so that it may not expose to the external environment.

You can use the scotch tape to close the newspaper tightly. You have to make sure that there should be no small hole for the air movement.

If you have packed your device with the newspaper properly, then you have to use the trash bag. You have to place it in that trash bag.

You can also put the cotton balls in that trash bag to remove the odor. You have to set it there for one to two days to get good results out of it. You can use two to three cotton balls in the trash bag for better working.

After the time of placing it in the trash bag is complete, then you have to remove it from the bag and remove all the covers of the newspaper from it.

You have to check the condition of the smell after this process. You have to make an idea of what method should use next to remove all this.

You have to decide what type of deodorants you should use after seeing the condition of your computer. You can play a Blu-ray disc on your laptop.

Use a vinegar solution

You can use a vinegar solution to remove this odor from a metallic or plastic body of the notebook. You have to mix the vinegar and lemon juice in a beaker to make its solution by adding some water in it.

You can spray it on all parts of the device to use it as a freshener. It will add a new and beautiful fragrance to the device and remove all unwanted smells.

You can also use this solution on the table so that it may not add to the device when you place it there after cleaning. You can easily access and know the cause of this and prevent it.

This is the better solution to remove it compared to using the harmful chemicals present in the air fresheners and deodorants. In the end, you can use the webcam of laptop for the desktop.

Use deodorants

You can use different types of deodorants for adding fragrance to your device. There are various technologies that the top brands use for manufacturing better products.

You can buy the products based on the carbon filter that is usually used to remove the gases.

PECO technology also uses to remove smoke particles. It can also remove all the harmful chemicals present in the air.

You can also use some scented dryer sheets to create the fragrance on your device. You should wisely choose the spray for your system that gives you an aroma that you want.

Use laptop outside in open air

If you want to use the device and also smoke than you should sit in the open air. This will reduce the amount of smell that can be absorbed by the computer.

However, it is not recommended, there are many cases, where fellows dropped the burning cigarette on the notebook and it caused a fire in the house. You can use Google Duo on your laptop when sitting outside.

Sitting near the kitchen

This is a new technique, we received many emails about this topic, where users are sitting near the kitchen and using the computer. Now, the smoke coming from the kitchen will neutralize the cigarette smell and you can solve the issue.

However, it may cause your device to smell like burgers or anything related but it will fix the main problem.

Change the screen protectors

You must change your device’s screen protectors because there are many chances that the smell creating particles are present on them and cannot clean by the wipes.

You should also change its pouch, if any. You will not require a considerable cost for making these changes.

All these cost around $5 to $6. You can also start the cleaning process after removing them and use new protectors when you start using your products after removing the odor from it.